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Name:   Killers are quiet...
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Random story... dunno if it's goin anywhere...

I swing my blade at the girl but she dodges easily. I take another swing, leaving myself open. She takes advantage of the situation and plunges her blade into my stomach. As the blade sinks deeper into my body, she shoves her lips against mine. I feel the cold metal protrude from my back as I kiss back, for I know it all ends here and after a few moments more, I will be gone. If this kiss is payment for my life, then I will accept it. The crimson flowing from my lips stain both our clothes a deep red, the color of passion. As she extracts the blade from my belly, my vision fades. Everything except her is now nothing... My hearing is next to go, for all I can hear is my slowly diminishing heartbeat. Her lips locked firmly to mine, she removed the blade the rest of the way. I can no longer feel the breeze, the ground, anything except the pleasure of her lips, and the agony of my mortal wounds. She wraps her arms around me as my muscles slacken and holds me up, continuing this deep, passionate, terrible kiss of death. I drift further into nothingness, hearing my heart slow to a deadly pace before the rest of the world fades to black...
All I see is black... Is this death? No heaven or hell? Just nothing? My hearing tunes to the sound of a faint voice calling something... I cannot hear anything until my name is uttered... "Raze..." I listen closer and hear my name repeated over and over. The voice belongs to a girl. I try to respond, but I can't... This is hell... Knowing someone cares, someone want to help, but not having the ability to respond to them... I feel my shirt ripped open... I can feel again? Gentile fingers press my wound together and I feel my entire body tingling as the wound seals itself. The fingers leave my stomach and soon I feel an ear pressed to my chest. I have just realized I am breathing... My heart bets at a slow, steady pace. "Raze..." My name again... The ear leaves my chest and fingers pry my eyes open. Light floods my vision. A girl, about 16 is hunched over me, her tear stained face peering at me. The makeup that has run down her face is evidence that she has been crying for quite some time... "Can you hear me?" She asks "Don't answer... You need rest, Onii-Chan..." Big brother? Why is she calling me big brother? No matter... She is here... She rests her head against my chest as I close my eyes again. She mutters my name softly over and over... "Raze... Raze... Raze..." The world drifts away into black again...
I open my eyes to the sound of swords clashing and guns firing. Why am I standing? Demons and humans surround me, all fighting each other. One demon charges me, sword brandished. As he swings, I dive out of the way. I recognize the familiar weight of a sword at my waist and draw it. The demon turns to face me again, his nostrils flared up. We circle slowly preparing to strike. He makes the next move, trying to charge me again, and I dodge, leaving my sword behind. I slice his stomach open and he howls in pain. "RAZE!" I jump awake at the mention of my name. "What?" The girl again... "Wake up, sleepy head! We're here!"
"Right... and here is...?"
"Onii-Chan," Big brother again... "It's the Hunter's Hall! After the battle, all the hunters were called back to here!"
"Raze! Don't you remember anything? Demon hunters!"
"You joined the hunters years ago and you don't remember anything?!? You must have taken a hit to the head or something... When you were 16, you joined the hunters!"
I remember that now... The application I filled out... The nice lady at the office...
"I remember a little..." I reply
I look up the the large metal building. Everything seems to reach toward the sky, as if begging to ascend to heaven itself. The craftsman who made the plates clearly spared no time in the design, for every square inch is covered in engravings. Its peaceful here... Strangely enough for a building supposedly inhabited by warriors who battle demons. The guards standing in front keep perfect stature. Had they been in any more armour, you would not see them breathing, and think them the greatest statues ever carved!

Different Story XD

A young man sits, mesmerized in front of his television. The gentle pitter pat of rain on the roof and the monologue of the snooty rich news man on the TV are his only company. Jake turns the volume up on to hear what the man is saying. "In other news, a small city in Texas, named Belton, has entirely gone up in civil unrest. Riots are running rampant and the military has been called in to contain the situation. When we asked to get a reporter on the scene, however, we were denied. All that the head of the operation, Mr. Bryce Cullen, said was 'This is too dangerous a situation to allow any citizen, news cast or not, to be here.'
Jake perked up. This was his chance to get on "Psycho" a TV show where a thrill seeker, such as Jake, to make massive amounts of money by entering areas of impossible survival and lasting a week. He launched himself from the chair to the wall receiver. He dialed the number and waited. The woman answered in the middle of the fourth ring "Psycho hotlines, how may I help you?"
"I would like to enter"
"One moment, please"
The line went dead for a moment and then a man's voice invaded the silence
"Hello, my name is Ryan. How can I help you?"
"I would like to enter a challenge."
"Alright, let me hear it."
"The riot in Belton"
"Are you fuckin' crazy?"
"You can't kill anyone"
"Rubber bullets, then"
"Fair enough"
"Any other requirements?"
"No, sir, just your name"
"Jake Taylor"
"Uh huh. And where are we picking you up?"
"LA, California. A small air strip outside the city"
"We will be there"

2 days later:
The airstrip was, for all intents and purposes, utterly destroyed from a lack of use and the wear of time. The only thing that was even remotely nice was the helicopter sitting in the middle of the runway. As a black muscle car pulled up, a man in a suit stepped out of the helicopter. He was tall, slender, had brown hair, and was dressed in a nice suit. The kind of guy who had the perfect appearance for his job: president of a major company. The car came to a stop and a man who was tall and thin as well stepped out. He had long black hair and ratty clothes. The suited man shook his hand "William Manaster. Great to meet you."
"Jake Taylor. What are you supplying me with?"
William smirked "Straight to the point, eh? Then, come this way." He led Jake to the helicopter "We are supplying you with a semi automatic Colt with enough rubber bullets to fight off an entire army of pissed off Muslims." he laughed at his own joke "Also a small headband with an even smaller video camera that will record everything that you are seeing. Despite it's size, it will be able to record two weeks worth of footage. But, you will only be there for one week."
Jake nodded, studying the gun with care.
"By the way, we have a few documents you need to sign, simply saying that if you die, we aren't responsible and any loved ones you may have cannot sue us." Ever the business man...
"What loved ones?" Jake replied while scrawling his name down on the documents.
"One more thing before we go. You cannot kill anyone you encounter out there. Bad for ratings, you know?"
Jake let out a scoff and nodded.
Both men climbed on the helicopter on their way to the new destination.

One day later...
"Hi, I am William Manaster! Here to send off one of the craziest contestants we have ever seen! His name is Jake Taylor and he is about to descent into this shitstorm down here!" William pointed the massive camera down at the ground where thousands of people were on the ground, pushing, screaming, and otherwise being unruly. The helicopter was several tens of feet off of the ground. William pointed the camera back at Jake. "Here is the man of the hour, Jake! Say hello, Jake"
Jake waved halfheartedly.
"Jake will be spending a whole week in Belton, Texas in the middle of a massive city wide riot, being blocked to civilians by the military, but by luck alone we seem to have snuck past them. Now, there seems to be no motive behind the riot itself, but Jake sure as hell has a motive: entertaining you! So without further ado, Jake, take it away!"
Jake nodded, leaping from the vehicle, and releasing the parachute as the helicopter flew away. Jake finally connected with the roof of a building and immediately unhooked and headed for the roof access, weapon drawn.
The hallway inside was completely deserted, papers strewn about, and a lone printer running more and more copies through. Jake slowly made his way down the hallway before kicking in a door to an army of empty cubicles. It was apparent that the building was a standard office building. It had a very corporate, almost caged feeling to it.
Jake had almost made it across the room before hearing a thud come from behind a closed door. He slowly approached it, weapon held high, ready to shoot as he laid a hand on the doorknob. He let out a slow sigh as a feeling of dread washed over him, then twisted the knob, yanking the door wide open...

You guessed it! 3rd story which will never be completed!

I groaned as I slowly rolled myself out of bed and onto the floor. My blood doll was staring at me from across the room with those huge eyes as I rose to my feet. "M... Master, do you require a meal?" Why do goths always think we want to be called master? "No, Arianna, go about your business. I have my own to attend to tonight..." She nodded at my dismissal and sat sheepishly on the chair. That's another thing I can't stand about them... They want to be your servant until it actually happens... I sighed and stepped into the bathroom. This entire three room apartment was a fucking pigsty... There were stains covering every inch of the bathroom. I stared into the mirror, gazing into blood red eyes. The things I pondered, the horrible things I thought upon you could never understand... After about five minutes, I bore my teeth. Running my tongue over the sharp elongated canines. The phone rang. I sighed and reached into my pocket, placing the cell against my ear, I muttered "What..."
"Frank's Liquor Store, corner of 4th."
"What is it?"
"Another Malkavian."
"God damned Malks... They're too fucking insane to follow the Masquerade!"
"That's not your place to decide, Jack."
"I know... What guns?"
"We sent you a couple nine millimeter pistols. Jack, don't forget the rules of the Masquerade. I don't want another night club incident on my hands. Another infraction like that, and even LaCroix wouldn't be able to save you from execution."
"Are you suggesting that any enforcer is better at this job than me? No, even if they did find me, they'd be dead before they muttered a word."
He sighed. Checkmate.
"Just... do it clean this time... ok?"
"Whatever you say"
I hung up. Time to go to work, I suppose. I left the bathroom and as always, my blood doll stood quickly "Master, what may I do to please you?" I glared at her and replied "I have mail. Get it." She nodded feebly and all but sprinted down out of the room and down the hallway. I waited as she flew back into the room and dropped a box on the table. "What else may I do, Master?" I waved her off, and turned to the box. I smirked at the ridiculous thought of me actually buying anything from LaCroix industries, as the box suggested I had. LaCroix industries thrived in the creation and distribution of musical instruments. I opened the box and removed the twin pistols that laid in the box. "Get my coat..." I muttered, and my blood doll nodded meekly, rising from her chair. She eased my arms into the sleeves of the trench coat I had taken from a guy who was too dead to care. I slid the pistols into the pockets and turned to her. "I will be going out, Arianna. Be a good girl."
"Master, may I please have a kiss?"
I sighed. Another thing that bothered me about her. as with most goth girls, she believed vampires to be eternally romantic, which is absolutely not the case. I nodded silently, indulging her desires. She pressed her lips against mine, I could feel the desire for my affection in her kiss, but I had no interest in her. I broke away and left her standing in the apartment... In the silence...

When I arrived at the liquor store, I began to wonder if I had gotten bad intel. The building was in pristine condition. No windows broken, all the stands were just fine outside, and there wasn't so much as a fingerprint on the door. I opened the door slowly, praying to god- "BING BONG" The pistol was in my grip before the second ring, and pointed off into the darkness of the room... I let my eyes adjust to the dark of the room... No sense in breaking masquerade already... And certainly not just to see in the dark... I growled at the electronic door bell... I fucking hate machines whose sole purpose is noise... I sniffed the air... Blood... that sweet smell filled the air, sending shivers down my spine. "Hello, there!" a bright voice shot out from the darkness. "I see you came to join the party!" fucking Malks... too goddamned crazy...
"No, I'm here to put a fucking end to you!" I shouted.
"Hehehehehehe... No fun, NO FUN!!!! Too early for me to die! Isn't that right, Jacky Jack?!?" So, he was already probing my brain for information... This wasn't going to end well for him.
"You better knock this shit off before I decide that quick and painless is boring!"
"Quick and painless?!? HA! Like your little girlyfriend?" Wrong move... Keep calm...
"You better shut your fucking mouth, you piece of shit!"
"Yesssssss... She was cut wasn't she?!? Your fault? Couldn't save her?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I CAN IMAGINE THE BLOOD!!!!!"
"You've got until the count of fucking three..."
"Did you drink from her body? To preserve her life? Or was it simply the bloodlust in you?"
"Can you tell anymore?!? HA! The little ghoul! what was her name?..."
"Her name... Oh the blood! She begged for her life! And you didn't save it! her name... ABBY!"
"THREE!!!" With this, I shot into the darkness, claws extended. I was going to fucking kill this shithead. MY eyes glowed a blood red, allowing me sight into the abyss, where I saw the fucker perched on top of a display case toward the back. He wore one of those furry pimp coats, and a "Cat in the Hat" striped top hat. He cackled, lunging away from my swipe as I took a swing at him, all the while screaming her name. After a good three minutes of chasing him around the store, I finally landed on him, and began pulling on his arm. "Mmmmmmm!!!! Hurt so gooooood! Hurt me more, Jack!" I obliged, finally ripping his arm from his body, seeing the vampire blood spray from his stump. He screamed... or was it a moan...? Either way, I took the arm to his head, beating him over and over, the beast taking over... I had lost control and all I knew was this man was to die tonight... I finally heard the neck snap as he slumped to the floor. The arm , part of him, disintegrated at the same time he did...
I sat, collected my thoughts, and scooped up a handful of the ashes as proof of my work. I heard a whimper from the back. I went to investigate. The clerk of the store was cowering behind the counter. I slowly approached the desk and leaned over. "Excuse me... I apologize for the disturbance tonight..." I muttered... I wasn't in the mood for this... I definitely wasn't in the mood for what I had to do next, either. The man stood up, shaky as hell... His heart was racing. It was all too obvious that he was about to fucking piss himself... I would have to make this easy for him...
"I... I don't..."
"You don't understand, do you?"
"N- no..."
"That man who I just killed was a vampire. He is held by vampire law to not reveal himself to humans. As am I..."
"B-but... you're telling me this..."
"Yeah... It's a little late to pretend this doesn't exist, isn't it?"
"S-so... what happens next?" At least he was going to make this easy for me... I drew the gun quick, firing a single shot into his brain. His body dropped with a sickening thud. It left a nasty taste in my mouth... It always does... "Fuck this..." I muttered, grabbing a bottle of whiskey and leaving the store... "BING BONG"

Midnight... Feeding time, I guess... It was simple enough picking a target, and even easier to overtake him. Through sheer willpower, I forced myself not to kill him as crimson salvation spewed from his neck. Now, it was time to attend to my "business" of earlier. I approached the run down bar that I went to every Wednesday and sighed. "Well... Here goes nothing." I took another look around to make sure no one was watching. Like I needed to... Even the sneakiest Nosferatu wasn't stupid enough to come to this part of town. Anarch territory is far too dangerous for a Cammarilla vampire... And even more so for the Sabbat. I opened the door, making my way in. Once again, the place was almost completely empty except for the local drunks and the vampire bartender. Damsel, a Brujah, was always itching for a fight. "What's up, Cammy?" she sneered "Still one of us, right?"
"Not tonight, Damsel..." I muttered. I wasn't in the mood to deal with her bullshit. "I'm just here to talk to Nines and get the fuck out..."
"God damn, Jack! Chill out! He's upstairs as usual." She gestured toward the stairs.
When I got to the top, I was greeted by the bulk of the Los Angeles Anarchs. Nines, a blue haired, mellow tempered Brujah, gestured me over. "What have you got, Hayes?"
I told him what I knew about the past weeks events. The recent trials, the opening in their defenses, and most importantly, my recent jobs. It wasn't necessarily a strategic bit so much as a therapeutic one.
"He mentioned Abby..." I muttered
"Shit, Hayes! What'd you do?"
I went into details, the event of the last two hours. How I tore the Malkavian's arm off... The clerk's death... And the binge drinking afterward.
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