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its better to just say sory then to regrete the pain that you had gave" - Mother Peressa (not my family) "1,2,3 i can't find a reason i could ever hate you, until you met her .." - Sammy Liq

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Name:   katey_dell
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hi my names Katey Dell Demond. i'm 16, yes i'm old but mature so you don't need to point it out. i'm currently living in Lavuvain high. please don't ask were that is, you'll proberly find out once your 19 or older, or something like that. i have no medical probelems or alergens, my mother said, "Your the healthiest one in the family dear!" i know i'm not, Bess Freondo is. shes my idol, yeah a family idol. yes i'm in a realtionship, a dramacal one. not the fighting type but the thing is that who i'm dating has "fan girls" can't they tell he is mine? i'm not trying to be a rude mean rat but i can't stand the fact that there could be a pretty fan girl and he'll date her. but maybe my Drake won't be like all the other boys. i'm currently in high school. the whole reason i get good grades is because i studied hard, very. i dont understand people who lack thier homework, it anoys me to just see that they didn't finish it and are chatting with thier friends. I hopefully can get a child soon, i was planing me and drake could have a child when i am mother says thats the basic marrage day that our family has and also another child wouldn't do any harm. i love my mom, my dad and my mom splitted. i was always a daddy's girl but still my mom still has my heart also.Drakes an huge person for sports, i love being at his compitishions since i'm a cheer leader. drake doesn't like Bess and i'm okay with that though my idol Bess isn't (she secately has a crush on Drake, i feel bad taking her love)

today my friend had to go to the hospital, shes 25 and has cancer, no todays was just a check up. shes pretty healthy now. i went with her, its not that painful looking at people getting check ups anymore. before i hated seeing people getting shots and eating medicen, because it scares me that maybe they'll go away from me. but they haven't so thats good. i'm praying for my friend to live really long. anyways how i got to Glitter-Graphics was that my cuz Maya (May-a), shes 10 and lost a tooth yesterday, today she showed me GG as i was with her chatting about secerates and blah blah, her mom doesn't allow her to go on GG , well to make an account so she asked me today to make an account. it seems alraight at the momment i guess. i've finished my studies, school isn't as bad as you think its really actshally relaxing to me. I love my friends espeshally Andrea, shes 15 like me, she is such a brat sometimes but still i love her with all my heart. last week she stayed with us because her parents was on a vaction without her, they say its parent time. i feel bad for Andrea, she was addopted by these two spoiled mean parents that even i don't understand. her parents go out on her sometimes but she doesn't mind, i kinda love it when her "parents" do it to her because she could stay at my house witch of course we take good care of her.

i feel very lonely this past week, i don't know why. Drake and i have been hanging out alot and me and Adrea is practicly stuck to eatch other, its a long story. though still i feel very lonely. my mother is concrened about me. nothing has gone wroung this was a really tipicle happy week but i can't stop feeling lonely. i'm not sick or anything though i feel like i am since i feel lonely. proberly because at school people keep teasing me that i'm a smarty pants. i listen to the teacher well so they keep bothering me. my friends and i can't stand it at all today Andrea slaped Tiffany, she teased me. it was dramatic. but today i feel a bit better. i'll see what happends through this week more.
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