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Name:   aera
Birthday:   1997-12-03
Joined:   2011-10-24
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left for good ♡
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luhans writes:
i've forgot my twitter.
like i literally cant remember my username or password. x)
but if i remember it yeah then i'll use it.

Posted on: Sep 25th 2013, 5:40:36am

luhans writes:
thank you for the birthday wishes bb ~
it means a lot to me c':
i understand you're busy so just reply to me whenever you can. :3
ily and imy. <3

Posted on: Sep 23rd 2013, 6:12:35pm

luhans writes:
how lucky of you to get luhan -3-
but i got baekhyun so i am slightly satisfied.
i married baekhyun and had 2 kids.
(((can this rly happen to me!?!?))) ToT

Posted on: Sep 2nd 2013, 10:23:39pm

luhans writes:
that poem is very poetic and sweet lmao
i shall keep it 5ever. <3

Posted on: Sep 2nd 2013, 10:22:13pm

luhans writes:
school has just been a lot of stress on me so i've been feeling a little sad as of lately.
its nothing.
i don't want to worry you. :3
i love you too.
it seems like you are one of the only people who truly care about me.
i appreciate you. thank you so much. <3333
if i ever meet you i'll probably just hug you to death because i love you too much. >v<

Posted on: Sep 2nd 2013, 10:20:49pm

luhans writes:
i never take selcas orz
well i do but i usually only like one like never.
i'm really picky with selcas and i overanalyze everything about my face.
like if my nose looks back or if my mouth looks weird or my hair
/long sigh
if one thing is bad i don't like the selca. T T

no, you look like a pretty beautiful and cute girl named aera. :3

Posted on: Sep 2nd 2013, 10:18:01pm

luhans writes:
i love amber too
shes perfect.
i want to hug her.
haha ~

no i listened to the audio though orz
but since amber is in it i'll watch it !

Posted on: Sep 2nd 2013, 10:15:55pm

luhans writes:
i would take that Photoshop class definitely.
but i first need to learn how to download it! orz ;;

Posted on: Sep 2nd 2013, 10:13:18pm

luhans writes:
ususally when i see something scary,
i imagine the monster dancing or doing something stupid.
and i'm not scared anymore!
maybe that will work for you too. :3

Posted on: Sep 2nd 2013, 10:11:48pm

luhans writes:
what kind of things are you going to do in the elevator with hunnie!? =w=

Posted on: Sep 2nd 2013, 10:11:03pm

luhans writes:
aw maybe one day you can make your luhan cookies ~

i'm actually making cookies right now too!
theyre peanut butter cookies :3

those cookies sound so yummy ~
uhuhh ;;

you're welcome.
i'm sure you would make a lot of money if you sell them though.
especially with such cute packaging you make ~

a girl at my school sells cookies and she also runs a cupcake shop,
she makes a lot of money on a daily basis. ^^
i think thats such a cute job.
something relating to pastries/baking.
i would like to do it too. i should work on my baking skills so i can be as good as you too ~

ah my quince
as in my quinceanera ( my 15th birthday )
remember i told you about it? :3
i already got a cake that was really expensive but i wish you could have made it.
i'm sure it would have been better.

Posted on: Sep 2nd 2013, 10:09:19pm

luhans writes:
i hope you marry an exo member one day too. x)
they will see how cute you are and wont be able to handle your adorableness and then they couldnt help but marry you. :3

yes. =.=
i finally got a 100%
i'm so done with chem tests
theyre too hard.
i have to memorize the periodic table by tomorrow and i havent even memorized one.
i hate that class its too hard. well mainly the teacher.
the teacher treats us like we're accelerated students when we're only regular. -.-

manly luhan more like kill me nao whhh

yes i guess thats a good lesson
but a proper way to rephrase that would be:
never depend on love.
don't take love too seriously and always be prepared to get hurt.
you're still young though. love shouldnt be something you're too worried about. =w=

i would kill him ! /scaryface

Posted on: Sep 2nd 2013, 10:03:00pm

luhans writes:
my computer is evil ;;
but oh well ~

ah chan chan is such a cute name. (。っω-。)

no i was just saying that exo seems more like an actual ot12 now.
like real family and they get along all well now.
because they seem closer now. :3

wah ? such a smart girl like you doesnt like to learn?
no way ~ ><

if you invented a club it would be an amazing club. ahah.
i would totally join. (。uωu。)♪
ah well at least you got to join the club.
here where i live, its mandatory for a student to take a "visual arts" class if they want to graduate and go to college.
so i'm forced to take art or band after i finish my spanish classes. orz.
i would like to see some of your art one day!
i bet its great!
because everything my bb does is great! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

same here tbh
since summer vacation started, all i've been really doing is eating, sleeping, and internet. =o=

why are you feeling depressed, my love? :c
do you want to talk about it?
are you stressed out?
keep your chin up bb ~
there will come better days. :3
and i'll be there to support you along the way.

sehun has been so beautiful lately

like can he get any more cute? i swear. ;;
ah i've been obsessed with phone cases and the like since i've gotten my new phone. so i can spot a cute case from 10 miles away. x)

orz no.
because sometimes i read fics that can be too vulgar.
but then not enough... orz
if i find a good one i shall give it to you.
but i think i might have a kdrama that has a lot of violence and angst!
its called "i miss you."
i saw it on my dashboard because there was a cute boy all bloody and beaten up.
and i was like oh i should check this out (◕ˇ▽ˇ◕;)
so yeah it got good reviews so maybe you wanna check it out too.

i wish i could pay for your baking classes ;;
maybe you could start your own baking classes!
you can get a group of friends and like just bake anything with them!
and google recipes online maybe? ;;
wah okay i shall pray that we one day meet and you make me a pretty pink cake. ^q^

he looks like a baby but has a totally different voice ahah.
i love his voice. especially when he raps.(๑´艸`๑)
you can't turn back. join the dark side ahah ~

no don't be ashamed that you don't know their whole schedule. D:
even I don't know their whole schedule. otl.
When exo had their debut I used to memorize all the event names and dates and their whole schedule. it was super stressing trust me lol
i used to watch all of their performances too but now i don't.
tbh i don't think i've seen a full performance of wolf.
ah well long story short,
you don't have to know everything about something in order to like them. something you enjoy shouldnt make you stress.
so you are already an excellent exo fan just by liking them and their music and supporting them! never forget ! 〜(^∇^〜) ♡♡♡

ok there it is. that picture was a pain in the butt to take + upload.
sorry if its a bit blurry and dark. ;;;
my camera was being dumb. :I
anyway its just an iphone 4 nothin' special ~
and i ended up buying a protective case that was rubber.
but its a cute case anyway ~ although online it did say it was orange. it looks more peach irl.
cute nonetheless though. i'm happy. ヽ( ゚ヮ・)ノ
ah did i say i didnt like someone? i forgot.
i don't like a lot of people tbh. (°ℇ ° )

i saw their debut mv
if their new mv really sad?
i remember seeing gifs
does a girl die or something?

yeah i started watching a lot of anime again recently
i guess i got bored so i just started watching again.
free is about swimming.
and yeah my tumblr icon is the main character. hes cute. ^o^ ahaha.

love you too bb gurl ~ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

suho is such a life ruiner >w<

what do you mean not talented?
your blog is so cute!
i wish i could do that ahah.

you dont like coffee shop much?
eh it got kinda boring after the 5th listen. youre right. x)

Posted on: Jul 9th 2013, 7:30:56pm

luhans writes:
ah shall i call you my baby byun now then?
my cutie baekhyunnie~ ♥

lay is always so cute ehehe ♥
and not to mention his hair is fabulous ~ keke
he seems more comfortable with the group these days
and it makes me happy to see.
i mean they all seem more comfortable with each other
and it makes me happy to see my babies happy. (人◡ᴗ◡♡)

oh nuuu you have to stay awake in class bb!
if you don't understand stuff then you should ask for extra help. ;;
you must leaaaaarn. learning is importantttt.

yeah but most clubs at my school are inactive and it bothers me. (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜
like why even bother making a club if you arent going to be fun or active.
i wish we had more interesting clubs.
you guys have art club? thats cool.
we only have art class. orz. but not like i would do well.
i can't draw. i wish i could.
are you an artist? :3

/le sniff
nuuu i don't want you to get sick. my bb can't get sick like that.
stay healthy. alright? ~
i get worried you know... ;;;
but i'm glad it's better than before.

i know its like they didnt even react haha
like thats oh sehun right before your eyes and you just stare? haha
maybe they didnt realize who it was.
i would have died. his hair is so cute. ><
also that girls phone case is cute hehe.

well i looked up the definition for angst and its "anxiety."
so anything that makes the reader "anxious."
so you could be right. it could be a story about death and violence or sad and depressing or both. ^^

ahaha such a sadist. killing your characters.
it's okay. i like violent things too. maybe a little bit too much. \(^ω^\)

i know. lol baking camp.
maybe there would be a class. baking class.
but not a camp.

waaah you need to bake more. its your specialty.
youre really good at it. ToT
i just wish i could eat it one day.

lol yes 12 life ruiners tbh.
you didnt know chanyeol had a deep voice until now?
my friend always calls me chanyeol because i am derpy like him.
although i am sadly not as tall otl
i see aera is turning into an exo fannnnn?
that is trueeee~?
you cant turn back. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

yes thank you. i think i'm going to get that case too. ^q^
because someone i don't like has the other case i showed you and ugh

i saw it barely yesterday though.
zelo is so cute. ;;
and yongguk. ahhhhhhh.

welp i hope you have a nice day bb ~
i'm getting my new phone today.
i'm so excited!
also today a new anime came out. it's called "free!"
everyones freaking out about it. including me. keke.

well talk to you later, love. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Posted on: Jul 4th 2013, 1:30:51am

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