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When I get home I cannot stand my house. My father still fighting with his drunk and unfaithful spouse

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Name:   Ozuru Sato
Birthday:   1993-04-17
Joined:   2011-04-10
Ozuru Sato. 20. Rockstar. Married.
The path into this heart is littered with corpses and strewn with body parts...

You are timeless...I am a fool in love with time...
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sudden.patch writes:
Mena: *Pauses* You mean the singer, Kamora? Seriously? Now the other guy, no offense, I haven't heard of. What's he famous for?

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 6:24:16pm

halfbreed. writes:
Nanao: -grips his shirt and closes her eyes- I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 6:06:29pm

sudden.patch writes:
Mena: Okay.. *Looks up* So um.. Tell me about yourself.

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 6:05:09pm

sudden.patch writes:
Mena: *Looks at him* Well.. It's about 7 blocks away? It's connected to the library.

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 5:45:50pm

sudden.patch writes:
Mena: Okay, let's go to... Oh! I know this really, really good one! It's gonna be a little of a walk though, if that's okay with you. *Begins to walk to the place*

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 4:46:01pm

sudden.patch writes:
Mena: *Blinks, then giggles* Okay, do you have any place in particular or is the one nearby fine?

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 4:38:30pm

sudden.patch writes:
Mena: Okay! Then it's a date- Wait.. Not a date.. You know what I mean, right?
Her Neighbor: *Runs over* Mena, thank you so much! *Takes the leash*
Mena: No problem, here. *Gives her the box of treats*
Neighbor: *Sighs and takes it* You are so helpful.. Again, thanks. *Looks at Zeion* Thank you as well, I'm sure you helped. *Smiles and leaves*
Mena: So, where do you wanna eat?

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 4:32:42pm

halfbreed. writes:
nanao: -clings to him and cries into his chest-

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 4:30:21pm

sudden.patch writes:
Mena: *Pets Dex and looks at him* Nice to meet you, Zeion. *Smiles back* Okay.. Let me just inform my neighbor now.. Maybe after she picks him up, I can treat you to something? As a thank-you sort of thing? *Takes out her cell phone and texts her neighbor*

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 4:21:44pm

halfbreed. writes:
nanao: -holds her knees to her chest and stares at the bedroom door-

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 4:21:15pm

sudden.patch writes:
Mena: *Sighs in relief* Thank you.. *Gives him the treat and stands up*
Dex: *Eats it and wags his tail*
Mena: I'm not sure if I introduced myself yet.. I'm Mena Harrison, and you can give me the leash now, if you want.

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 4:16:48pm

halfbreed. writes:
Nanao: -avoids his eyes- I'll just...sleep here.

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 4:15:59pm

halfbreed. writes:
Nanao: -nods and sits on the couch quietly-

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 4:08:41pm

sudden.patch writes:
Mena: Come on, Dex.. *Takes out a treat and squats down, holding the treat in front of herself*
Dex: *Stops and looked at Zeion, then to Mena*...*Steps closer and sits*
Mena: *Takes out a leash and looks at Zeion* Can you clip him while I keep his attention? *Keeps holding the treat and Dex keeps moving a little closer*

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 4:05:41pm

sudden.patch writes:
Dex: *Fast runner*
Mena: *Looks around and thinks, digs into her back and shakes a box of treats*
Dex: *Begins to slow down and looks back*

Posted on: Sep 28th 2011, 3:49:24pm

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