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Birthday:   1920-01-01Country:   
Joined:   2009-01-01Location:   A house with 50 mice whose names are all Irwin because they can only afford one name..
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Name:   Mickey Mouse
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2009-01-01
Location:   A house with 50 mice whose names are all Irwin because they can only afford one name..

Hi I'm Mickey Mouse! No not really, but I won't say my real name. I'm 1,045 years old, no I'm kidding there too but I'm just gonna say I'm younger than a teenager.
I found this website from an online friend on Matmice.. too bad Matmice closed.. R.I.P Matmice.. She sent me a graphic from there and I kinda looked around before deciding to make an account, but of course I was really happy too because I got to comment and rate so many great graphics on here.
I get mad because of a thing called Chain Mail, it's a waste of space and is spam. It's not true but I got scared the first time I read it. (Pathetic I know..) But it's kinda fun to read once in a while, but most of them are all the same.. BORING!

This is hard.. So much space, so little in my brain.. Um well I like elements! No not H20.. Like fire, water, earth, and stuff! It's hard to choose from them but, it would be harder between Light and Darkness! They're complete opposite and pretty much hold the balance of the world lol.
It's fun having so many elements! Fire, Water, Earth, Air, uh.. and I forgot the rest! I know I mentioned two others up above, but I don't feel like reading right now.. Yes, I'm lazy DEAL WITH IT! Oh yea.. I also have a short temper and occasionally bite my lip to keep myself from letting my anger out.
^^ Elements rule! Elemental pretend mystical or real animals rule too! I'm a pretend nerd or something like that.. But my poor cousin gets hit a lot by me because I have an even shorter temper with him! I hope this wasn't a waste of space, seriously..

Well.. I'm bored so let's talk about anime!
Miyako: Anime?! Seriously?! This is my time to shine! Ok anime is like cartoons in Japan! There's about millions of them! I go on to watch them! I love reading Vampire Knight manga (Me: I don't..) WELL IT'S NOT YOUR OPINION *Ready to punch me* (Me: *Hides*) OK well since I wanna be nice Kiyoko (Me: THATS ME)
Miyako: You cut me off bitch -_- (Me: Well I thought I should put this in dark pink ^^") Whatever.. Kiyoko likes to watch Skip Beat!, Shugo Chara!, Pretty Cure, Naruto, Inuyasha, and a bunch of others. She read the entire series of Absolute Boyfriend and she loved it with a passion..
Thanks Miyako! Yea I think that's enough talk about the real me I feel like talking about the rpc me! Let's go (Miyako: You're mentioning me too!) How could I not Miyako seriously? (Miyako: If I didn't threaten to kill you) Hehe ^^" Let's not talk about that because some people might be reading (Miyako: Not gonna happen) -_- I know

This is my Role Playing Character!
Normal Form

Mage Form

Demon Wolf Form

Name: Kiyoko
Meaning: Pure Child
Age: 16 (Not my real age)
Likes: Music, Swimming, Going to the Beach, Vacation, Hanging with my friends
Hates: Jerks, Stupid Songs, Getting in Trouble, Perverts

My Friend
Normal Form

Demon Warrior Form

Demon Form

Name: Miyako
Meaning: Beautiful Night Child
Age: 16
Likes: Fighting, Beating people up, Causing Trouble, Dragging me into Trouble
Hates: Police, People who tell her out, Getting Caught
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