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Welcome to YohanaPilar Sweet Pet Shop Fair

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Name:   YohanaPilar Sweet Pet shop shelter
Birthday:   2001-06-06
Joined:   2012-06-30
Location:   Surakarta
Welcome To YohanaPilar Sweet Pet Shop Summertime Fair!

Hello and welcome to YohanaPilar Sweet Pet Shop Summertime Fair!Your pet can have a fabulous time at the fair on paradise! Your pet can eat yummy snacks, play fun game, and win prizes! Ride fun rides like Roller Coaster, and go to the pet resort!
Come all to Summertime Fair and have fun!

To access the fair, you must have this ticket

To purchase a ticket, please write this form:
Purchasing tickets is $7 a night.
Pet's name:
(put pet picture here)
How many nights you want to stay(up to a week):

congratulation! After purchase a ticket, you can access the fair now! Have fun with your pet :)

Welcome to the pet's fair!

Ride fun rides with your pet, and your pet can blazt!

Ferris Wheel, the fun rides at carnival!

On this ride, your pet can hop on, and see the sky! This ferris wheel is so fun! And your pet can have fabulous time at the fair! Featuring smooth seats and a high view, you per can have a blast!
Roller Coaster, blazt!

This roller coaster are so fun! This roller coaster is the coolest coaster to keep you up and going! This is the hottest coaster in the park, so don't miss out on riding it!
Carousel, yippie!

Every people like ride on the carousel. This is fun rides ever! Don't miss to riding it! If you miss, your pet can't not have your turn to riding this carousel!
Pony Rides

These loving and well-trained ponies will never buck or kick. They're always willing to give you a nice ride. Or if you and your pet are "experience riders", have fun :)

Fun Games
Play this fun games with your pet, and win prizes!
Pokemon Game

Play this pokemon game with your pet, and win pokemon! This game are so fun! You can collect your pokemon collection with this game, and collect more pets to!
Teddy bear doll maker

Play this game, and win teddy bear doll! You can win small doll, and large doll! Don't forget to play this game. Just $2 per doll
Claw Game

This game will get you a prize! This game will award a random prize.
Egg Pets

Play this egg pets, and win cute pets! Your new pet is waiting you. Come on, collect your pets now!

Here, you can see the prizes your pet can win!
Small Prize
Small prize, small teddy bear prizes. You can get one if you play Teddy bear doll maker.
Medium prize
Medium prize, Electronics, you can get one if you play claw game.
Large Prize
Large prize, big teddy bear dolls! Play teddy bear doll maker now, and get one!
Pets prize
Cute pets! Just get on egg pets!
Pokemon prize
Get this pokemon just form Pokemon Game!

Food & Drinks
After all your pet can had, i'm sure your pet mustbe very hungry. But don't worry. Your pet can eat yummy food and drink some great drinks.
To get food and drinks, please write this from:
Pet's picture:
(put picture here)
Food kind:
Drink kind:
Food number:
Drink number:

Note: if you want to get everything one (food and drinks) you can! Please tell us if you want to order food and drinks :)


This cake stand is so wonderful, and sells yummy cakes! Getting one now!

Ice Cream

This yummy ice cream every people like! Always the perfect treat on a hot summer day! And ice cream is wonderful treat at our fair.

Look, Patrick Star luv ice cream too!

Cotton Candy

This is the yummy fair treat that everyone loves! Cotton candy!

Fast food

Every people loves fast food. This food is so fast and very delicious! Your pet mustbe loves it!
Note: every people know fast food is junk food and not very healty. So, you can order 1 fast food. although junk food is okay sometimes, but please check your pet health. After check your pet health, you can order fast food.


Lollipops! The sweet candy ever!

Animal Drinks

This soda drink is very cute! Your pet mustbe like it!


This drink is so perfect for hot summer day.

Welcome to the pet resort!

After a fun time at the fair, you can spend the night here up to 7 days at the hotel! You can enjoy waterpark, Tropical Beach, and much more! Enjoy and have fun ~(^0^)
To acces the resort, please write this form:
Hotel Room:
First place you want to send your pet:
How long you want it to stay:
What pet you want to send:
Your pet:
(put your pet picture here)

Welcome to the Water Park!

Welcome to water park! In water park, your pet can have fabulous time. Your pet can swimming, playing water slide, and playing the sand beach! After you play at the fair, go here! And have fun!

Welcome to the Tropical Beach!

At this tropical beach, your pet can have fabulous time at the beach. Your pet can play at this beach, make sand castle, and play water. Your pet can drik fresh coconut, and eat seafood at the tropical beach.

Welcome to the Cherry Tree Park!

Welcome to the cherry tree park! This is a wonderful park!No humans are allowed in here, but you can watch your pet from the fence. This lovely park is so fun!

Welcome to the Restaurant!

At this Restaurant, your pet can eat burger, pizza, and other fast food. Fruit and veggies, your pet can eat this healty food like salad. This restaurant is perfect place for your pet if hungry!

Welcome to the Old City!

This is old city, the fun city at our resort! In here, your pet can plant flowers, and talking with other pets! Your pet can eat yummy food at the old restaurant, and buy flower at the flower shop.

Welcome to the Hotel!

Welcome to the hotel! After all your pet can do at our fair and our special place, you can spend the night here up to 7 days!


Photoshoot Gallery

Hello, and welcome to Photoshoot Gallery. This is where your pet can have pictures taken, and then can be put in a special scrapbook of your choice, So, let's get started!

Please write this form:
Pet's name:
(put your pet picture here)

After you got your pet picture, put your pet picture to the scrapbook! You can get one, just choose one :)

About Photoshoot Gallery:
After your pet play at this fair, don't forget to take your pet photo! Here the photoshoot, the place you can take your pet photo. You can take to scrapbook :)

Thank You For coming to the YohanaPilar Sweet Pet Shop Summertime Fair!

Thanks for coming!

Gift Baskets
Wait! Before you go, don't forget to grab gift basket! You can choose gift baskets you want!
Please write:
Gift basket i want:

Click here to refersh the page

©All ideas by Yohana Pilar Atmariani
2012, all rights reserved
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