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Name:   sakit
Birthday:   1989-10-02
Joined:   2007-11-08
Location:   california(philipines)

Chapter 1

The music is playing and Micky suddenly looks at the scenery before him. He was in the balcony of one of Japan's best hotels. He was with the other DBSK members. He was really feeling gloomy that day. He didn't know why but somehow there was something that keeps on popping into his head. He has been having dreams. A very specific dream to be exact. It just keeps on coming every few days, but the same dream.

The dream was starting to bother him. He didn't know what it meant, but he was too afraid to tell the other guys about it. Because he was very sure that after telling them about the dream, they would eventually tease him. And he knew the teasing wouldn't end with just a simple joke or two for a day. It would eventually last for days maybe even weeks. He was very sure that it would make him more agitated as he is.

He was in deep thought when someone suddenly tapped his shoulder. It was Jaejoong. He was looking at him with a strange expression on his face.

“What's wrong with you? You have been here all alone for almost an hour now. Is something bothering you?” Jaejoong asked with concern.

Micky tried to think for a minute. He was deciding whether to tell Jaejoong or not about his dream. After a few minutes of thinking, he thought that it was really better if he talked to someone about it.

“Well you see I have been having this dream... A very weird dream,” he started to narrate.

“And?” Jaejoong asked.

“The dream just keeps on repeating every few days. And I just don't know what it means. It is really starting to bother me,” Micky said with agitation.

“Tell me about your dream,” Jaejoong said with a smile.

“Well the dream sort of starts like this. I am sort of in a place, and I suddenly bump into this girl. I look at her but her face is kinda blurry so I can't really see her face. Then the next scene in my dream is that I am with her and I feel so happy. Then the next scene will be something like the firl moving far away from me and I just kept on screaming, but I don't even know what I was screaming. If it was a word or her name. But I do know after when she disappears I feel so empty that I start to cry and that's when I wake up,” Micky told Jaejooong.

“Whoaah... What a dream. No wonder you have been upset lately. If I was the one having that dream, I would have certainly avoided sleeping,” Jaejoong jokingly commented.

“So what do you think?” Micky asked. “Do you think it means something?”

“Frankly I'm not an expert on drams. Why don't you tell the other guys about it? Maybe they can help give a meaning to it,” Jaejoong said with a serious look.

Micky laughed. “I don't know. I am afraid I won't be able to handle the guys teasing me evry now and then,” he replied.

“You know, they know when to play and when to be serious,” Jaejoong said.

Just as they were about to talk some more, Xiah, Max and U-Know entered the balcony.

“Hey, you two! What are you guys doing here? Is anything wrong?” Xiah asked.

Jaejoong looked at Micky as if waiting for him to tell them about his dream. Micky looked at his friends' faces, and just suddenly decided to tell them about his dream. They have all been together for years now and they were all like brothers to him. So he finally told them about his dream.

After hearing Micky's dram, the other DBSK members were all left speechless. It was really a strange dream. And Micky was obviously very bothered by it.

“Maybe it means that you're gonna meet a girl,” Xiah suddenly said.

“Yeah and that the girl will make you really very happy,” Max said with a tease.

Micky looked at Jaejoong. Then he said to him “I told you they would tease me.”

Jaejoong suddenly burst out laughing. He was trying to stop himself from laughing since he knew that the other guys wouldn't leave Micky alone with the teasing.

“Hey! Enough with that...”U-Know said with a serious tone. Then he said with a laugh,” Maybe it just means that your already very eager to have a girlfriend.”

“Oh! I know this would happen...”Micky said while holding his head as if having a headache.

Everyone laughed out loud. After several minutes of intense teasing and joking around, the DBSK members finally went inside their room to rest. They had an early morning schedule the next day and they had to sleep early.

Chapter 2

The next day, the DBSK boys did their scheduled guesting and promotion for their new album.
It was already passed lunch time and they were all very hungry already. They wanted to eat but they still had one more tv station to go to. So they just went along with their manager and just kept quiet even if their stomachs were already growling because of hunger.

At the last tv station that they were supposed to go to. Their interview was delayed for another hour. The boys couldn't help but feel so helpless. They were all expecting that the interview would go fast and they would be able to finish it in a few minutes, then already have lunch.

“Do you think we can order something while we are waiting?” Max asked Xiah.

“Maybe, why don't we ask?” Xiah replied.

As they were about to talk with their manager, a girl suddenly came up to them and handed each and everyone of them sandwiches and bottled water.

Micky looked at the girl who was giving him the sandwich. She was an ordinary looking girl, with a long, ponytailed, black hair, thick eye glasses and unfashionable sense of style in clothing.

He took the sandwich from her and kindly thanked her. The other guys thanked her warmly as well. She then smiled and then disappeared amongst the crowd of people in the room.

The boys ate the sandwich which the girl gave them very fast. They were all very hungry and they didn't really give much attention to her and who she was. They just thought that maybe she was one of the staffs that was working there.

The sandwich was delicious. They really wanted to have some more, but the girl gave them only one per person. Somehow they didn't feel contented with just eating one sandwich and really wanted more.

Xiah finally had the guts to ask one of the staff for more sandwiches. After a few minutes, a man gave them sandwiches but it was different from what they had earlier.

“Hey! This isn't the sandwich we had earlier...” Max said disappointed.

“I know, this sandwich tastes way too bad to be compared with the other one we had before,” U-Know commented.

“How about if we ask for the girl who gave us the sandwich earlier?” Jaejoong suggested.

“Yes, that's a good idea,” Xiah replied and then went to ask the other staff about the girl they met earlier.

After almost ten minutes of asking here and there, Xiah returned very frustrated.

“What's wrong?” Micky asked.

“It seems no one knows the girl that gave us the sandwiches. They say there isn't any girl here that matches the description that I told them. Aside from that, they say there is no employee here that is not more 30 years of age. So the young girl I was referring to is very impossible to be here,” Xiah explained.

The other DBSK members suddenly became confused, then they suddenly became afraid. They suddenly thought that if the staff in the tv station didn't know the girl that gave them the sandwich then maybe she is an outsider that had managed to sneak in. And she maybe an anti-fan who may have bad intentions on them. They tried to feel if there was anything wrong with them. But they were all fine.

After their interview, the boys just decided to head back to their hotel. They thought about had happened and then just decided to not tell their manager about the girl that gave them the sandwiches. They know that if their manager knew that they were careless to just accept things from strangers especially food and water, they would receive a very long scolding.

So to just avoid that scenario, they all decided to just keep quiet and never talk about it again. They figured nothing bad happened to them. And maybe their imagination is just going wild that they thought that the girl might have bad intentions on them. They just decided to think that the girl maybe just an avid fan that wanted to help them out. With that thought in mind, they had erased all the fears that they had earlier.

“So who do you think that girl is? I mean the one who gave us those delicious sandwiches?” Max asked while watching the television.

“Well, I think she's not the kind that would do any harm to anyone. I have looked straight into her eyes and she looked straight back at me. People who want to other people never can look straight into someone's eyes. They always tend to avoid eye contact,” Micky defended the girl.

“Yeah, she was really very nice when she I said thank you to her,” Xiah remembered.

“But who do you think she is? How did she enter the tv station without anyone noticing her?” Jaejoong asked.

“That's a question that we will never have the opportunity to get the answer. She has just vanished into thin air. It's like she's a ghost or something,” U-Know said.

“Hey! Don't talk about ghost okay?” Max suddenly exclaimed.

The other DBSK members laughed. Max was watching a horror movie. And somehow the mention of a ghost got Max somewhat scared.

“She's too real to be a ghost,” Max said while still looking at the television. “I even accidentally touched her hand when she gave me the sandwich and she's real as any other girl.”

Xiah laughed so hard that the other boys suddenly looked his way.

“What are you laughing at?” U-Know asked.

“Max said that he touched the girl's hand. I didn't know that he was interested in such a girl. Now I know what type of girl Max likes...” Xiah laughed again.

“I just accidentally grabbed her hand instead of the sandwich, that's all. At least, I wasn't going around the whole tv station looking for her because I liked her sandwich,” Max said with sarcasm.

“Hey! I was just looking for her because you guys told me so,” Xiah said in defense.

“Well, let's just end that discussion now. I'm almost beat. I want to rest early,” U-Know said.

“It's time to rest guys. Let's just skip discussion. And I want to get an early start tomorrow,” Jaejoong said.

“Come on, Max. Let's sleep already. You can watch that again tomorrow,” Micky said.

“He's in his own world again,” Xiah jokingly said.

After forcing Max out of watching his movie, they all finally went to their respective rooms. Micky went to sleep only thinking about whether or not he would be dreaming about the same dream again.

In the middle of the night, Micky suddenly woke up sweating profusely. He dreamed again about the same girl. He has been bothered by that dream night after night. After a few minutes, he suddenly fell asleep again.

Chapter 3

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