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Name:   Jasmine
Birthday:   1998-06-20
Joined:   2010-06-15
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i'm back (: but - I grew out of this accoun t. let's talk on my new one. /users/seoulmate.

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kawaiiyuna writes:
dunno...guess im fine
my net keep disconnecting and the pic i posted for you is banded
how annoying T^T it was Kevin's gif! aishhhhhhhhhhhh

haha thanx sweeety!

okay i will.....yeah but i dont gain weight that easy...i dont believe i will loll
but muscles loll dunnno....!!

nothing friend told me about her friend who gave her Se7en albums
and speical photobook, the girl used to be se7en fan!! and told me.. that girl went recently to Mnet music countDown
there was Shinee, Mblaq, Se7en with taeyang, Miss A and 2am
loll she was telling me and i was like "NO!!! ....NOO o_O.......NOO...Stop IT...dont tell me....i dont wanna know"
im jealous....that girl went to korea million time!!
aishhhh she got to see them n take their pics!

u too Sweety~~~ Love you *hugs*
i like your avi <3
btw is the photo in ur profile is broken..
all pics to me seems broken :/ dunno
i mean you and Yeena!
and mine *cries* that was the worst *cries* epic Fail
wanted to tell u i miss you *cries* omg whyyyy *cries*
Formatting error: expected [/kevin], but got: [/size]

Posted on: Sep 23rd 2010, 4:32:12pm

kawaiiyuna writes:


Posted on: Sep 23rd 2010, 1:01:40pm

shawol. writes:

aiyyyaaa stop apologizing!
it's okay if you reply after like 3 days
not late at all
some other people reply after like weeks,
and THATS late...not you
you're not late at all!:)

i'm good. i missed you too! hru?(:

yaaay im better now. i went back to school...sighs

nothing new really. wbu?(:

love you too my special asian sister!:D
-adds you to lovers- lmfaox3

Posted on: Sep 23rd 2010, 8:31:07am

ailuph writes:
I'm Fe Ai, call me whatever u want ~
u like kpop too ? :D


Posted on: Sep 23rd 2010, 8:02:20am

kawaiiyuna writes:
oh hiiii *waves*
i missed youuu too~
its okay ...*hugs*
i seeee probably and at least there would be one korean *.*
nice nice~~

oh i see, yesterday i showed dad big bang on tv "how gee" song
didnt see half the MV but he liked it n was like "this is reallyy goooood :D" and then when he saw daesung
he was like " :/ ..... so its ur buddies -__-! " lol
why didnt he see GD whyyyyyyyyyyy T^T or heard taeyang's voice
he would change his mind!!
my family is okay for me liking mom likes them!
but they thinks im crazy for being like this loll

you are good in football??
you will make it *cheers for u*
you are awesome im sure you will

to myself and to my friends im my parents and aunties
im i need to gain weight!!! >.<;
i dunno!! yeah im skinny but im fine...i do wish to be chubby loll they are cute!
but im afraid i'd regret it!

my relative got married 2years ago and she was looking at me n said
i really envy you on ur body...i miss being skinny!
now that she got chubby she look shortter :/

I love you more ~~
you too cupcake!!
~~~~HAVE a wonderfull dayyy~~~

Posted on: Sep 23rd 2010, 4:23:59am

Posted on: Sep 22nd 2010, 11:55:00pm

Posted on: Sep 22nd 2010, 3:14:39am

shawol. writes:

now its my turn to get sick T_T
i'm stuck at home doing homework
cause i cant go to school...stupid headache killss
and ive been having stomach aches EVERY.FREAKING.DAY
gotta go see a doctor at some point today >_>

Posted on: Sep 20th 2010, 9:33:37pm

kawaiiyuna writes:

im fine kkkk <3
glad to hear it ...i feel better now...i was so worried!!

wohaaaaa B-boys...i love them..are they korean or asianz in general??
singing too :D waaaaaaaah so exciting...wish i was there o(T^T)0
nice~~ and lolll Digital bounce <3 at the chinese resturant?? XD
and I'm sooo happpy that you Had fun today

hehe my pleasure...not as good as yours!!
but i made it with my heart <3

hmmmm nothing wants me to gain weight
she is giving me weird stuff to drink n eat >.< they look nice n taste bad!
i need to gain 5kg but actually what i need is 10Kg.
thats really hard for me......bleh!! i dont gain weight no matter what i eat
but my friend if she eats lil chocolate she gains weight :/

I Love you sooo much
The language of friendship is not words but meanings
♥ Forever Sisters ♥

Posted on: Sep 20th 2010, 9:30:02pm

shawol. writes:

awweehhhh ):
that sucks.
i hope you get better soon jasmine<333

at my school, all the girls were like dancing to 'Nobody'
by Wonder Girls. and 'sorry sorry'? AWESOME!x3

girls and boys..dancing to like the most well-known korean songs.
flippin' awesome!xD

Posted on: Sep 20th 2010, 5:36:13am

kawaiiyuna writes:

FOR you as a thank you for your lovely Avatars <3 :

Posted on: Sep 19th 2010, 3:32:18pm

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