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And one more thing I want to be clear about- I know who I am. I am just a very thin layer of charming with some funny sprinkles wrapped around a huge creamy center of raging arrogant a-hole. I got it.

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Name:   Tara
Birthday:   1994-01-29
Joined:   2009-11-20
Location:   sitting at a computer, glaring at your username
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Total devotion. That's all I felt around him; utter obedience and a sense of duty I could not break. I wanted nothing more than to gain his acceptence, be his trustee. I would give everything for him, a man who's face I've never seen and yet his voice seemed to call out to something more primal within me. Being around him felt like having a vice around your heart; you couldn't breathe but you didn't have to. He would take care of all of that as long as you did everything he wanted, sweet promises that were so enticing I couldn't fail him. My master...

His hand stretched out, a pale hand rest on my head and I felt completely void for a moment. Every thought and worry gone as he uttered my name through his mask. "Canti..."
"Yes?" I replied, more than eager.
"They know...they know what they are. We can no longer bide our time. It is time you prepare...alert the others." His whisper crept down my spine.
"Of course," anything for him...


The four of them stood in front of the counter waiting for their meals. The short one with black hair, she looked at me like I was the biggest pain in the ass so in return I rolled my eyes at her stereotypical 'emo' garb when she wasn't looking. The other girl, she seemed nice enough, but I didn't bother with talking to her. She seemed too above me to care who I was. There were the two guys who were arguing about a band I had never heard and frankly I was ready to snap at them all, but when you work at Dairy Queen you relinquish all your free will. God I wanna fucking quit...

"Hey, when's our order up, blondie?" emo quipped.
hey, when's the funeral mortica? "when the people in back are finished with it." I replied politely.
The nice girl, the one with a shock of white hair, she stared at me for a moment, just before her eyes lite up like she realized something. "You go to our school don't you?"
Hesitantly I told her, "yes..."
She reached out her hand to me, "We've never been introduced, my name's Noriko." She seemed to glow as she spoke, everything about her seemed bright and happy. It was so...alarming.
I limply shook her hand, "Canti..."
The guy with the bad emo haircut suddenly clapped his hands and pointed at me, "Another asian sounding name!"
Noriko raised her eyebrows, "Whoa..."
Emo girl cocked her head to the side, "She don't look asian..."
Noriko nudged her, "shoosh, neither do i." Turning back to me, she smiled and added, "its an inside joke, sorry."
"uh...right..." I was unsure of what to tell these people. They were so tightly knit and absorbed in their own world and I had no place in it.

They left with their food a few minutes later, Noriko flashing that blazing smile as she said thank you. It made me uncomfortable to have someone talk and act like they've known you for years. Maybe she was just nice, but I wasn't. It was best not to delve too deep into this. Its not professional.

"So that's them huh..." She stared down at them in distaste.
I rolled my eyes and sat on the rail. "No, I just felt like pointing out the 4 weirdest kids in school to you. Yes that's them, you idiot."
Jak punched my arm with enough force to make me groan in pain. "You brought that on yourself, smart ass."

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