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It wanders in the guise of an angel...It holds the shards of love without a place to go in it's arms as if it treasures them

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Name:   requiem.
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User Comments writes:
Khiza: AAUUHHH!!!*screams in agony*
Kytiro: *grabs his knif from his boot socket and slits his throat* I hope you drown in your own blood...*turns and walks out letting Kira finish her reaper duty*

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 9:46:12am writes:
hey chicka im going to bed....gotta work in a few hours. but ill be on later tomorrow. ^^

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 1:21:15am writes:
Kytiro: *gets to khiza's house and goes in.*
Khiza: *Laying on the couch asleep*
Kytiro: *presses the gun to his temple and covers his mouth* Your a sick twisted mother fucker and i hope you burn where there is no escape from pain. Do you have an last words?
Khiza: I do actually..*whips his gun out and shoots at them missing* Im not a mother fucker....but a sister fucker *grins in satisfation*
Kytiro: Why you bastard!

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 1:18:23am writes:
Kytiro: *looks at her* Maybe you should go back and wait on the girls....this could get real ugly.

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 1:08:14am writes:
Kytiro: *walks up to her* Kira...i...i hate you seeing me like this...*caresses her cheek* Please forgive me for what im about to do...*kisses her forehead and walks towards Khiza's place*

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 1:02:19am writes:
Kytiro: *goes back to his apartment, gets his gun out of the safe, fills it with bullet, cocks it and goes after Khiza*

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 12:55:54am writes:
Kytiro: *looks at her* What? you dont think im man enough to help them!! Is that it Kira? You dont think im so goddamn fuckin pissed off to find out that my little sisters were fuckin molested by a man who killed me once; and then fuckin again tonight? You want me to be a man, i'll fuckin be a goddamn man! *storms off* Fuck this shit!

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 12:50:39am writes:
Kytiro: *he stops leaning his head against the wall and he begins to sob lightly* Lynira...Minee....i am sorry...this is all my fault..*sobs more*

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 12:42:07am writes:
Kytiro: *blinks as he registers what was just said. then rage boils up and he begins slinging chairs, breaking vases and lamps, then punches the picture frames* THAT MOTHER FUCKER!

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 12:36:53am writes:
Kytiro: Baby...are you alright? *caresses her shoulder gently*

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 12:25:55am writes:
Kytiro: *sees her leaning against the wall* Kira! *limps over to her*

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 12:18:12am writes:
Kytiro: *nods and limps in the hospital looking for kira and the girls* Damnit where are they?

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 12:10:44am writes:
Kytiro: *looks at her raising an eyebrow* Im guessing theres an explaination behind that...but i will.

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 12:05:03am writes:
Kytiro: *takes a deep breath and then sighs* I cant explain it but when im with her...i feel like she's my gravity keeping me grounded. The way she humms when she's doing a task or chore puts an instant smile on my face. *looks up at the sky* I still get butterflies when she kisses me. *shruggs* I dont know maybe because im such a hopeless romantic.

Posted on: May 5th 2011, 12:00:41am writes:
Kytiro: *smiles, shaking his head lightly* What is it with girls and thinking guys are aways after thier bodies? I would agree, Kira has an outstanding body...but thats not why i love her.

Posted on: May 4th 2011, 11:49:06pm

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