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Name:   obssesion.
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I don't know why traveling with my boyfriend seemed like a good idea. I grit my teeth and stomp down the dusty path ahead of him, annoyed that he's gotten us so incredibly lost. The dirt kicks up onto my calf high sneakers, frustrating me further. "Tell me again how you thought that taking a back route to Hearthrome city was a brilliant plan?!" I holler back to him, where he's dragging his feet and looking pathetic. His shoulders are slumped and he's pulled his black hood over his head, his hands shoved in the pockets.
"I thought it would be more scenic.." he mutters, kicking more dirt off the path with the toe of his worn Chuck Taylor's. I look around, throwing my hands out to the sides in irritation. "Well?! Isn't this just beautiful!" I exclaim loudly, with more anger than I originally intended. The barren land is more than I can take. My tongue is dry, my eyes sting from the salt of my sweat and I'm sure I smell like a baseball team. Sweat is dripping down my back and staining my favorite pink and white shirt.
"I'm sorry Kira.." he mutters. I dip my head for a moment to check his face. Good, I haven't said something that's pushed him too far yet. "It's fine." I reply, answering in a short manner, the way that I do when I'm vexed.
My Leafeon bounds onto my shoulders easily, rubbing her body against the back of neck. She's small and lithe, a bit like myself. She's my first Pokemon, a gift from my father before he decided that he didn't want to be a part of my life anymore. Her tiny nails dig into my shoulders as she relaxes and curls around them like a tiny mink scarf. Though her fur sticks to the sweat on the back of my neck, I don't brush her off.
We walk along in silence, him kicking up whatever gravel he can manage to find and me glaring at him from the corner of my eye. He glances up and meets my gaze. "Hey, I said I was sorry Kira. What more do you want me to do?" he says. "I don't know, Rai. Anything to get me out of this wasteland!" I pout. Leafeon nuzzles my cheek with her nose, making the corner's of my mouth turn up slightly. It's hard for me to stay angry for long, for an hour even. Soon I will have forgiven Rai completely for this mishap, you know, if I survive through dehydration and heat stroke.
Well then isn't this just great. My girlfriend and I are completely lost in the middle of the desert. That is the last time I take directions from anyone. Ugh. She's currently walking ahead of me, yelling at me about every five minutes about how this was a stupid idea. Yeah I get it. I messed up. Sigh. I smile softly as her leafeon jumps onto her shoulders and nuzzles her cheek. That always makes her smile..Speaking of Pokemon, my Aipom is currently hiding in my hoodie, it doesn't seem to like the sand and what not. The Mareep that i normally carry around like a stuffed animal is away. I didn't want it's soft, fuzzy, warm, yellow coat getting filled with sand. Oh yeah if you're wondering, my mom gave me these two Pokemon before we left. something about protecting Kira. I hope we get out of this desert soon..Kira seems really upset. Anyways, back to the present, Aipom is curled around my torso, cuddling into my chest, with his tail wrapped around my waist. He's such a cute little guy, I think he's taking a nap. I don't mind but it sure is making me sweat more. I hate the heat. Why couldn't we take a trip to Snowpoint or what ever it's called? I let out a soft sigh and pick my pace up a little, trying to catch up to my girlfriend, who you could swear was a pro marathon runner, she walks mad fast. As i finally catch up I mumble, "Hey Kira I think I see the way out.." We had been following a path for what felt like hours. She just huffs in response. And she's still mad great..Well I think I'm just gonna drift back into my thoughts and follow her. I'm pretty good at that. She tends to lead us places.
"Yes!!" I exclaim after Rai announces that he's found our way out. "Forest! There's shade there! Probably water too!" I throw my hands in the air and run off, despite the stitch in my side and the sand making each breath feel like my lungs are clinging to my ribs. Leafeon clings to my shoulders with her claws, bobbing up and down as my sneakers pound against the godforsaken sand. I just want a drink of water and I will be perfectly content. The taste of grit has been in my teeth for far too long. Perhaps a bath.. I hate when my hair is dirty. I shudder at the thought of all the sand particles that must be clinging to the roots of my hair and my scalp. That's even worse than Bug Pokemon.
I collapse into soft grass once I reach the treeline, falling backwards onto my back. Leafeon yelps and leaps onto my stomach just before I fall onto her. I look down at her. She's panting despite the shade and her tongue looks dry. How irresponsible of me to have left without the basics of Pokemon care. I dig through my bag, searching through all the junk I have collected and pull out a small lemonade bottle. "Here girlie, it might be warm but you have to be hydrated." I say, struggling to twist off the cap. My energy and strength seem to be sapped. I sigh and flop back onto the grass, Leafeon pushing her nose into my hand as if pleading for the drink. "Wait till Rai catches up.." I mumble to her. With that she lays her paws on my chest and her head on her paws, staring at me with her wide amber eyes. "Oh, stop trying to butter me up, when I've done nothing wrong." I say, huffing and putting my arms behind my head, turning my face away as Rai walks up.
So there she goes..again. Ugh, I let out another groan and jog after her. Sure I'm happy to be out of the desert but does she have to run so fast? She falls into the grass as i get closer, shaking my head slightly. She must be tired. Anyways, I finally catch up and let out a long yawn. Sitting beside her before unzipping my hoodie. "Come on out Aipom, we're out of the desert." I say, smiling as he yawns and climbs out only to crawl up my shoulder and onto my head, his tail clinging to me. I look up and laugh softly, "Is that necessary?' he replies to my question with a happy chuuu. I'm glad to be out of the desert, but damn, I just realized how dry my mouth is. "Hey babe..Did you put anything to drink in my pack?" I ask, turning towards her slightly. She normally packs my bag for me since I forget just about everything, even my Pokeballs sometimes.
I give Rai a short nod, holding the Lemonade to him without looking. "Can you open this? I need to give it to Leaf." I mutter, rubbing my arm only to retract my hand and gasping sharply. "Ah.. damn I'm burned really badly." I shake my head and groan, climbing to my feet. "I know what to put on this.." I say, tilting my head toward the forest. "Just give Leaf her Lemonade so she doesn't get sick. Too much sun makes her photosynthesize a lot.." I sigh and walk off, stumbling slightly. I know that I shouldn't still be angry, but I am. I'm burned, my Pokemon could get sick and I have to adventure through the forest to find mud to put on my practically third degree burned arms. I step down a bank and slide slightly, holding my arms out to the sides. Great.. noe on top of everything my favorite sneakers are caked in mud. And not the kind I'm looking for. Just peachy.
I give her a slight nod before taking the lemonade and cracking it open. Tipping it slightly so leafeon could take a drink as i sigh, "Yeah you got burnt bad..I'm sorry this is my fault..." There i go again, slipping back into my usual persona, as in blaming myself for just about everything. Eh I'm used to it, anyways leafeon finishes and curls up for a nap next to me, I guess she's tired. I offer the Lemonade to Aipoim and he grabs it happily taking a few small sips before holding it hostage. I guess I'm never gonna get a drink. Kira marches off into the woods and I just yawn. "Alright..I'll be here when you get back." I lean back slightly against a tree and close my eyes, maybe I'll sneak in a quick nap before she returns and we have to get moving again.
"Raaaaaai!" I holler as I slide deeper into the mud, unable to pull my legs out. Oh just wonderful. What a great day. I sigh and jerk my legs, attempting to pull them out of the mud until I hear an eerie squelching sound coming from the other side of this godforsaken mud pit. The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and I quiet down, watching for some form of movement.
I'm correct, a large Muk suddenly moves into sight and I hold in a scream. I hate this pokemon, its always given me the creeps and it doesnt help that this one looks awful mad that I've stepped into it's precious mud puddle. I can't hold it in anymore and start wailing hopelessly for Rai as the Muk advances on me.
So my nap was cut short as I heard a very distinctive voice shout my name. I groan slightly and get up quickly, she sounds like she's in trouble. Leaf had woken up at the first shriek and darted off into the forest, leaving me to chase after the damned thing. Ugh. Aipom still had the stupid lemonade hostage and has sitting on my head as I ran off only to stop at the edge of the bank. "Woah..That Muk looks mad.." I speak out loud before looking down and seeing my love sinking into the mud. 'Nice one babe..Take my hand.." I offer her my hand and hope I can get her out before the Muk gets any closer.
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unlimitedlives writes:
thats cool. ^-^ cant wait to read. welp gots to go now. ill try to text you when it gets slow.

Posted on: Oct 18th 2011, 2:28:58pm

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