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Where am I? Wait weren't I a Mudkip befor?

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Name:   Sapphirea
Birthday:   1995-09-23
Joined:   2008-06-17
Location:   Wigglytuff's Guild
Uploads:   69 graphics 
I MADE A NEW ACOUNT TOO ^^ lol Sorry I've made a lot too
Might take a while for me to comment cuz I have to help me mom with stuff


Mew Mew Sapphirea:

Mood right now:HAPPY ^^
Im 1/4 Vampire,Pokemon,Pokemon trainer,Mew Mew,Dulest,Leaf Ninja
Mew Mew Power:
Fox Fire Ball(when fox)
Fire Ribbon(when fox)
Grape Bell(when cat)
Crushes:Joey and Elliot
Dislikes:Fighting Joey,Fighting friend,Kisshu,When Joey and Elliot find a way to prank me back
Likes:Being vampire to scare Joey,Joey and Elliot,Friends(not that way >_<),Playing pranks on Joey(help from Yugi ^^),Playing pranks on Elliot(by myself),RAMEN
What I look like when I get turned into a fox:

(turns into when Joey OR Elliot hug me)
What I look like when I turn into grey cat:

(turns into when someone kisses me)
Tribute to me:

(I know its May but it'll have to do)

My random Pokeballs:
Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!Get your own at Pokeplushies!
Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!Get your own at Pokeplushies!
Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!Get your own at Pokeplushies!
Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!Get your own at Pokeplushies!


Power:Controls fire

Power:Controls water

Power:Controls ice

Team Partner:Joey Wheeler

Joey not Mew Mew....he's a Preja Fox and vampire
Mood right now:HAPPY ^^
Preja Powers:
~does a symbol to transform into Preja Fox
~Fire ball Jutsu(he can only use this when hes a preja)
~Phinix Fire Jutsu(same)
~Flaming Snake
Preja Joey:

Dislikes:Random Vampires!,Fighting me,Fighting friends,Elliot,being a Vampire
Likes:Being funny,Hanging out with me and my friends
Tribute to Joey:

Joey Nobodys Perfect

Name:Elliot Grant

Elliot not Mew Mew....he's a Preja Dragon
Age:15(He really is)
Preja Powers:
~does a symbol to transform into Preja Dragon
Mood right now:BORED -_-
Dislikes:Joey,me getting him back,Me and Kai pranking him ^^
Likes:Hanging out with me and my friends,Pullng pranks on me
Most embarasing thing:Me dieing his hair pink


Mew Mew Irova:

Mew Mew Power:
Pineapple Tambourine
Pineapple Bell


Shes not a Mew Mew Shes a half vampire
Boy Friend:

(yeah I know purple hair for a guy is weird)

Team name:Dulestz
Other People on team:
#46 Paras Girl Lv.13
#396 Starly Girl Lv.8
#422 Shellos Girl Lv.1
#347 Anorith Girl Lv.5
#66 Machop Boy Lv.6
#111 Rhyhorn Boy Lv.23


Glitter-Graphics Help ^-^

Im going to type a story based off Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time ^-^ Just for the heck of it and it starts at after u finish fighting Drowze
Orange=Just story
Green=Random Adventure We have
Light Green=Random part like in Konoha
Blue=Mew Mew

Me and Joey:*get back from saving a Shellos*
Shellos:Here take this*gives us some items*
Joey:This is fun helping these guys right Sapphirea?
Me:Yeah I guess
Joey:Aw come on
Kabuto:Thanx for saving me too ^-^
Me and Joey:Your welcome Kabuto
Kabuto anf Shellos:*leaves*
Shellos(diferent one):*Thank u for saving Starly ^-^
Me and Joey:No prablem ^-^
~After dinner
Joey:We should get some rest Sapphirea
Me:Yeah.....Night Joey*falls asleep*
~Next morning
Loudred:UP AND AT 'EM! ITS MORNING!*making lots of noise*
Me:I'll never geet used to that....
Joey:Same.....Good morning Sapphirea
Me:Morning Joey....
Loudred:HEY,u 2!
Me and Joey:Huh?
Loudred:We need ur help with something today!
Me and Joey:Weird....ok
Loudred:Diglett,I brought them!
Diglett:Thanx Loudred.
Loudred:U 2 r doing sentry duty today!
Me and Joey:We are?!
Diglett:Sorry,I know its my job but today my dad gave me his duty
Me and Joey:Ok
Loudred:....And thats THAT.
Joey:Huh!? I dont get it. Why are we involved in this?!
Loudred:Just shut UP!
Joey:Well how do we do sentry duty?
Loudred:Climb down this hole stand guard. U're on sentry duty!
Loudred:Theres a tunnel down there that leads to the sentry post.
Me:Ok....this is still weird....
Loudred:Then all u have to do is tell me whos foot print it is so I can tell the others
Joey:*whispers*This is pointless
Loudred:No its not! Do u guys get it or not!
Me:Yes sir!
Me and Joey:*go in the hole*
Joey:This is weird
Joey:*under sentry duty thing*
Me:*half way there*
Joey:Ok...Im there Loudred!
Me:Loudred hes there
Joey:The foot print is Snorlax's!
Joey:The foot print is Syther's
Joey:The foot print is Feralagater's
Joey:The foot print is Squertal's
Chatot:No more visitors! No more Visitors!*says in a singing way*
Me and Joey:*get out of hole*How did we do?
Chatot:Well,well! Your results were...completely perfect!
Me and Joey:Sweet
Chatot:*gives us 500poke,a joy seed,ginseng,and a life seed*
Me:So many rewards! Can u believe it?
----Some where in Konoha-----
----Back to story ^-^'----
Joey:Thanx Chatot ^-^
~After Dinner
Me and Joey:*in our room*
Joey:We shoulld get some sleep....tomorrow is another day of training
Me:Yeah...Night*falls asleep*
~Next morning
Me and Joey:*wake up*
Me:I hate that.....
Joey:Same here
Me:Well come on....*goes into Job Listing room*
Me:I'll take that one and u take that one got it
Me:*reads letter*
"I was set upon by bandits!
Someone,please help!"
Joey:*reads his*
"Let's go exploring together to
Drenched Bluff's B5F!"
Joey:-_-' Great
Me:Well lets go finish our missions
Joey:And its a Spinarak too....-_-
Me:lol I just have to Rescue a Geodude ^-^
Joey:Trade please
Me:Nope ^-^ *runs off to Drenched Bluff*
Joey:-_- *same*
Me:*5 mins later done saving Geodude* ^-^
Joey:*on floor B4F*
Me:Ur almost done Joey ^-^ I'll see u at the base *leaves*
Spinarak:^-^ Thanx Joey
Joey:-_- Dont talk to me*Finishes mission*

Joey:*comes back* Never again!
Geodude and Spinarak:*gives us some stupid items*
Me:Thanx ^-^'
Joey:*whispers* These items sux
Me:Shut up Joey and I know
Geodude and Spinarak:*leaves*
Me and Joey:*goes to bed*
~Next Morning
Chatot:North from here there lies a place named Treeshroud Forest...In Treeshroud Forset...time has stopped...
Sunflora:Eek! What did u say!?
Corfish:You're saying time stoped!? Hey,hey,hey!
Chatot:Yes,that's correct...Time has come to a standstill in Treeshroud forest...
Me and Joey:Ur kiding!
Chatot:Nope not kiding
Dugtrio:T-time has stoped?!
Sunflora:But..How could something this awful happen?
Chatot:Yes,unthinkable has happend.
~A while later
Chatot:Its hard to believe
Kakashi and Sasuke:Hes such a loser... -_-'
----Back to story----
Chatot:Sapphirea,Joey come here
Me and Joey:*walk over to him* What?
Chatot:U will finally be assigned a mission worthy of a proper exploration team.
Joey:R-really?! Hooray!
Chatot:Let me see ur wonder map.
Joey:*gives it to him*
{The map looks like this
Chatot:*marks spot we need to go to*
Me:Ok...*takes the map*
Chatot:Do ur best
Me and Joey:We will*go outside into town*
Me:Lets get stuff for this exploration mission
Joey:Ok ^-^ *goes to storage*
Me:*goes to bank*
Me and Joey:*meat up at gate thing to leave*
Me:Lets go ^-^ *leaves*
~When we get to the dungeon
Me:What he said Treeshroud Forest NOT a giant Waterfall....
Joey:*walks up and touches it* Ow*backs up* Sapphirea u try
Me:*touches it* Ur right *backs up then starts having vition thing*
Me:*tells him what I saw*
Joey:Ur kiding!
Me:Theres a cave behind the waterfall
Me:Just follow*jumps at waterfall and makes it thru*
Joey:Wow ur right....*jumps same spot I did* Ur right
Me:Told u
Joey:Its a cave
Me:Duh I just told u that.... -_-'
Joey:Well lets keep going
~At the end
Joey:Look Sapphirea*find a cyristal*
Joey:*trys taking it* It.....wont....move*moves away*Sapphirea u try
Me:*trys*Ur right
*a trap gets trigerd and we get washed right out of there*

Joey:Wow that was weird
Me:Lets go back to the guild and tell Chatot
*we leave and go back to the guild and tell Chatot everything*
Chatot:U mean it?
Chatot:I'll talk to him later about what happend
~A few days later
Chatot:U 2 failed?!
Me:It was team Skull's fault
Chatot:Quit liring
Me and Joey:We arnt lieing!
Chatot:No dinner for u 3 tonight!
Me and Joey:...*walk off*
Me:Thats mean
Joey:I know
~Next Morning
Joey:*wakes up befor Loudred* Sapphirea u up?
Joey:Man Im hungry....
Me:Same....dont remind me
Joey:Well we still have to do our missions....might as well now
Me:Yeah lets go....
Me and Joey:*go to the Job listing room*
Joey:I'll do this one
Me:And I'll do these ones
"I was done in...Yikes!"
"Let's explore Mt.Bristle's 7F!
Let's have fun with this!"
"Pecha Berry...I cant find one.
Please! Someone help!"
Joey:lol u have to Explor with.....Who?
Me:An Anorith
Me: :p
Me and Joey:*split up at Mt.Bristle*
~Few days later
Chatot:Now here are the chosen people for this expidition....Step forward when ur name is called...
Chatot:Our first member is...
Chatot:Loudred*says in a singing way*
Loudred:Yes! I DID IT!*walks forward*
Chatot:Next up is....Corphish!*singing way*
Corphish:Hey.hey.hey! Got it!*steps forward*
Chatot:Next is...Oh,what is this? Well thats a surprise! Our next member is Bidoof!*singing way*
Bidoof:Really?! Really and truly?!*steps forward*
Chatot:Next we have Sunflora and Chimecho!*singing way*
Chimecho:Oh? Us too?*steps forward*
Sunflora:Eeek! Oh my gosh!*same*
Chatot:Erm,yes...and there we have the expedition party members!
Joey:*feels left out*
Chatot:So thats it for the expedition members...erm..Whats this...? Erm...It appears that there are more expedition memebers.The others are...Diglett,Dugtrio and Croagunk. Oh,and Joey and Sapphirea.*singing way*
Me and Joey:Yes ^-^
Chatot:Wait thats the whole guild!?
Wigglytuff:Yup! Thats right! I didnt want anyone to be sad ^-^
Me and Joey:^-^ Thanx Wigglytuff
Wigglytuff:We're leaving tommorow morning
Everyone else:Ok
Wigglytuff:So get ready ^-^
Everyone else:Yes sir
Me:I dont really wanna go....
Me:We coulld just stay here
Joey:Good point....
Chatot:*comes over to us* Yes?
Me:Me and Joey d-
Chatot:Joey and I
Me:-_-' Joey and I dont wanna go on this expidition
Chatot:Ok then u can stay here
Me and Joey:Ok

~Next day
Me and Joey:*wake up at like 9 AM*
Me:Lets go on an adventure ^^
Me:To Amp Plains
Joey:But there are A LOT of Electric pokemon there
Me:So I doesnt matter if we team up to fight them
Joey:Good point
~~~~So me and Joey go to Amp Plains and make it to the top when...~~~~
Luxray:Why are u here!?
Me and Joey:Um....for an adventure
Luxray:No ur here to take are land arent u!
Luxray:*sends in 8 Luxios*
Me:Crud......*gets ready for a battle*
Joey:Well we have to fight....*gets ready*
~After battle
Me:Joey u ok?
Luxray:*about to attack me*
Me:*uses Rock Slide to stop him* Starly go get help!
Starly:*flys off*
Me:Hope she can get help....
~~To Starly~~
Starly:Razz! Jaden!
Razz and Jaden:Huh?*gets ready to attack*
Starly:Wow Im here to get help
Razz:For who?
Starly:Sapphirea and Joey
Razz:Uh-oh....Lets go Jaden*runs off*
Starly:*shows them the way*
~~Me and Joey~~
Me:I hope they get here soon *allmost faints*
Me:Good to know u guys came
Razz:*gives me a Reviver seed for Joey*
Me:*gives it to him*
Joey:*unfainted(Its a word I made up ^^)* Huh? What happend?
Me and Razz:U fainted
Razz and Jaden:We better go befor Chatot throws a fit
Me:Yeah...bye ^^ *finds a Rock Slide TM* This could help....*uses TM*
Joey:Ready to try again Sapphirea?
Me:Yup ^^

~Back at the guild when everyone is back for dinner
Chatot:Now....we have got word that someone has stoll another Time gear
Everyone:*freaking out*
Chatot:And Dusknor told us who is the one taking them is Grovile....We must stop him from taking any more
Me and Joey:*whispers* What does this have to do with anything
Chatot:So tomorrow we will be spliting u guys up so we can find him.....
~After dinner
Me:Im soooooooo tired.....*starts falling asleep*
Me:Huh? Oh hi Razz!
Joey:Hey Jaden
Jaden:Yo Joey ^-^
Razz:I cant wait till tomorrow
Me:Well I can lol
Razz:Aw come on I know u guys wanna go have an adventure too
Joey:I do ^^
Me:Me not so much
Razz:Oh well ^^
~Next day
Chatot:Razz and Jaden u 2 will be searching Crystal Cave
Razz:Sounds so cool
Chatot:And finally Sapphirea and Joey u 2 will search Northern Desert
Me:Sounds boring
Joey:A big can somone have fun in a desert?
Chatot:Ur not going to Joey -_-'
Joey:That sux
Chatot:Just go.....
Jaden and Razz:*leaves and goes to Crystal Cave*
Me and Joey:*leaves and goes to Northern Desert*
~~To Jaden and Razz~~
Jaden:Why are we doing this again?
Razz:-_-' Chatot told us too
Jaden:And if Chatot told u to jump off a bridge would u do it?
Jaden:Then why are we doing this?
Razz:Cuz we have too
~~To Me and Joey~~
Me:This is stupid
Joey:We have to do this or we're out of the guild....
Me:Thats stupid.....
Joey:How did we turn into pokemon again?
Me:You know I dont really know
Joey:I dont eather.....
Me:Well lets get this over with.....*goes into Northern Desert*
~~To Razz and Jaden~~
Razz:Lets just get this over with....*goes into Crystal Cave*
Naruto:*dressed as a Bulbasar* Sensei,why am I doing this?
Kakashi:Just do it
Naruto:-_- *acts like a Pokemon and nothing happens*
Kakashi:Well I guess thats not how Razz,Jaden,Sapphirea,and Joey turned into pokemon...(He was kinda our sensei befor we "left" Konoha)

~~To Me and Joey~~
Me:*stops out of no where*
Joey:Come on Sapphirea this place is way to boring to just sit around
Me:Oh sorry ^-^ *keeps walking*
~~To Razz and Jaden~~
Razz:*stops out of no where*
Jaden:U ok Razz?
Razz:Huh? Oh yeah Im fine ^-^ *keeps walking*

*later when were back at guild*
Me:*turns on radeo cuz only me,Joey,Razz and Jaden are there*
Click here to find the song
Me:I like this song ^^
Joey and Jaden:Its weird
~A whole month later after me and Joey pass out at Crystal Crossing
Me and Joey:*wake up*
Me:Uh....where are we?
Joey:*looks around and sees Chimiko*
Chimiko:Oh im so glad u 2 are up
Chimiko:U 2 have been asleep a long while
Chimiko:*rings bell* Everyone there up~
*everyone runs into our room*
Me and Joey:*move back so we all are in*
Sunflora:Oh my gosh u guys found the time gear
Joey:Yeah and we found....hey wait! We need to talk to Chatot! Come on Sapphirea! *runs out of room*
Me:Wait up!*follows*
~After we told Chatot what happend
*Alarm goes off*
Chatot:What is it Diglit
Diglit:Magnemite wants us to go into town to see Magnizone
Chatot:U heard him guys lets go
*we all go into town square*
Teddiusa:Oh look! The guild members!
Ursaring:So the guild's pokemon were even called!
Vigaroth:For them to be called...Something serious must be happining...
Azelf:Uxie! Mesprit!
*they move together*
Mesprit:Are u all right? You're not hurt?
Azelf:Yep. Im ok
Uxie:The Time Gear?
Azelf:Its at Crystal Lake
Mesprit:It will be safe there without ur protection? It cant be stolen?
Azelf:Yep. It will be safe now
Joey:Hey! Dusknoir is here!
Dusknoir:Ah! Joey and Sapphirea! Ur safe! Im so relieved!
Joey:Dusknoir im glad to see ur back too ^^
Inner Joey:Not really.....
Joey:Thank u for HELPING us. So...can u tell me what happend? What happend to Grovyle? What became of him?
Dusknoir:I gave chase to Grovyle. But he sliped away from me
Joey:Um...Dusknoir u and Grovyle seem to know each other. What was...
Magnezone:ZZZT! The great Dusknoir plans to explain what he knows. ZZZT! And that topic will be included! ZZZT! Now everyone gather around,please! ZZZT!
*everyone does and starts talking*
Bidoof:Golly,I wonder what this all could be about?
Loudred:Who knows? Dont ask ME!
Magnezone:ZZZT! Everyone is here...ZZZT!
*everyone gets quiet*
Magnezone:ZZZT! So,id like to get this meeting started! ZZZT! Our topic! The rash of Time Gear thefts! ZZZT! Several Time Gears have been stolen! By the Pokemon Grovyle! ZZZT! In the regions where a Time Gear has been stolen, the flow of time has come to a standstill! ZZZT! This is a seriouse problem,as I am sure u can guess! ZZZT! Grovyle failed...ZZZT! Failed to steal a Time Gear! This 1 was protected! ZZZT!
*everyone cheers*
Vigaroth:Isnt that something!
*they stop*
Magnezone:ZZZT! And the hero who protected it was the mighty Azelf! ZZZT!
Inner Me:Oh whatever me and Joey helped by weakining Grovyle....
Magnezone:ZZZT! And the hero who saved Azelf and chased off Grovyle...ZZZT!
Me and Joey:*whispers* Was us
Magnezone:ZZZT! That would be the great Dusknoir right here! ZZZT!
*cheering again*
Me:That is a lie!
Teddiursa:Thats astounding!
Ursaring:No wonder hes such a famouse explorer!
*they stop*
Dusknoir:Officer Magnezone...Im sorry to interrupt. Perhaps I should explain from here...
Magnezone:ZZZT! Of cours! Please take it from here! ZZZT!
Dusknoir:Everyone! While we should be happy that we protected the Time Gear this time...the fact is...Grovyle remains at large. Therefore,we cant afford to feel safe and secure. Grovyle will most certainly make another attempt to steal the Time Gear.
*everyone starts talking*
Dusknoir:There is another matter that is tied all of this.
*they stop*
Dusknoir:Its an extremly important matter I must share with u. I would like to explain it to u now. first...Earlier,Joey asked me the following question. Did I know Grovyle from befor all this happened? That is correct. I do know Grovyle from before all this
Dusknoir:What I am about to say...may be beyond ur belief! But it also happens to be the truth. Furthermore,if what im about to reveal isnt stopped,calamity is certain! I,therefore,ask ur undivided attention. First,Grovyle is...Grovyle is a pokemon that came here from the future.
Diglett:Dad? What does he mean by "from the future"?
Dugtrio:I think he means...from a place where things yet to happen...
Loudred:But is sonething like that possible?! A pokemon...coming from the FUTURE? the world of the future,he will be a notorious criminal. He has a large bounty on his head. To avoid capture in the future he fled. And by fleeing,he escaped to this, the world of the past. After arriving in this time,Grovyle plotted...until he hit upon an utterly catastrophic plan.
Chtot:Wh-what is that?! What was his plan?!
Dusknoir:It was nothing less than...causing the planet's paralysis
Chatot:The planet's...paralysis?
Me:*whispers to Razz* Razz this sounds weird right
Razz:*whispers back* Yeah...
Dusknoir:Is the planet becomes paralyzed,all movement upon it ceases(Cant they use smaller words for the little people who play this?)
~Later in his "speech thing"
Dusknoir:Ah,yes what Corphish said makes perfect sense. Under normal circumstances(See what I mean),its true,there is no way that I should know these things. So,why do I know these things? Its because...
Joey:*whispers* Ur a "magic"
Dusknoir:I, a pokemon from the future.
Jaden:Dusknoir is...another pokemon from the future?!
Bidoof:By gosh and golly! This is all so compicated its making my head spin, yup yup!
Dusknoir:My objective is to capture Grovyle. It is for that reason...that I came from the future. I needed to know as much as possible the capture of Grovyle. I therefore(gosh us a diferent word) studied everything I could about this world while in the future. Thats why I know so much about this world.
Ursaring:Why didnt u say anything befor? sorry. I have felt terrible not saying anything. Im sincerly(I give up.... -_-')sorry for not telling u guys. Im ful of contrition. But...what if I had been open about it from the start? What would have happend? Who would have taken me seriously?
Dusknoir:Also,I needed to avoid alerting Grovyle to my presence. I decided that I should keep ne identity hidden while I went about with my work.
Chatot:Makes snse... is also a fact that I have been deceving u. For keeping silent about my identity.....I sincerly apologize.
Chatot:No,no! Oh,no,no! Please,dont apologize! U cant blame urself! U had no choice!
Me,Joey,Razz,and Jaden:What?! This is making no sense!
Magnezone:ZZZT! I concur! Dusknoir has done nothing wrong in my book! ZZZT!(IDK why Im typing the zzzt{s}!) ZZZT! We should focus our anger on Grovyle. ZZZT! We must somehow capure him! ZZZT!
Loudred:Yeah! We're in DEEP troble if we let Grovyle do on!
Sunflora:We need to catch him befor the world gets ruined!
Chimecho:Dusknoir,sir! I'll be glad to help!
Diglett:M-me too!
Bidoof:By golly,me too!
Corphish:Hey,Hey! Count me in!
Uxie:We will cooperatre as well!
Mesprit:I refuse to remain a victim!
Azelf:We wont let him steal another one!
Dusknoir:Everyone,thank u so much. We,as pokemon...must work as capture Grovyle...then put an end to Grovyle's calamitous plot!
Azelf:Dusknoir,sir. In order to obtain the Time Gear from Crystal Lake...Grovyle knows he has to defeat me. So if hes still after my Time Gear...Grovyle will come after me.
Uxie:We could turn that against him. Mesprit,Azelf, and I can go to Crystal Lake...Then we can all spread rumors claiming that we have gone to steal the Time Gear so that it can never be taken.
Mesprit:If we did that,do u think it would provoke Grovyle to strike?
Dusknoir:I see. Ur suggesting that we bait the trap.
~A few years later(Sorry dont feel like putting it in)
Me:*wakes up* Morning Joey.....
Joey:Morning Sapphirea.....
Me:Have any idea how to get back to normal yet?
Me:Yes ^^
Inner Me:Now I can play a trick on Elliot when we get back to normal ^^
Joey:Come with me *runs off*
~When we get to some magical rock thingy
Me:A giant rock?
Joey:Yup ^^
Joey:Come on!
Me:Ok ok
Joey and Me:*touch the rock*
~Next day and we're at the Mew Mew Cafe
Me:*wakes up and sees Elliot and Wesley* Huh???
Joey:Oh hey Sapphirea ^^
Inner Me:Wait am I dreaming or is this real?
Elliot and Wesley:Hi
Me:Hiya guys ^^
Inner Me:I'll prank him tomorrow(lol)
Zoey:*comes in* So Sapphirea is up now ^^
Me:Hey Zoey ^^
Elliot:*throws me my uniform* U better get to work
Inner Me:-_-' Same old Elliot
Elliot,Joey,Wesley,and Zoey:*gets out of room(we were in the back room)*
Me:*changes into uniform and walks out*
~Next day at Cafe Mew Mew
Elliot:>_< *his hair is light pink*
Me and Joey:*laughing*
Seria:*comes in cafe*
Inner Me:Wait she was at Konoha....
Seria:Oh hey sis ^^
Me:Hey Seria
Seria:*sees Elliot has pink hair and giggles* What happend Elliot?
Me:*whispers to Seria and Joey* I switched his shampo with pink hair die
Seria and Joey:lol
Wesley,Zoey,Bridget,Kiki,Carina and Renee:*walk in*
The girls:*laughing*
Wesley:Elliot what happend to ur hair?
Elliot:Some one switched it with hair die >_<
Seria:*whispers to Elliot* Sapphirea did it
Elliot:Everyone but Sapphirea get to work
Everyone(not me):*goes to work*
Elliot:Come with me Sapphirea*goes in the back room*
Elliot:*starts getting mad at me*
Me:*didnt expect it and cat ears and tail pop out*
{What it looks like:
Inner Me:Must.....not....laugh at....his hair.....
Elliot:Im going to get u back for this >_<
Me:Sure u will ^^
Elliot:Whatever just get to work
Me:*gets to work*
Inner Me:Man another day of working.....WAIT! Wheres Razz and Jaden?
Razz and Jaden:*walk into cafe*
Razz:Sorry Im late guys ^^'
Inner Me:I must have dreamed of being a Pokemon......
Me:Razz! ^^ *hugs Razz*
Razz:Hey Sapphirea ^^
Joey:Hey Jaden ^^
Jaden:Hiya Joey ^^
Elliot:*walks out of back room* Razz ur late
Razz:*trys not laughing* Sorry
Jaden and Joey:*laughing*
Jaden:What happend
Joey:Ur hair
Jaden and Joey:*still laughing*
Elliot:-_-' She *points at me* happend
Razz:What did u do?
Me:Hair die
~After work
Mini Mew:Hiya! Hiya! Hiya! ^^
Me:*hugs Mini Mew*
Mini Mew:^^
Me:Razz do u think Eli got the die out yet?(Hes been trying to wash it out)
Me:He said he would get me back....dont think he will
Jaden:Hes just saying that
Me:I know ^^
Elliot:*walks out and hair is still died* >_<
Wesley:No use right?
Elliot:Yup.....its not comin out for a while......
Me,Joey,Jaden,and Razz:*starts laughing again*
Inner Elliot:I will....but I'll wait a while
Me:^^ To bad Eli

Banana(mew banana) as Ichigo,Razz(Mew Mew Razz) as Minto, Sapphirea(me) as Zakuro, Yuki(SasuNaru Yaoi Fangirl) as Pudding

Mew Mew style
Mew Mew grace
Mew Mew power in ur face
J/K about the "In ur face" ^^'

Random Anime characters on crack ^^

lol Joey dances with Naruto

I'de prable be Yugi in this video lol
Tribute to me and Elliot
Tribute to me and Joey.

lol Thats mean Elliot >_<
Aw this pic is cute

Me trying to dance with Elliot ^

What Eevee form I am:

Sapphirea:Well um.....Not all true
What Sinnoh legindary I am:

What Pokemon I am:

Joey:Wow....all but the last part on is true....
Sapphirea's buddies:
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