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love me, don't hate me

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Birthday:   1920-01-01Country:   United States
Joined:   2011-07-11Location:   /users/lovelynicky.
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Name:   nicky's love
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2011-07-11
Location:   /users/lovelynicky.
i moved here.

you're beautiful. always remember that, please.
- nickie <3's you darling. (:

You're such a kindred soul Nicky<3
I love you c:
~ Paige xo

Nicky I love you<3
You're simply perfect,no other way to put it.
There isn't a thing I'll change about you.
Stay you~
{ Monii♥ }

Even when everyone leaves, don't worry.
You can count on me. I'll be here for you.
; Loreen.

nicky ; i love you darling.
i look at you like my own sister.
when your down, i'll be here for you.
- kandace <3
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User Comments

mockingjay writes:
You are beautiful.<3

Posted on: Feb 4th 2012, 1:22:45pm

insincerity. writes:
I'm jealous of how much love your page gets. -.-
Just more proof that you are amazing and absolutely lovable. <3

Posted on: Feb 3rd 2012, 12:52:16pm

happyful writes:

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Posted on: Jan 31st 2012, 6:39:48pm

diseasedpuppet. writes:
You don't know your beautiful.
That's what makes you beautiful.

Posted on: Jan 31st 2012, 4:14:06pm

insincerity. writes:
~ Nicky, you are my prince. ~

Posted on: Jan 31st 2012, 3:43:22pm

pinksugar! writes:

Posted on: Jan 24th 2012, 6:21:05pm

-hero writes:

Posted on: Jan 3rd 2012, 2:35:03pm

blahh_ writes:
Happy Late Late Birthday!!
Sorry i didnt tell you sooner.
Hope you got what you deserved :)

Posted on: Jan 1st 2012, 10:52:14pm

jen. writes:

Posted on: Jan 1st 2012, 2:44:38pm

pinksugar! writes:
No Nicky
Got me?
You're not ugly or fat.
When I say this I mean it.
If I didn't mean it, may god kill me now.
Honestly I love you just the way you are.
I wouldn't change you at all.
I know how you feel, sometimes everyone feels insecure.
But who just gotta keep living & being strong.
And no,looks aren't all boys care about.
There is some boys who care enough to look deep down and love a girl for who is she inside.
I promise you one day,you'll find the guy that sees you that way.
So don't worry & remember,
you're beautiful inside and out.

Posted on: Dec 30th 2011, 4:59:30pm

lovelynicky. writes:
lumberjack writes a.k.a rylie:
I disagree on everything you just said. v
You're beautiful, in every single way, best believe it.

Posted on: Dec 30th 2011, 4:56:20pm

lovelynicky. writes:
unlady writes a.k.a eleni:
I agree with everything that girl just stated, all the way down there ↓
Also, Nicky, darling, please don't depend so much on other's
thoughts or their views of you. PEOPLE ARE NOT GODS, so they have
no fucking right telling you what to do with yourself or how to change.
Beautiful ? You know what ? No one needs to be that perfect.
So what the truth is you're not as attractive as other model-hot girls ?
You know, be grateful you ain't like other girls out theire
in the damn world suffering a lot more than you.
You should think of the kids, of the girls suffering more,
than yourself.
You should think how the girls in some parts of the continent
are getting fucking raped, sold off like fucking prostitutes
because of their fucking BEAUTY, and it's a mothafucking ugly
truth, their lives, what they become because of others.
Millions of girls that goes through that situation
WISHES they want to be ugly, so they won't have to deal with
getting sold so easily or whatever.
Point is, you need to accept the way you are, damnit.
Point is, you need to fucking show the light to the shadows of negativity.
Point is, you may not accept they way you look, but atleast
appreciate your friends who only looks inside you, and accepting you.
Point is, you may be unattractive, but honey, in the fucking future,
you're going to grow into a beautiful, strong woman, goddamnit.
And it's true. I've seen it all.
Little girls who're ugly grow into beautiful girls.
Little girls who're pretty might grow into ugly girls,
if they're brats.
Hey, you're lovely, ey. It's true that when you smile,
you're more beautiful than before.
I love you more than before,

xoxo Eleni

Posted on: Dec 30th 2011, 4:55:15pm

lovelynicky. writes:
αℓяɛα∂ʏвяσκɛи writes a.k.a julia:
Listen to yourself, Nicky. You're being influenced by society to be something you're not. The world has given us this perfect picture of an extremely slendet girl with a gorgeous smile, perfect hairstyle, fabulous body, and amazing features, when in reality there are few of us who are like that. Who says being skinny like that is good? In the old days, being skinny meant you were sickly and unhealthy. Why can't people realize that they're killing people by convincing them that being some fake slut is who they should be. Nicky, you're gorgeous just the way you are. Yes, boys do look at the outside more than on the inside, but not all of them. The boy who's for you will dig deeper and find your gorgeous personality. Outer looks shouldn't mean anything, but they do, and we can't change that. But you need to be confident in yourself and not care what people think or tell you you should be. Because a girl should have more than good looks. && you do. Take pride in that, Nicky.

Posted on: Dec 30th 2011, 4:53:39pm

lovelynicky. writes:
neonanimal. writes a.k.a dani:
okay Nicky, what is going on in that little head of yours? you must ne kidding to say you're not beautiful. you are beautiful. Beauty isn't just whats on the outside. beauty is who you are. and you are a very beautiful person. you have a great mind, one of the sweetest personalities and a beautiful smile. don't let society infleunce you and tell you who you are. you know who you are, your friends know who you are, and your family know who you are. gosh darn it, thats enough.
don't be like me Nicky, by age 13 i was thinking at the same. Honey, as far as fat goes, at age 13... i weighed more than i should have. at age 16, i was diaginosed with aneroxia. you don't want that. don't let the world do that to you. people are cruel, i know that but you should smile and work your way past that. life will get better for you. please believe me.


Posted on: Dec 30th 2011, 4:51:31pm

pinksugar! writes:

Posted on: Dec 30th 2011, 3:54:58pm

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