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Name:   Kamora Sato
Birthday:   1920-02-02
Joined:   2011-07-30
Seems An Awful Waste..
Don't act like you don't know me. I'm THE Kamora Sato. A famous singer with a perfect life.well...expect the having three kids and a exhusband thing but other than, pretty damn good. Ya know my dad's a rock star, my moms a house wife, sisters a vet, my older brother is evil and my younger brothers are just weird and i do not know why, I really don't. My kids...gah my kids are crazy, Ozuru's the oldest and hes around 4, Keion and Zeion are 2 years of age and gah sometimes i could just kill thoses fucking kids! i swear!

Name: Kamora Sato
Age: well...17. yup i'm still 17.
Sleeping with: Zim Flowers <WHAT A CHARMING CHEATING ASS!>
Likes: My music, Me, Myself, I, Zim, Having great sex with zim, Seeing Keito, eating oranges, Cats, Johnny Depp, Musicals, My dad, Black finger nail polish, M&M's,When Ozuru eats leaves with me, When Keion eats bacon with me, and eating leaves! duh!
Dislikes: Keito being an ass, Zim being a bastard, Saki being weird, Ozuru,Keion, and Zeion getting loud, Zim's Pokemon addiction, old people, Syl, Zaki, skittles, Canada, More old people, and When zim wins an argument with being all charming and shit.

My Play Thing :D
Name: Zulfiquar/Zim Flowers
Age: 25
In love with: The Awesome Kamora Sato! :D
Likes:Lightening, tacos, books, wind, Spree, Kamora, dead baby jokes, sitting in the sun, and philosophizing.
Dislikes: Keito, Cops, envelopes, Jake, homelessness, homeless people, and anchovies

My Oldest Son
Name: Ozuru Kei Sato
Age: 4
Likes: Me,messing with his brother and sister,t.v,his dad, wearing hoodies,eating leaves,blood, and being mean to Zim.
Dislikes: Zim, Keito sometimes, Zeion and Keion, Kittens, Birds, and the world.

My son
Name: Keion Reficul Sato-Flowers
Age: 2
Likes: His mommy,Bacon,Pokemon,Tape,T.v,Mommy's music, and Applesauce.
Dislikes: Ozuru,Keito,Taco's, and puppy toes.

My Daughter
Name: Zeion Elocin Sato-Flowers
Age: 2
Likes: Her Daddy, Hello Kitty, playing with Keion, Suckers, Happy things, and Baby dolls.
Dislikes: Ozuru,Keito,Pokemon, the color blue and sheep.

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thedoctor. writes:
Nanao: Why is that you're the only one allowed to fuck up, huh? Why can you make mistakes and I'm the one that has to be crucified before I'm worthy of Ozuru Sato again?

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 12:00:03pm

thedoctor. writes:
Nanao: I DO! I say I won't because I'm my own person! I choose what I want and I choose to be faithful to you and only you!

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 11:54:31am

pink chicken writes:
Zim: *faints*
Jezabell: *spits on him* thats all i needed ny now *laughs*

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 11:38:46am

thedoctor. writes:
Nanao: -holds her head- I KNOW! I know I fucked up! Stop telling me every 5 seconds!

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 11:36:55am

pink chicken writes:
Zim: *parks in a no parking zone and rushes kamora inside the hospitol*
Jezabell: Oh really now?? Hey keion! Can you come here for a moment?

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 11:26:59am

thedoctor. writes:
Nanao: I'm scared of losing you...

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 11:20:13am

thedoctor. writes:
Nanao: I know I fucked up, but does that mean I'm completely untrustworthy...

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 11:16:00am

pink chicken writes:
Zim: *speeding to the hospitol* calm down dear.
Jezabell:*sits beside him and smiles* Huh that sounds horrible doesn't it. You really shouldn't say I won't do somthing.

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 11:12:54am

thedoctor. writes:
Nanao: -keeps her back to him- Ozuru...if you don't want me anymore, that's one thing, but don't string me along. Just say it, and I'm gone.

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 11:04:35am

pink chicken writes:
Zim: shit! C'mon*goes to crank the car then rubs back in for kamora*
Jez: He just seems....over paarinoid....

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 10:52:35am

pink chicken writes:
Zim: Very well then *kisses her*
Jezabell: Whats really bad are Zeion and annoying.

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 10:37:34am

pink chicken writes:
Zim: hmmmm leaf? I like it.
Jezabell: Yeah that sounds about right *nods* dick sucker.

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 9:59:49am

pink chicken writes:
Zim: Why would we name it Zim?????
Jezabell: Half-sister yes. Don't bring it up however hes kinda......meh...

Posted on: Oct 17th 2011, 8:03:41am

pink chicken writes:
Zim: no....use that for the middle name.
Jezabell: *laughs* heheheheheheh thats mean.

Posted on: Oct 16th 2011, 10:48:32pm

pink chicken writes:
Zim: no...just no.... How bout Sly?
Jezabell: ....dang it you win.... *pouts*

Posted on: Oct 16th 2011, 10:38:33pm

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