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Name:   sophisticated conner
Birthday:   1920-05-13
Joined:   2008-08-06

hello my name is Conner Logan O'Neil.
Im considered a genius.
My age? let's just say that I am a lot older than your grandparents' grandparents.
I am married to a wonderful sexy woman! Her name is Aaron O'Neil.
We have made three amazing BABIES together, they were triplets.
Two boys and one girl. (Jp, Tj, and Calliee)
Just as anyone, i have a wierd family.

My Power is reading people's minds (meaning: i can hear what you think)

Birthday:Not telling
Birthplace: Levelock,Alaska
Current Location: Baker Hill,Alabama
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Skin: tan
Hieght: 5'9
Right or Left Handed: Right
Shoes You Wore Today: My boots
Currently Listening To: Pachabel
Orientation: straight
Your Weakness: Aaron
Your Fears: Loosing her
Your Perfect Pizza: i dont perfer dirt thank you.
Goal You Would Like to Achieve This Year: have another kid.
Thoughts First Waking Up: i dont sleep
Your Best Physical Feature: My wife says my body, but i think my eyes.
Bedtime: whenever i want to make love.....wait does that count??
Your Most Missed Memory: Seeing my wife human.
Pepsi or Coke: neither
Single or grops dates: happily married
Lipton or Nestea Iced Tea: dont drink it
Chocolate or Vanilla: dont eat it
Cappuccino or Coffee: neither
Do you Smoke: no i do not
Do you Swear: sometimes
Do you Sing: yepp i sing to my wife and kids
Do you Shower Daily: yes ^-^
Have you Been in Love: yes and i've made love too!!
Do you Want to go to College: aready been
Do you Want to Get Married: already am.
Do you Believe in Yourself: absolutely!
Do you Get Motion Sickness: haha no.
Do you Think You're Attractive: very much so.
Are you a Health Freak: not really.
Do you Get Along With Your Parents: i do but only with my mother.
Do you Like Thunderstorms: i guess i dont pay anymind to them really.
Do you Play an Instrument: yes. i play the piano.
Ever Been Drunk: nope
Ever Been Called a Tease: not that i can remember.
Ever Been Beaten Up: hahahahahahaha no.
Ever Shoplifted: no i do not break the law.
How do you Want to die: i cant
Grow Up: i am grown up.
What Country Would you Most Like to Visit: ive already visited them all.
Do you want to die your hair: nope my wife likes it too much
Do you belive in Vampires: yes i strongly believe in them
Do you want to die: no i do not.
Do you have any brother or sisters:yes
What are there names:Jake,Melondy,Jasper and Oliver
How many brothers do you have: 3
How many sisters do u have: 1
Are you gay: no im married
Whats your favorite food: mountian lions
Do you think that your a good person: yes i do
How: i know how to spread the love.
Are you married: yes we've already established this.
Do you have any kids: yes, i have three
Whats you favorite color: blue
Whats your room look like: like a room
Do you love your family on your mom's side: yes
How about your dad: i despise him with a passion!
Do you love the family you started: absolutely
Do you love your family: yes!
Do you want to be in a movie someday: no
Can you sing: Yes
Do you sing: Yes
Do you think you would make it to the fanle four on american idol: whats american idol???
Do you think you will ever be rich: i have a huge bank account....?
Which one of your family members is your favorite: Jacob
What is the name of your spouse: Aaron
Do you love that person: with every fiber of my eternal body.
Are your parents married: nope. thank god.
Do you want them to get back together or stay together: no!! NEVER!!
If you could, would u be presented: huh??
Why:i dont understand that question.
What culture are you: too old for you to comprehend.
Do you think your sexy: i dont but my wife....thats another story.
Are you smart: i am considered smart
Is your family smart: I am considered smart.
Do you think your mom and dad love you: i dont care for my dad, but i love my mother.
Are you the oldest kid in your family: yepp.
How old are you: too old for your fingers to count.
How old are you brothers: i dont really care, but Jake is 103.
How old is your mom: she's 547.
How old is your dad: dont care. hope he's dead.
Which of your parents do u look more like: my mother.
How many of your brothers and sisters look like your dad: 1
How many of your brothers and sisters look like your mom: 4
Which of your parents is your favorite: My loving and caring mother.
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