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Name:   forbidden.
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"NYX KRUEGER!!!!" yells McGonagall's aged voice behind me as I run down the corridor's with George at my side. My laugh echoes throughout the Great Hall and creates a flicker of light amongst the candles hovering just below the enchanted ceiling, which is looking quite gray this afternoon. I look over at him and feel my grin widen. His shock of orange hair, the laugh lines around his smile, and his fingers curled around mine all create a feeling of belonging.
"Why is she only yelling my name? You set off those Wildfire Whiz-bangs too!" I exclaim, not able to hold the angry expression I convey the words with. "Probably because you're a Slytherin." he answers, holding my hand as I run along the Hufflepuff House Table. "That's just wrong! That's stereotyping!" I giggle and release his hand as we part ways, me heading to my usual hiding spot in the Prefects Bathroom on the fifth floor to the left of a statue of Boris the Bewildered and him to the underground passage to Hogsmeade, underneath the statue of the humpback witch. I hastily mutter the password. "pine fresh" and hurry inside, watching the door close behind me. I know that McGonagall will not look inside, as I shouldn't know the password to such a place.
The stained glass mermaid greets me with her usual glare and flits away immediately. "Yeah I don't like you either." I mutter with a slight chuckle, raising myself onto the edge of a sink to sit while I wait for the Professors to stop looking for me. "Quite the hiding spot.." a voice says to my right. I jump up immediately, the tip of my 13" willow and thestral hair wand pointed savagely at the persons throat out of vicious instinct. "Now, Nikki, is that any way to greet your House Master?" Severus smirks slightly, holding his hands in the air as if in submission. I lower my wand and breathe a sigh of relief. "Geez.. I thought you were someone that would be a threat.." I say and slip my wand back into my sleeve and leaning back against the sink.
"I guess I'll take that as a compliment." he mutters, standing with his arms crossed and studying me. I can feel his eyes glancing over my form and finally resting on my face. "You know, I'm gonna have to give you a detention." he sighs. "Of course I know that, I'm just a student." I answer angrily. "Why don't you just take me to McGonagall already? I set off those fireworks and we both know it." I turn my gaze on him, my eyes automatically narrowing to slits. I might be a Slytherin, but that doesn't mean that I am exactly happy with the Sorting Hat's decision. "Well?!" I demand.
"Because you're Slytherin's little prodigy.." he sneers, taking my hand and pulling me close, his other hand resting on my hip. "How would it look if I made exceptions for each of my students except for you?" he asks, his black eyes on my face now. I turn my gaze elsewhere, glaring hard at the stone floor. "Maybe because I choose to be on Gryffindor's side rather than be with my own House?" I quip, pulling away from him. "Or because I live with the Weasley's rather than my birth parents. I've given you all the reason to dislike me."
His smirk widens into a cynical grin, almost seeming like he is mocking me. He steps close, peering down at me through his long bangs. "But I don't." he says, and turns on his heel suddenly, walking out of the bathroom.
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