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"A smart girl listens but doesn't believe, kisses but doesn't fall in love, and leaves before she is left -Mairylin Monroe"

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Birthday:   1992-07-14Country:   United States
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Name:   emo-tinkerbell
Birthday:   1992-07-14
Joined:   2007-03-15
Location:   winnie, Tx
Name-Laci Breaux

Age-15 goin on 16

Height-5'4 (I SHRUNK!!!! Y^Y)

Eyes-mainly blue but changes

Best Physical Feature-Eyes

Hair Color-blond

Skin- light

Length of Hair-long


Who would u swich lives with- noone... i liek my life.. as is

Piercings?Where?-yea ears

Tattoos?-No...But I want 2 get one

Obsessions-Yea my music i play flute, my poetry (YES I WRITE), and music

Addictions-eh.... music and reading

Do you speak another language- yush

Have a favorite quote-Yea..."Where am I?".. oh and "A smart girl listens but doesn't believe, kisses but doesn't fall in love, and leaves before she is left -Mairylin Monroe"



Fav singer- iunno

Fav Band- too many of em

Fav Music-Emo/Rock/Punk/scream-o/metal/hardcore/indie/alternative

Fav Song- One Love by Aiden

Fav channel-Fuse

Fav Store-Hot Topic..... i guess

Fav online Store-eh

Fav Place-In my Room

Fav color-Black, Red, Blue, silver, and green

Do Ya?

Do drugs-No

Read the newspaper-Sometimes


Go to church- when i am not caught up with anything else... but i need to go more

Sleep with stuffed animals-yes

Take walks in the rain- i wish i could again

Talk to people even though you hate them-No

Drive- yeah

Like to drive fast- NO NO NO!!!!!! my dads and brothers do that enough


Who is your best friend-Caitlin, Julie, Sav, and Tash

Who's the one person that knows most about you- iunno anymore

Your favourite inside joke?-do you like coffee?

Who's your longest known friend- Brittany








Last person you talked to online?-Cailtin

Who do you talk to most online?-Caitlin

Who are you on the phone with most?-Justin

Who do you trust most?- iunno anymore.. maybe Tasha

Who listens to your problems?- Tasha and Sav and JUSTIN!!!

Who do you fight most with?-none of em

Who's the nicest?-Julie

Who's the most outgoing?-Cain

Who's the best singer?-Kianna

Who's your second family?-Caitlin, Cain, Sav, Tasha, Kayla, and too many others

Do you always feel understood?-No not always

Who's the loudest friend?- Jerri

Do you trust others easily?-not really

Who's house were you last at?- Sav's

Do your friends know you?- yea

Friend that lives farthest away?- depends if PAul still considers me his friend

WhAtS HaPpEnInG NoW?!?

Are you going out?-Nope

What are you wearing right now?-torn jenes and a t-shirt plus my necklaces

What are you worried about right now?-noting

What book are you reading- nothing at the moment

What's on your mousepad?- National Geographic- polar bears

Are you bored?-yes

Are you tired?-a bit

Are you talking to anyone online?Not Right now

Are you talking to anyone on the phone?-Nope

Are you lonely or content?-Lonely

Are you listening to music?-yeah

yOuR CeLeB CrUsH

Name-Matt Good






Does he know you-I wish

Do you support him in all he does?!?-Absolutly

Do you know his full name?-Yea

If So, What is it?-Matthew Aaron Good

Birthdate-February 11th 1984

When was his Debut in his proffession?-not sure

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