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You gotta keep on going! No matter on how much it hurts! Fight like hell, if you have to!

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Name:   Natsuki Kuga & Shizuru Fujinoâ„¢Ranking:   --
Birthday:   1990-09-18Country:   Japan
Joined:   2008-11-19Location:   Kamakura Town
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Name:   Natsuki Kuga & Shizuru Fujinoâ„¢
Birthday:   1990-09-18
Joined:   2008-11-19
Location:   Kamakura Town


Shizuru's HiME element is a large naginata that she has considerable skill with, as she fights efficiently, yet gracefully with it. It serves as a close range weapon, but she can take opponents by surprise with it's long range capabilities, as the blade can extend into a chain-like extension, capable of tying someone up or crushing solid metal within its coils. She can attack long range by using the chain to slice through incoming attacks or to slash an opponent with her extended reach. She has once even used her extending blade to cut through the entire side of a cliff, causing part of it to collapse and crumble.

HiME Child
Her Child is a large, Hydra-like type named Kiyohime, alluding to the legend of Kiyo. It's sheer size makes it one of the physically largest and strongest Child of all the HiMEs, and it's multiple snake heads allow it to attack quickly and repeatedly. Each of its heads can spray acidic silver poison.

About Her
Shizuru Fujino is the always-calm kaichou (president) of the Fuka Academy Student Council. Though, her appearance deceives her character of being a playful, charming and slightly sarcastic individual. Her job is to take care of significant school affairs but she tends to leave all the "dirty work" for the executive committee. It is later to be revealed she is one of the twelve HiMEs (Highly advanced Materializing Equipment) - a person capable of materializing solid objects from photons. Unlike other HiMEs, she acts solo, without facing either the Orphans, nor the agents of the Searrs Foundation. Instead, she focuses on covertly protecting her bestfriend, Natsuki Kuga, who is also a HiME. The location of her HiME mark is unaware, but it has been implied that it is located on her left side. It is also revealed that Shizuru has a romantic interest in Natsuki, which begun to unbalance her psychologically. Later on, Natsuki finds out about Shizuru's obsession-like love interest in her when Haruka confronts Shizuru about her absence from the school and declares Shizuru's love for Natsuki to be "disgusting". Thanks to that, Shizuru then lost her mental balance and became nothing but a mere puppet playing to the plan of the Obsidian Lord and slayed Yukino's Child, as well the members of the First District for the sake of her beloved. In a final confrontation, Shizuru fights Natsuki, who having accepted her love for Shizuru now has a new most important person and has hence regained her powers, along with Duran increasing drastically in size. Shizuru misunderstands Natsuki's explanation for Duran's increased size, and believes the "omoi" (literally emotion) Natsuki feels for her is hate. An emotional Shizuru believes that Natsuki has rejected her feelings and entraps her under a bell before drawing her into an embrace. However, Shizuru is taken aback when Natsuki kisses her and then orders Duran to destroy both himself and Kiyohime, which resulted in both Natsuki and Shizuru disappering in each other's arms. After their resurrection by Mashiro, the two seem to have maintained their close friendship and during the day of Shizuru's graduation, their relationship progressed into something much more.

This is only an RP(roleplay) account. I'm not the real Natsuki Kuga. However; if you would like to get to know the real me, just ask. My former glitter-graphic account is killit911. Also found on my lovers list. I also have a myspace, I don't really use it though. But still, BTW: I'm an emo.scene.anime freak! Also!!!! I'm the first person to RP as Natsuki Kuga! Yayzz me. :)

I'm still messin wit my pro.
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