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Name:   silvermercy13
Birthday:   1992-12-07
Joined:   2008-08-04
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Yeah, I'm kinda screwed. I'm not emo, have nothing against them, b u t have a feeling one of these days I'll crack and turn emo. I don't fit in with my family, never really have. I'm off doing my own thing most of the time. People don't understand that I just like to be alone. It's not like I'm depressed, but if you people keep hurting me I'm afraid I'll fall into that same pit that my brother, my mother, and just about my whole family has fallen into. It seems like a family tradition on my mom's side, I suppose. It seems like broken hearts and depression runs in my blood somehow. I just know I'll become depressed one of these days, I'm already cracked, someday I'll break.

I couldn't care less about religion even if I tried. I'm not a christian, I'm not wiccan, I'm not shaman, I don't know what I am. I don't know what to believe. Christianity seems a bit... I'm not sure, far fetched if you will. Nobody has proof of any of this, it is a bunch of stories. If they have proof, I'd like to see it. What is the proof that Jesus actually came back or never died or whatever happened? I hope to one day study Wicca when I have more time, or perhaps some other religion that makes more sense or has more proof of anything.

My dad's side of the family is great, sure, but they get on my last nerve. :/ Them and they're religion. They have a strong belief in Jesus and christianity and if I mention one other religion they will get driven UP THE WALL. It makes me uncomfortable to be around them, and it makes me feel apart when they go to church every sunday with me. The thing that makes me feel even worse is they have no idea of my opinion on it. And many christians aren't ever open to other religions, while other religions can be very open with it. In christianity, people are against any other God, so they automatically push others with a different religion away. Of course, this doesn't apply to all christians, but on my Dad's family most of them are like that. Well, let's put it this way - religion sucks and I don't care. It is only an excuse for living and dying, no real reason for it. Religion ticks me off. I have better things to do, anyway. Eff-it.

I HATE MOST CHRISTIANS. Ahem, note I said "most." I don't hate the religion, but strong willed christians will bash all other religions to make them follow their own religion. Yes, it's true, and if you are christian you probably do it. Even if you don't realize it. They did it in the early times and it still continues today. And this is just like discriminating against african americans and labels. DISCRIMINATING AGAINST RELIGION IS WRONG! IF YOU BELIEVE IN GOD THINK ABOUT IT. SO YOU BELIEVE GOD MADE EVERYONE, HM? GOD WOULDN'T LIKE IT IF YOU BASH OTHER PEOPLE, HIS CHILDREN! STOP THE RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION!!!

PAGANS DO NOT WORSHIP SATAN! Pagans do not worship Satan. Many people see it like that. They do not! NOT NOT NOT! It makes me angry to see this. PAGANS WORSHIP THE EARTH, NOT SATAN!!! Don't you love our Earth? So what is wrong about Pagans worshipping it? NOTHING! Don't bash pagans. The funny thing is, on every Pagan or Jewish or some other religious icon I always see a bashing comment from a CHRISTIAN. On christian icons I hardly ever see a bashing comment from another religion. Why do you -christians- have to be so discriminating? I don't have anything against the christian religion, but I have something against christians treat other religions.

I am a proud poet. Someday when I feel more comfortable with the community I will probably put some poetry on my page.

If you took the time to read this you must be really interested in what I have to say or... You're really bored! :) Have a wonderful day! xD
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