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Name:   crunk.
Birthday:   1995-02-27
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moved to gir. with the .
add me!!!! :) <3

i am zim of glitter graphics.
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hacked. 5-17-2010
this girl right here, megan. too many good times. too many good things to say. thick and thin, she's been there. my meggerz, i cant tell you how much i love you. your beautiful no matter what anyone says. you are my sister & i trust you with everything. we talked for 2 hours straight before. remember when i said we were random sisters? we still are ♥.

Stephanie Loves Megan so much it's unbelievable.
damn...i never thought the day would come when we had to say goodbye. I always thought forever would be in our friendships. When I think of you, my perfect little Megan, I think of butterflies, Gir, and angel wings. You are my life, joy, and love. A smile comes across my face. I still have a scar on my wrist from where we broke up, and your name carved into my leg, along with a big 'M'. My nails are staying green, because I know Gir was your favorite, and Green is Gir. I wish I could spend forever with you...
if you knew this girl then you knew what a selfless, loving person she was. She was always everybodies friend. And she was always in our hearts. She will be missed from GG, but I hope she has a happy life.
I love you Megan....xoxo-Stephy

hacked by megan on may 17, 2010.
your actually gone. wow. i miss you already. well...there's always facebook, right? i love you. my sister, my best friend,, you could say. i know we lived more than 100 miles away, but you know i'm here, listening to you and giving you advice. gir. i wish we could really meet. know. you've helped me through tough times, and i've helped you. we don't sit beside each other at lunch, have matching flip-flops, or talk every day... but we're still best friends. out of everyone on glitter-graphics, i'll miss you the most. you're always there. and i'm always here. we are sparta...and we always were. don't let anyone get to your head and say mean things. becuz i love you, and i will beat them up. don't let anyone make you cry. tell me who it is, and they'll get an ass-whoopin. i don't care if they're on mars, i'll still kick their ass. if anyone makes you sad, i'll break their nose. if someone hurts you, i'll kick them in the place no one wants to be kicked. well...never forget i'm here for you, and i'd do anything for you. i love you, megz.
we love you.<3

hacked, again. michelle*5/18/2010*
i never though good bye would be so hard, but is just that hard. i miss you like thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much. more but i don't wanna spam. i wish you would just consider staying. you can't leave. you just can't im not believing it. i just can't. i hate this part. yes, i am sorry for every mean thing i said. i really am. i should have been nicer. i am an ass, but your ass. whoever caused this is terrible. they're making a beautiful megan leave. if they wanna fck with you, ill shoot them til they fly to mother fudging jupiter. they'll die of suffixation. slowly and painfully. just for you though. my sister, my best friend, my random sister. i will never forget you. i know ill wanna forget the day we said goodbye. thats not a good memory. we will know each other foreve. no im not mental. the r is the end of foreve(r). i love you so much.
-♥ michelle

HACKED, Carolina. // Box. {18o51o}
Megan, u r my best G-G friend, i dont gonna forget u.. im gonna miss u forever.. Why did u leave me? and u gonna be In my heart forever, Cuz u are a special person.. And, i dont know what to say cuz thats really sad..... i dont need to say, Bye... but if u need to leave. is okay, cuz maybe gonna made u happy, and if u r happy IM HAPPY... but remember, im ur friend and im gonna ♥ u forever! ILY megz :)
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