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Name:   myjournal
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feel free to write whatever you wish in this journal, but...
harassment, hate speech, bullying and discrimination
has no place here. if you're a dick i'll delete your posts.
my account is fleur. if you need to contact me. i will
delete posts on request. so go ahead, add something!
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rainbowisland writes:
Dear Diary,
Omg i forgot! on the
13 of july not long ago) adriana
got in a car crash! UGH! Praying<3
-Mad's Again) Maddy<33

Posted on: Jul 16th 2012, 8:43:20pm

rainbowisland writes:
Dear Diary,
Today,Listening To Songs Make Me Feel Great!
Hmm.. But Should I Quit GG? I Mean Like I
Have Been On Here For Like EVER! I Wouldn't
Wanna Hurt Anyone Of My Friends ;(<3
Well Bye For Now!

Posted on: Jul 16th 2012, 8:41:53pm

skeletor. writes:
Dear diary,
Brock is sick so I didn't see him today. He's actually been
away for the last couple of days. But he's sick, so I didn't
have the chance to see him today. I was supposed to be
seeing him tomorrow, but I have to baby sit. Which kind of
sucks, but at the same time it will be good to just have a
chill out day. But if I talk to my mum about it, I might
be able to escape my baby sitting duty.

So today I went to the mall to buy leggings that I was
supposed to buy when I was in the city but they didn't
have my size. So I went to the mall today, but they didn't
have the ones I wanted. So I asked one of the guys that
worked there if there was any chance they had any in
storage, or if any other shops had the same leggings.
After 10 minutes of him searching through boxes, he told
me they were out. Then he called other stores, and they
were all sold out of the leggings. Which was a bummer in
it's self. But I'm going to call again in a few days to
see if they have any more in stock.

I also had to go into the mall today to check out what
was happening with my bank card because an ATM swallowed
it last Wednesday. So the lady ordered me a new bank
card and it should arrive between 5 to 7 days.
Another bit of housekeeping I did today was order a new
laptop charger for the laptop I have photoshop on, as
well as photofiltre, photoscape and some others. Plus
it's got all the avi pictures that I could use. So in
a few days I'll be making avi's, yay! But the charger
cost me $39. How ridiculous, considering it will
probably just break again, sigh

Also, today I was on the phone to Brock who is sick, bless
him. He was crying. He was upset about my diary entries
that I have posted on my tumblr. They are all about him
and how he makes me feel. He said he was so sorry for
being insensitive and he's trying so hard to make me feel
really special.
And he asked me to read some of my personal diary entries
that I had in my secret written journal. He cried over
them too. He doesn't cry often at all. He is a man, after
all. He said that they were like poetry, and that I am
amazing at writing things, especially my feelings.

What a boring yet productive day.
- Ariane

Posted on: Jul 16th 2012, 7:06:49pm

甘いバニ writes:

Posted on: Jul 16th 2012, 6:49:11pm

floraldeath. writes:
dear diary thing,
i heard from my friend caty!
caty is literally my best friend,
and she didn't go to school the
whole last month of it. she's
missed a ton, and since it's
a little over a month into summer,
i was getting really worried. i should
have just checked my facebook
sooner! she gave me her new
number and i'm really happy.
she wants to see me. i'm glad she's
okay. there's been a lot going on
recently with her and i'm happy
that she's doing well. i can't
believe she chose me over the
stupid girls who were pretending
to be her friend. i miss her. can't
wait to see her soon!
♥, farrah.

Posted on: Jul 16th 2012, 7:54:14am

floraldeath. writes:
dear diary dude thing,
i've been feeling kind of
like, lonely lately. all my friends
have gone places for the
summer and i'm stuck here. the one
person that i really want to just
see right now is on a trip, and it's
been like a month. it hurts.
♥, farrah

Posted on: Jul 15th 2012, 10:55:56pm

ninja star writes:
dear diary,
my day is awesome:D

Posted on: Jul 15th 2012, 8:12:43am

skeletor. writes:
Dear diary,
What's the point of giving your everything to someone
if they don't even love you?


Posted on: Jul 15th 2012, 4:44:32am

kiethevez. writes:
dear diary;
omfg farrah and i are like bffs. we both love prototype (and alex mercer <3), we both are gamers, we both love crystal castles. today has been good, i had been planning to watch torchwoodd but never got to it. my friend jess on tumblr said i would be shipping carper by the end of series 1.
oh well c;

Posted on: Jul 15th 2012, 4:08:47am

ninja star writes:
dear diary,
i am happy my bff is back:D

Posted on: Jul 14th 2012, 8:10:06am

-breathless- writes:
Dear Diary,

Posted on: Jul 14th 2012, 6:17:18am

cookiesandcream. writes:
im quitting.
sorry if i will left some of them :O.
ill be back. I PROMISE<3

Posted on: Jul 14th 2012, 6:09:32am

equinox. writes:
Dear diary,
sometimes when i'm in the shower i

Posted on: Jul 14th 2012, 2:56:38am

jelly. writes:
diary man
i'm cuddling my love, ariane. we're watching this nova dude
and he's a funny guy. it's freezing right now. after i write
this i'm off to make some tea for ari.

ariane flora hill i can see your little posts you adorable
little darling.

you drive me up the wall, you're perfect. if you're reading
this, sorry for the sappy online pda. love this girl to
bits and pieces though.

cuddling is better than journalling

Posted on: Jul 13th 2012, 6:32:37pm

skeletor. writes:
Dear diary,
Just got back from a little reunion. I took Brock along
because I was never close with any of the people there. But
Brock and I ended up having a glorious time. It's 12:15am and
we only just got home. Tonight is our second night of our 7
night camp thing we decided to do. We spend every night
together for 7 nights. We also spend everyday together, of
course. So tonight we're at my house, cuddling and watching
the most amazing youtube series I love watching. It's
totally geeky but I think Brock actually might like it.

Brock's checking his g-g and so am I. If you're reading this
and want to add him, he's users/jelly. His page is super
cute and simple, he drives me insane.
Tomorrow we're going back to his place for a transformers
marathon, yay. We watched half of 1 on Monday, and tomorrow
I think we're going to watch the rest of 1, plus 2 and 3.
He's as geeky as I am and I totally love it.

Happy once again,

Posted on: Jul 13th 2012, 6:25:47pm

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