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Name:   xXMonkeyFuzzXxRanking:   --
Birthday:   1995-09-22Country:   United States
Joined:   2009-05-17Location:   Indiana
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Name:   xXMonkeyFuzzXx
Birthday:   1995-09-22
Joined:   2009-05-17
Location:   Indiana
My name is Xena plz call me xXMonkeyFuzzXx. I am 13 years young,i go to Justice Thurgood Marshall Middle School(sadly i hate it, lately there are to many fights). I hate fighting, its stupid and gets you nowhere in life besides jail. If anyone hasn't noticed i have a obsession with Asians... My bestie of this moment is Tia Case she shines like ma diamond XD. This goes to Tia Case,and you lied to me and everyone else in this world. And im speakin the truth. Yes dated tia.No i never took a bath with her.I was in the fifth grade when i dated her i was young Ive learned. Don't judge me if you call me a lesbian your completely wrong. Noo i am not bisexual(i used to be until i realized i really wasn't),but over half of everyone else in this world is now days. Now days most people are bi just to be cool. I dont judge unless i get judged by the judger(makes no sense but i understand it and that's all that matters to me).My Favorite color is Green. Social Studies is my best subject,so is art. So at this very moment of January 4th,2010 at 10:51 p.m. i am starting over. I am going to change my life around. If you have heard any rumor tia has started they're all lies. Tia Case,Hattie Boothby and Carol Haley are the only people in this world i trust, I don't believe in love yet,once i experience it i then will believe until then nothing. I have been through many things i have been hit,pushed,cussed out,called a lesbian,made fun of since the first grade. Tell me can you handle that. I dont think before i speak so if i say something dumb im sorry i didnt think. I have become a bit antisocial over the years. I am very shy around people i dont know. If you don't know me you think im shy, if you know me you want me to just shut up.ρєα¢є αη∂ ℓσνє вαву♥ will always be my name so will xXMonkeyFuzzXx i will carry these names till im old,Grey,and wrinkly. I really hate my name Xena i mean eww but in away it suits me. I would make a great Italian except i hate pizza. I only like Dominos! This is prolly the most i have ever wrote about myself :) I wish there was peace but there never will be. Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity! Im not sure anyone wants to know who i am. People think im emo or goth im not right not my fave color of this moment is flippin GREEN! Isnt this amazing we should all just celebrate. I love the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas but, Ninja Assassin is Wayyy better. So far my fave book series is The House of the Night series. Talk to me i don't bite,well i only do when im a wolf. I am a wolf part of the day so if i growl or bark at you im a wolf and when im a wolf my name is WOLFIE!i honestly dont know why i didnt put this in a scroll box. I had this backround last year. Hattie Boothby is becoming my best friend by the second. Yeah i do whatever the hell i want because i live by no ones rules! Ask me to kill someone i might take that deal depends on who. I have never been in a fight before so if i suck and your good ding! ding! ding! You WIN! Buh bye check my myspace
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