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It wanders in the guise of an angel...It holds the shards of love without a place to go in it's arms as if it treasures them

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Name:   requiem.
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User Comments writes:
Kytiro: *grins and lightly moans* Yeah...

Posted on: Apr 21st 2011, 8:54:38pm writes:
Kytiro: *groans lightly and then looks at her* Its just....*bites his lower lip looking her over* there's something you do to me...*his fingers glide down playing with the elastic on her panties*

Posted on: Apr 21st 2011, 8:45:19pm writes:
Kytiro: *grins and takes the shirt from her, wrapping his arm around her pulling her to him* Your absolutely mezmerizing...*starts nipping at her neck*

Posted on: Apr 21st 2011, 8:37:36pm writes:
Kytiro: *grins at her and nods his head* Com'ere

Posted on: Apr 21st 2011, 8:28:35pm writes:
Kytiro: *shrugs and watches her pass by* I know...but...*blinks as he watches she undresses, then grins* You know something Kira? *leans against the door frame*

Posted on: Apr 21st 2011, 8:20:57pm writes:
Kytiro: *turns back to her with a shocked expression* What!?....ummmmm....uhhhh *blushes and rubbes the back of his neck* I-i guess so if you wanna...*smiles with a light blush*

Posted on: Apr 21st 2011, 8:05:38pm writes:
Kytiro: *smiles and hugs her back* And i love you Kira. *gets up and stretches* Well i think im gonna get a shower and dressed *goes to the bathroom*

Posted on: Apr 21st 2011, 7:21:22pm writes:
Kytiro: *says in his country accent again* Well i think we can arrange that, Ma'am *grins*

Posted on: Apr 20th 2011, 11:10:17pm writes:
Kytiro: *smiles at her and says in a counrty acent* Well *winks at her* im in your graditude ma'am *laughs*

Posted on: Apr 20th 2011, 11:03:48pm writes:
Kytiro: *laughs, smiles and tucks a piece of hair behind her ear* did i get so damn lucky with you?

Posted on: Apr 20th 2011, 10:50:34pm writes:
Kytiro: *smiles and blushes* Your so perfect Kira......i love you so much. *kisses her forehead, then the tip of her nose, then on the lips and he starts kissing her repeatedly playfully*

Posted on: Apr 20th 2011, 10:39:47pm writes:
Kytiro: *wrapps his arms around her and leans into her deepening the kiss*

Posted on: Apr 20th 2011, 10:30:15pm writes:
Kytiro: *takes a deep breath, his hands shaking and nervously he smiles* Kira, Will you marry me? *looks up at her through his eyelashes and blushes*

Posted on: Apr 20th 2011, 10:25:19pm writes:
Kytiro: *blushes a light red and looks at their hands and smiles* Will.....will you *gulps and turns a bright bright red getting nervous*

Posted on: Apr 20th 2011, 10:16:19pm writes:
Kytiro: *swallows hard and starts to blush some* You know i love you...and that im so sorry for every stupid thing ive done. And well....i-i....*hands start slightly shaking and he swallows hard again* Uhh....W-will...

Posted on: Apr 20th 2011, 10:08:19pm

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