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Joined:   2007-10-25Location:   monoutnas city of dead ; f@k3 f@c3$ 3v3Rywh3R3 ! C , f@k3 pp| l00k!n bk @t me
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Name:   cartman-anthony-manson
Birthday:   1995-03-28
Joined:   2007-10-25
Location:   monoutnas city of dead ; f@k3 f@c3$ 3v3Rywh3R3 ! C , f@k3 pp| l00k!n bk @t me
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-_-; sooo most probably either my picture or nickname attracted u so u clicked on it and now u r here .. and umm .. u want to know smthing bout me right? umm the problem is i still didnt figure out myself so u know ..what can i say? umm yes ; i h8 many things nd ppl so i'de rather begin from there ..i h8 ppl who say that they r emos. IF U SAY I'M EMO U 'RE A POSER . NOW GO CRY IN A CORNER -.- i h8 ppl who label themselves wtf? if u r a rocker/hippie/goth/whore ppl will recognize u . posers go around whining "omg i am goth and i h8 it" wtf? i use these words a lot {wtf , yea wathever , doh! , u suck , rock on man! oh i c!" i h8 posers if u still didnt get it . i h8 posers & wannabs who say "I RLY H8 WANABS. I MEAN I AM EMOOOO THEY R NOT xD" -_-; get a life! omfg i h8 h8 h8 h8 ppl who say "i'm emo goth / i'm emo punk / i'm emo rocker" ARGGGGG emo is a cheap imitation of goth , goths r goths (u can't be 12 -18 yrs nd ur goth -.-;) rockers ; real rockers ; u just recognize them , they were black ,studs ,tight pants nd listen to REAL rock , metal heads r like rockers but they listen to metal nd punks ARE punk. cray ppl with mohawks nd dont give a fuckin shit bout anything nd any1 nd most of the time they r anarchists. THEY R ALL DIFF THINGS!! i h8 ppl who listen to techno, electronic , pop , r&b , rap yea man whatever i h8 every1 else who doesn't listen to hrd rock & metal or at least to punk and old rock.

ok this section is rly brief. u know it is bout the things or ppl i luv. i'll just list them soo.. here they come
-my best m8s (who are rockers & sk8ers but dnt go around labeling; u just recognise them)
-black . i h8 emos . i luv black . i h8 emos . i wear black since i was ..i dnt remeber . i h8 emos . i luv black eyeliner . i h8 emos
-black roses
-emily strange my best m8 since.. i dnt remeber
-musiiicc obviolsy

soo ... umm .. i truly LOVE marilyn manson. he's my 1st idol , 2nd idol & 3rd idol. i spend some of my time watching tv like ; the simpsons & southpark nd watching gayish films WILL & GRACE , UGLY BETTY .. yea that kind of shit. i like watching horror nd scary movies like "The woods" .. i luv tatoos nd piercings nd when i grow up that'de be my job. doing tatoos nd piercings x]

here comes a long list of ppl who i truly admire and who play REAL music so ppl who listen to fall out fag i mean fall out boy or panic at the disco or other posers nonsense stupid "bands" realize what REAL music is:

\,,/ AC / DC

\,,/ Bullet For My Valentine

\,,/ Bring me the Horizon

\,,/ Children Of Bodom

\,,/ Cradle Of Filth

\,,/ Distillers

\,,/ Disturbed

\,,/ Dimmu Borgir

\,,/ Evanescense

\,,/ Escape the Fate

\,,/ Foo Fighters

\,,/ Fom First To Last

\,,/ HIM

\,,/ Korn

\,,/ Leather Mouth

\,,/ Marilyn Manson

\,,/ Mindless Self Indulgence

\,,/ Otep

\,,/ Night Wish

\,,/ NIN

\,,/ Nirvana

\,,/ Paramore

\,,/ Placebo

\,,/ Red Hot Chili Peppers

\,,/ SlipKnot

\,,/ Smashing Pumpkins

\,,/ System Of A Down

\,,/ Subsonica

\,,/ Serj Tankian

\,,/ The Killers

\,,/ The Birthday Massacre

\,,/ Oasis

\,,/ Jesus On Extasy

\,,/ The Darkness

\,,/ Within Temptation

\,,/ Yeah Yeah Yeahs

i lajk these two guys :

emo is just a bad cheap imitation of goth -.-;

so.. if u r still reading it means that u want to know more .. so ok i'll say smthing bout me:
my physical aspect;

-got 2 eyes
-1 nose
-1 mouth
-2 ears
-lots of bones

the way i react with ppl : i'm dark and sensitive with low self esteem the way i look makes everything feel like haloween -it was a joke . yea it took a lot out of me so dont expect another one -.- i'll just list k?

-vry sarcastic
-i mosh A LOT
-if u look at my hand i'm either doing the metal fingers or the mid finger ; yea smthing i do a lot
-i tell d truth i dnt care if it hurts ; everything hurts in life
-i may look like a mother fucker if u don't know me and honestly i dont care . i'm not that bad with my m8s
-i admire satanic ppl
-i admire ppl who do which craft
-i admire emily strange
-i admire the musicians of the bands i meanioned b4

yea umm.. if u still want to 'know me more' or 'be friends' just add me .. i dn't care if u leave comments ; JUST if u r going to leave one PLS do not put picture of avril , fall out boy , blink 182 nd that shit k? or u'll find me wherever u go nd i'll make u go nuts nd be afraid even of your fuckin shadow nd than .. one day .. I'LL KILL U IN YOUR NIGHTMARE buahaha now fuck off >.>

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