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Name:   Jasmine
Birthday:   1998-06-20
Joined:   2010-06-15
Uploads:   3 graphics 
i'm back (: but - I grew out of this accoun t. let's talk on my new one. /users/seoulmate.

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beautifultragedy writes:
My Jasmineeeeeeee <3 how are you bo ?? I miss you relly hard , ashh !
Sorry for didn;t replay for ages but really hard to do it >< Did you start the school ? uhh I really start to hate it because I don't have time for nothing xD and my life became a routine but I'm fine I wish to survive this year but I'm strong lol kkkk but now tell me about ya unni . love you forever and always <3

Posted on: Sep 29th 2010, 11:45:11am

shawol. writes:

thankkkkkkssss so much for the alphabet!:DD
i'll try to memorize it.
i got a youtube link to learn it,
so i'm gonna try to learn&remember it :)

im alright

it's okaaay:33

Posted on: Sep 29th 2010, 7:16:14am

kawaiiyuna writes:
hiii, im fine and sleeeeeepy
i woke up soo early loll
yeah my brother is better now n im glad he is :D
only if he stop runinng around :/
how about you?? how are u today??

awwwwwh yeah u better check on ur eye, and im sure you will be fine!!
a bump inside ur eye right??
does it hurt?????
get welll soon <3

kkkkk but you had funnn!!
im happy for ya!
omg bi RAIN *faints*
its been long time since it rained for real Here :3 it rained last week
but it was for 5sec i think Loll :/ aigooo
+today rain's drama "Runaway" will air <3 <3 <3 so excited!!!!

you more ~~
Enjoy your day~

Posted on: Sep 29th 2010, 2:38:58am

shawol. writes:

you serious?
how is korean one of the easiest languages?
it looks&sounds so complicated ><

sure sure, when you have time
can you teach me a few like simple words?
for do you say cute in korean?
i NEVER could find out properlyxD

yeah true...
poor SNSD though
that lip-sync then tape-breaking was horrible O:

haha yeah FT Island&SHINee are both good
yaaaay shinee ftw!
thanks so much for cheering them for me:33
but FT Island won already, so yeah
i hope SHINee win next month :P
but FT Island's song was really good:)
so was SHINee and all the others xD

haha okay, FANKSSSS :P

Posted on: Sep 28th 2010, 5:51:42am

kawaiiyuna writes:

im fine and a bit tired
im watching "Idol Athletics" not subbed aigoo but its still fun to watch <3
i love all groups except Z:EA loll
how about you? how u doing??

thank you sweety, i appreicate it so much!

oh lolll so they sleep late loll it would be cool if they sleep early XD
footbal, thats exciting~ good luck n make it to the TOP!! Hwaitinggggg!!
who u practice with??

love YOU more~
enjoy your day and practise alot!! practice makes perfect!
but dont exhauste urself ..xoxo

Posted on: Sep 28th 2010, 3:06:49am

shawol. writes:

thanks :{D
do you mind sending that photo to my love page?
my love page is /users/.ingridlove.
this picture:

Posted on: Sep 27th 2010, 5:58:31am

shawol. writes:

mandarin writing is so hard T_T
how is korean writing simple? o.o
i have no idea how to write koreanxD
is there a way you can teach me?:P

haha yeahxD
tasting blood is paradise, lmfao(}:
awwwwwehhhh! thanks<3
i love the usernames toox3
the avi's i last used on them
before i moved were adoraaaable:3
the girl on it is called Miwako Nono
she's totally kawaii(japanese word for cute:D)

omg t-ara lip sing a lot too? D:
i dont really like bands lip syncing
because it's not their actual voice
on stage..and it sort of gives me the thought
that they're not trying hard enough
cause all their doing is lip singing it you know? :/

ahhhh that's freaking lucky!
i watched the show where they choose
the band which made the best song for September,
and FT Island won:{D
i was like 'SHINEE!!!!!'
then they said FT Island
and i was still really happy cause i love FT Island too
just not as much as i love SHINee xD

nothing much really
just replying a lot of longgg comments, ahhaa. xDD

Posted on: Sep 27th 2010, 5:17:07am

kawaiiyuna writes:

We Look verrrry Pweeety <3

Posted on: Sep 26th 2010, 11:03:17pm

kawaiiyuna writes:
how are you????

-it was 10pm and something so its fine
after i replied u i went to sleep ><
beside my parents are okay with me staying up...on computer?
i think its the same as staying up watching Tv...cuz they are asleep so they dont know hehe
*looks around* loll

omg you got to see 2ne1 live on tv <3 how awesome~~~
i better check Music bank loll been so long since i saw it
omg sooon ill watch bi rain's drama on TV wohaaaaaaaaaaaaa

you are welcome sweeety <3 love ya wayyyyyyyyy moree
omg i love it alllllll
speically the one for US <3
and i love the bannerrrr too <3
*saves all*..........*thinks of which one to use*....they are all prettyyy!!!!!!!! aigooo!

loll is that kiss for me <3
sooo cute <3

Posted on: Sep 26th 2010, 10:57:36pm

kawaiiyuna writes:
im fine hehehe i was photoshopping something
no everything is alright
half my family are sleeping now........its so quite lol
i like it but creepy somehow
oh i see....lollll

i made this for you
hope you like it

have a wonderful day <3
love ya~~

Posted on: Sep 26th 2010, 2:15:54pm

shawol. writes:

talking about homework..
i havent even started doing mine o.o
oh shoot..
i have a mandarin essay to write,
and a science project to do by tomorrow!
it's halfway though the day already..
oh no im not gonna be able to finish ><

talking about balls hitting our faces..
i got hit once, and my lip started bleeding..
i was in paradise xD
i love the taste of blood, lol i know it's scary that i do x3

ikr? they're just so adorable:33
there was this mistake on snsd's performance
i forgot which song..
but they were lip syncing with the song
cause something happened,
then the tape broke, and it kept repeating a part
omgggg that mustve ruined their reputation a abit
and made them so embarrased e_e;

thanks for both of the stuff you made me<3
i'll use them some time later
i have a lot of avis which my friends made
me that i need to use still :P

Posted on: Sep 26th 2010, 12:13:39am

kawaiiyuna writes:

hi hun, no u r not late
im late XD
sorry had to sleep early cuz i had appointment today

hahaha when i get to the perfect size ill stop X'D
i believe its easier to lose weight!!

oh thanx ^^
so how are you darling????
and whats up?!!!!

god i want to sleeeeeeeeeeep for a long time.....omg what if i die O.O
aishhhh so tired.....i need a shower too ><
have u seen Beast's new teaser? looks cool
i re-shared it in my fb check it if u havent!!!

love yaaaa~~~

Posted on: Sep 25th 2010, 12:58:53pm

~.giina.~ writes:
stopping by to wish you
a happy saturday<3

Posted on: Sep 25th 2010, 3:32:37am

shawol. writes:

omo! i get your pain o.o
it's like projects...tests...homework...= brain cells die
my brain cells are all dying o.o
sounds a bit too exagerating..
oh well ;p
brainnn hurttttsss from toooooooo much info ><'

i sucks at football T_T
i love netball though:33
i always play as GK (goal keeper)
it's fun, heheee:D

yeah ikr?
that happened at the Lucifer live show
taemin leaned too close..
and they were too close..
then key couldnt dance for a few seconds
cause...i think he was thinking
"ahhh! taemin what was that for?"

Posted on: Sep 25th 2010, 12:43:53am

shawol. writes:

haha thanks.
yuna sent me this sexy jonghyun gif *-*

omg school football team?
i could never do that o.o
i suck at football

well...i finished 2 tests....
3 coming up..
brain explodingxD

-listens to kpop-
ahhh...feels much better

Posted on: Sep 24th 2010, 9:29:57am

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