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Love, & don't ever look back.

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Birthday:   1920-01-01Country:   
Joined:   2012-10-23Location:   Tumblr
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Name:   seaofbrokenvows
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2012-10-23
Location:   Tumblr
Pumpin' on my sleeve a heart that barely beats, stallin'
Floating face down seas of broken vows, drownin'
life can be a crazy ass curve ball, just don't forget to swing
t i m m y h a y s. n i n e t e e n . m a l e. n o t. o n l i n e. o f t e n.
What doesn't kill me might make me fucking kill you
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oceanfloor. writes:
Well thank you very much! I'm glad someone finds it impressive,

Posted on: Jan 11th 2014, 10:38:19pm

michaela&michael writes:
i'm glad someone else thinks so. i'm excited to spend nights with him. i'm going to work my ass off to make this relationship work.

i couldn't go to another school, i have to stay here with my boyfriend.

we try to make things perfect. <3

Posted on: Jan 11th 2014, 10:36:06pm

michaela&michael writes:
heh, yes. forever is a long time though, but i wouldn't mind spending every moment with him. i can't wait until we move in together in a year. c';

nope, i have one more year to go in school. i am a junior at my school right now. i have to become a senior then i graduate. c':

he likes the fact that i'm needy. he says it's 'cute'. i just like a lot of affection or i get upset. :'c

Posted on: Jan 11th 2014, 10:27:11pm

oceanfloor. writes:
Video Games, Anime, Art, and Academics nerd. :3

Posted on: Jan 11th 2014, 10:20:24pm

oceanfloor. writes:
Ahh, you sound pretty cool. :3 You know my name clearly. I'm Sixteen, a motivated student. I want to attend college for Nuclear Physics and Thermodynamics. I am taken, Bisexual but typically leans toward girls, I have Anxiety, and I'm a massive nerd.

Posted on: Jan 11th 2014, 10:12:36pm

michaela&michael writes:
i've never felt this overwhelmed or flustered. sometimes i just want to shoot myself in the heart to get it to calm down, heh. i just hope he stays around for as long as i want him around. i can honestly tell you i want him around for a very very long time. school is shit cos our principal sucks ass and doesn't run the school fairly.

aw, i hope things continue to get better for you, because you deserve to have things fantastic for you. you also deserve to be happy.

i think i give him a lot of attention. he calls me needy. c':

Posted on: Jan 11th 2014, 10:12:24pm

michaela&michael writes:
my boyfriend is doing well, i guess. we're not fighting as much as we did last week. (fingers crossed) it seems like i can't part from him. it seems as if i've grown attached to him. it feels so weird, cos my heart is just weird. like whenever i'm not with him or talking to him, it just seems weird. doesn't seem right.

school is shit. life is okay.

what about you? c':

Posted on: Jan 11th 2014, 10:01:02pm

michaela&michael writes:
yes, i'm on. please message again. c':

Posted on: Jan 11th 2014, 9:54:15pm

michaela&michael writes:
can you stay on? i'll explain everything!

Posted on: Jan 11th 2014, 7:59:15pm

michaela&michael writes:
thank you. i hope things continue to be good with you as well.

Posted on: Jan 11th 2014, 1:08:28pm

neptunesdaughter writes:
Well for me, im still not motivated in school. Like I don't want to do anything. Lately, thinking of food makes me sick. I haven't been eating much, but im getting happy. Got a sweet boyfriend, got a job, etc. Its mainly the same shit but different days. Meh.
I hope you do great this semester! ♥

Posted on: Jan 11th 2014, 12:17:07am

2infinity&beyond writes:
Well I'm normally cold a lot though. I like warmth

Posted on: Jan 10th 2014, 10:53:14pm

oceanfloor. writes:
Pretty much the same, actually! I'm relieved that it's the weekend.
Tell me about yourself?

Posted on: Jan 10th 2014, 9:44:09pm

skinless writes:
Hah not even! I got focus!
That's true though, hopefully it stays easy for you

Posted on: Jan 10th 2014, 9:40:38pm

skinless writes:
Hard to stay focused :p
How are your classes?

Posted on: Jan 10th 2014, 9:29:48pm

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