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I luv anime!! and manga <3

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Name:   Yuki Kururugi
Birthday:   1995-06-28
Joined:   2008-06-21
Location:   none of ur buisness!

Name:Yuki Kururugi

Shirley Kururugi
type:transformed vampire,cat


Sasuke(he likes to cosplay)

my crush:
Elliot (Eli)

Best Friends:

Nami Cross


fav. shows:
Naruto, Death Note, Bleach, Inuyasha, Vampire Knight, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh GX,Ouran High School Host Club,Lucky Star,Code Geass,DN Angel,and many more!

i thought this pic. was CUTE

oh god! Naruto is so sexy!

yuki cross (vampire kight)

aww! so CUTE! ^-^

naruto high school never ends

awww! Sora is so cute! ^_^

and now my story! main characters: Sasuke , Sakura, Naruto,Sapphirea, Yuki(me), and Joey
Story made by: Me and Sapphirea(Im a pokemon!?)

Sakura: hey Sasuke, my parents r out of town. do u know wat that means?
Sapphirea:What time is it Sakura?
Naruto:Is every1 coming?
Sapphirea:Most likely all the students
Me: YAY!
Sakura: no jonin'.
Sapphirea:So Iruka can come?!
Joey:lol Iruka is a Chunin
Sakura: i guess.
Joey & Sapphirea:BROOKLEN RAGE!
Sapphirea:....Sakura thats what me and Joey say....its not as funny when u say "Brooklen Rage"
Naruto:*comes over* Hey guys ^^
Sakura:-_-' GRRR...
Sasuke:^^ YAY! HOUSE PARTY!!
every1: 0_o omg. HES HAPPY!
Sasuke:wat? is that bad?
Sapphirea:No its just REALLY weird....VAMPIRE!
Joey:Where!? *hides*
Sapphirea:lol That never gets old ^^
Me:lol! i know! thats so funny!
Sakura: lol!
Naruto:I think we should get ready for the party
Sapphirea and Joey:We should
Sakura: yeah!
~7:30 At Sakura's house
Sakura:is every1 here? good!
Sapphirea,Joey,& Naruto:We're here!
Joey:Is there any games?
Sakura: spin the bottle! whos 1st?!
Joey:-_-' Thats not what I was thinking......
Me: wat where u thinking?
Joey:Truth or Dare is more fun
Sapphirea:Good idea! Lets play truth or dare!
Sakura:ok!! ^^ Sapphirea, t or d
Sapphirea:Truth ^^
Sakura: is it true u used 2 love Sasuke?
Sasuke: 0_0 omg.
Sapphirea:When I was 12 gosh!
Sakura: ur still 12!!
Sapphirea:No Im 14 -_-'
Sakura: oh whatever! next!
Sapphirea:Yuki t or d?
Me: dare!
Sapphirea:I dare u
Joey:*whispers me an idea*
Sapphirea:Good idea ^^ I dare u to ask Kiba out!
Me: 0_0 oh. my. GOD! NO WAY!!
Sakura: lol!!
Sasuke: 0_0
Me:I HATE U SAPPHIREA!! Joey t or d?
Sapphirea:Aw come on
Me: I dare u 2 ask Sakura out!
Sakura:0_0 omg y?!
Joey & Sapphirea:WHAT!?
Naruto:Why is Sapphirea saying what?
Me: cause they love each other. i think their dating.
Naruto:Aw thats cute
Sapphirea:This is sooooo embarasing! *blushes*
Me: wat what? y r u saying wat all the time?!
Joey:Cuz I can :P
Sapphirea & Joey:BROOKLEN RAGE!
Me: do u know y i dared u that?
Joey:No.....why did u?
Sapphirea:Shes going to say cuz I can.....
Me: yes! cuz i can!
Sapphirea:Whatever.....Joey whos next?
Joey:Um......Sakura t or d!?
Joey:I dare u to stay 10 feet away from Sasuke! Oh and ur welcome Sasuke.
Sakura: 0o0! y?!
Sasuke:{thank u so much!!!}
Joey:Cuz I can ^^
Joey:Sakura whos next?
Naruto:Pick me! Beleave it!
Sakura:naruto. t or d?
Naruto:Dare ^^
Sakura:I dare u 2 go 3 weeks without ramen!!
Sapphirea & Joey:Sakura's tormenting u *says it in a singing way*
Sakura:^^ im tormenting u! yay!
Sasuke: evil.
Naruto:Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................Rock Lee t or d?
Rock Lee: truth.
Naruto:Is it true u have a crush on Tenten?
Lee:*whispers* yes.
Joey:Lee we couldnt hear u. Could u speak up? lol
Lee:yes!!! god is that loud enough for ya?!
Sakura: i thought he liked me. what a releif! he doesnt love me any more!^^
Joey:Well Lee whos next? ^^
Sapphirea:{I wonder when me and Yuki will tell them about us being mew mews.....}
Lee: Ino t or d?
Joey:*pokes Yuki* Hiya!
Me: y did u poke me?
Lee:i dare u 2 kiss Shikamaru!!
Joey:Cuz I can! Gosh how many times do I have to say that >_<
Sapphirea:The world may never know!
Sakura:{i feel bad 4 Ino}
Ino:Thats 1 of the stupidest dares ever....I mean really its been used SO many times
Seria:(Sapphirea's 18 year old sister) Oh hey guys ^^ Sorry Im late
Sakura:oh hey!^^ were in the middle of playing truth or dare!
Lee:just do it!
Shika: oh god!
Seria:Cool ^^
Sapphirea:Run Shika befor she does lol
Ino:*hits Lee* Yuki t or d?
Me: truth
Ino:Is it true u love Sasuke too?
Sapphirea:*whispers* Thats a dumb quetion
Me: that is the dumbest question ever! ofcourse i do! every1 knows that!
Ino:-_-' Just pick whos next!
Me: Joey. t or d?
Me: good. I dare u 2 smack Ino across the face!^^
Sakura:hey i was gonna that!
Me: gotta b quicker next time!^^
Sasuke: its about time some1 smacked Ino. i swear she will not shut up!!!
every1:0_0 geez Sasuke, calm down!
Joey:Stupid dare.....I'll smake her anyways ^^ Can I have a new dare? *smacks Ino*
Me: sure. i dare u 2.....
*Sapphirea whispers idea*
good idea!
Me: i dare u 2 pour 5 cans of soda on ur head.
Sapphirea:^^ Thats my name
Joey:-_-' I know that......
Me: some1 get the soda! ^^
Naruto:*gets 5 cans*
Sapphirea:I think he should outside so it doesnt get all over the place right Sakura ^^
Sakura:oh yeah! good idea!
every1:*goes outside*

Sapphirea:lol This is going to be funny
Joey:*ducks* AHHH!!
Me: lol! that never gets old! lol!
Sakura: go ahead Joey!^^ hehehe!
Sapphirea:I know! lol! Hey some1 could dump it on him ^^ That would work too right?
Sakura: yeah! how 'bout u Sapphirea? ^^
Sapphirea:No thanx
Naruto:How come?
Sapphirea:Just cuz
Me:fine then i'll do it! *pours soda on Joey* ^^
Joey:*walks over to Sapphirea and shakes it off on her* Ha
Me:ew! u slashed me! >_<
Shika: ^-^ *happy now*
Sapphirea:U think thats bad >_< He got it all over me
Sapphirea:Lets just get back to truth or dare*goes inside*
Joey and Naruto:*same*
every1:*goes inside*
Me:whos next?
Joey:Um......Sakura t or d?
Sakura: truth
Joey:Is it true ur mad at me cuz I dared u to stay 10 feet away from Sasuke?
Sakura: -_-' that was stupid. yes.
Sakura:Sapphirea t or d?
Seria:Hey Im still here u know
Sakura:i dare u 2 wack the crap out of this pinata until it breaks.
Sapphirea & Joey:WTF?!
Sapphirea:Thats stupid >_<
Sakura:just do it. {i cant wait all that spagetti 2 fall on her head!}
Sapphirea:I need something to wack it with. And where is it?
Sakura:here is a bat. its right here.^^ *gives Sapphirea bat*
Sappirea:Whatever...*starts hiting it*
Joey:{There must be a catch....}
Sakura:whats with that look on ur face Joey?
Joey:Whats the catch. I mean really any1 can break a pinata but I mean as a dare thats stupid
Sakura: ur point being....?
Joey:Forget it.....-_-'
Sapphirea:*breaks pinata*
Sakura:*whispers* about time. *spagetti falls on Sapphirea*
Sapphirea:*fox ears pop out cuz it scared me*
Sapphirea:*covers them* Yuki...problem!
Me:what is it? *gasps* omg! go hide, i'll be there in a min.
Sapphirea:Ok....*goes upstairs*
Joey:Whats with Sapphirea?
Me:oh nothing. shes just feeling a bit sick. *so lying* *goes up stairs*
~Sapphirea:Yuki! What am I going to do now?
~Me:well find a hat or something! *goes 2 closet* ah, heres 1. quick put it on!
~Sapphirea:Hold on *starts getting spagetti off head*
Joey:Hiya Sasuke!
Sasuke:....-_- wat do u want?
Joey:Wanna see what Sapphirea and Yuki are doing upstairs?
Sasuke:sure i guess. is she like ur gf or something?
Joey:Why are u asking?
Sasuke: just wondering. cause Yuki is my gf. i was just wondering.
Joey:Whatever lets just go see already
Joey:Come on*start walking up stairs*
~Me:i hear foot steps. some1s coming! hide!
~Sapphirea:*gets hat and puts it on*
~Me & Sapphirea:*hides under bed*
Joey:I thought I heard someone up here.....didnt u Sasuke?
Sasuke:yeah. so. its none of our buisness what there doing up here.
Joey:I know....but still
Sasuke:well we might as well look 4 them. lets split up.
Sapphirea:*whispers* Uh-oh
Me: *whispers* there coming! which one?
Sapphirea:Sasuke is coming....
Me: oh thats just GREAT!
Joey:*hears Yuki* Im telling u some1 is up here
Sasuke: we already knew that! artard!
Joey:Shut up buttmunch!
Me: oh no he did not just call my bf a buttmunch! grrr...
Sapphirea:Shhhh Yuki
Me: *covers mouth*
Sasuke:-_-' *whispers* shhh. i heard some1.
Sasuke: that way. *points left*
Joey:Well come on
Sapphirea:Now what?
Me: r ur ears gone?
Sapphirea:*checks* Yeah
Me: then lets go.
Sapphirea:*gets out from under the bed* hi!^^
Joey:Hi ^^
Me:*comes out from under bed* oh, hi guys!
Sasuke:um...what were u doing under the bed?
Me:um...i thought i lost an ear ring...look i found it!
Sapphirea:well, lets just go back down stairs!^^
Joey, Sasuke, & me:okay...
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