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Life is Hell..face it.. it just is.. but then theres times when it can be like just heaven

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Name:   Zac Cullen
Birthday:   1985-01-07
Joined:   2008-11-14

Yo!? The name is Zac Cullen!! Never head of me?!! then Listen up!
I was born in England in 1985!! witch would make me 24!! I have a twin brother named
Jasper and a younger sister named Isabella.My parents left after Isabella was born,They said they didn't want anymore kids!So they left Jasper and I to take care of Isabella..well we lived with my aunt and uncel for a 10 years in England.
My family and I moved to America after my aunt and uncel died And for some other ressons too.
Yeah i know i don't have a british Accent but thats because My Sister and I
Ditched the accents so we'd fit in.I don't ever use my british Accent anymore.
Now Isabella dose when she's mad.So I don't make her mad.And for Jasper well he
never drop the accent. And now you know why i died my hair red.So people wouldn't think i was related to Jasper.
Well yeah now you know mostly everthing about my past.Now for my future..
I am engaged to Jade Siren. She's a movie star and i'm a rock start!!! We've
dated for a while and i asked her to marry me on my birthday.And she said yes!
I hope she didn't just say yes because it was my brithday.But who cares!
I'm marrying the only women i have ever loved!!and will ever love!!!
I'm in a band Called Shadows with my best firends Jake Regions! Makoto
Kuronsan, Kiyoko Tayumi and Sometimes My sister Isabella plays with us!!
I live with my girl and Jake Regions. Well theres nothing else to say.. so Yeah Peace love and ColeSlaw!!!!!!!

Name: Zac Cullen
Age: 24
Dateing:Jade Siren
Likes:Jade Siren,Skatebording,Wrighting songs,Playing video games,Flying,Running,
Watching the X-Games,Performing on stage,Singing,Messing with my lil sister Isabella,Batman,Fixing cars,Building Molde cars,Watching T.V,Blowing,Basket ball,Baseball,And a good game of Foot ball
Hates:JASPER!,People!,my Prents, Jake and Makoto being late for band pratics,Snakes,Spirders,Kiyoko messing with me,and Zero
Human Form! (I have natural Blonde hair but i died Red)

Fariy Form

Vampire Form

My Girl!

Name: Jade Siren
Age: 18
Dateing: Me!
Likes: Quiet, Peace, Reading, Acting, and Drawing
Hates: Loud, Fans, and Being called off vacation
Human Form

Fairy Form

Vampire Form

My Younger Sister

Name: Isabella Cullen
Age: 18
Dateing: Kei Sato (Lead singer of Life on Hold)
Likes: Her boyfirend Kei,Playing with her daughter Kaylee,Singing,Danceing, Video Games,Hunting,Her cat Kasey Kahne And Her Other Cat Cole
Hates: Jasper!,Charlie!,Justin, Me being a jerk,Loseing at Video games to me,Her school,And me makeing her Sing in my band
Human Form

Fairy form

Vampire From

My Dead twin brother
Name: Jasper Cullen
Likes: Nothing
Hates: Everthing
No need for a picture of his UGLY Face

My Band Shadows

BIO: Zac is the oldest in the band at 24. He is also the show off and lead singer.Zac started the band with his closest firends. Zac is dateing Jade Siren

A song i wrote

BIO: Jake is the second oldest male in the band at 19. Jake is more of the stupid mean one in the band. Hes dose'nt really care of anything or anybody. The only people he would care about is his firends.Jake is the bass player and vocals. Jake is dateing on one

A song Jake Wrote

BIO: Makoto is the youngest in the band at 18. Hes a go with the flow person, And very smart. Makoto is Guitar and Vocals. Makoto is dateing Kat

A song Makoto wrote

BIO: Kiyoko is the only girl in the band.She is 20. Kiyoko is also a warrior. Shes dosen't take oders well. She is very bosses and loves to wright songs. Kiyoko is the drummer of the band.Kiyoko is dateing on one

A song Kiyoko wrote

Our sometime member

BIO: Isabella plays with the band sometimes. She is 18 and Zac's Younger sister.Isabella is nothing like the other memebers. She's different.When she dose play with the band she Sings and thats it.Isabella is dateing Kei Sato

A song Isabella wrote and sung/sings
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