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Name:   Amy Hawkins
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2009-09-20
Location:   the grand festival

Amy Hawkins

Im a seventeen year old girl on my pokemon journey.I am from the orange islands on a small island near fire ice and lighting island. I'm a coordinator which means I train my pokemon to show off their beauty and elegance while they battle. I travel with my friends Haylee (trainer), Sapphire (trainer), and Ark (breeder). I also Co-own the ♥pokemon♥ club

Me getting ready for a contest

My Pokemon


My first Pokemon, i raised her from a dratini but have an everstone on her so she will never evolve into a dragonite...i don't understand why anyone would evolve such a beautiful creature.

"Dragonair are docile Pokémon that give out a gentle aura that can be felt by people nearby. Although shy and protective of their habitat, they are also very powerful dragon Pokémon. Dragonair have the ability to shed their skin, ridding their bodies of unwanted ailments." -bulbapedia


I found an egg on ice island and it hatched into a beautiful articuno. At contests she is my signature pokemon since she is so rare. Her ice type move really are glamerous on the stage.

"Articuno is one of the legendary birds of Kanto. Articuno is more passive than its counterparts; due to its isolation in the highest mountains, Articuno dislikes battling. It also flies from icy mountain to icy mountain. It is a poorly understood species, believed by many to be pure myth. According to legend, it appears before doomed travelers lost in icy regions. It is impossible to tell if these are valid sightings (as doomed travelers would have no way of passing on their story of the sighting), or merely delusions of the dying. It is described as being spectacular in flight: with its long tail streaming behind it, and its wings shining like ice. It is said to cause snow to fall when it flies, and has the potential ability to create blizzards." -bulbapedia-


This is my baby! He recently hatched from an egg and we have just started training...hes a quick learner

"Riolu are sensitive to a special type of energy called Aura. Riolu's evolved form, Lucario, can use these waves to attack, or study these waves to predict the movements of their opponents, and use them to track anyone. However, Riolu does not have the ability to fully use these powers, although it can still emanate these waves to communicate and sense them - albeit only in "ripples" as opposed to the "waves" of energy its evolution can sense and guide. " -bulbapedia-


My eeveelution, she is so sweet! One of my best contest pokemon.

"As a protective technique, it can completely freeze its fur to make its hairs stand like needles." -bulbapedia-


I have had him since he was a bagon, he has always had the want to fly and now that he is a salamance he can. He is powerful but very graceful.

"Salamence is an extremely vicious Pokémon. It is also arrogant about its victories by spouting intense flames into the air. This behavior may be explained due to the fact that it faced many hardships to get its wings to grow, and therefore, it is very proud of its achievement." -bulbapedia-


The pokemon that destroys my only blue pokemon rule but i couldn't resist. Shes so cute!!

"it will wander around snowstorms or blizzards to find unsespecting humans and prey and will attack by freezing them into solid ice. Froslass are also very caring and will protect those who she loves and trusts, especially their young." -bulbapedia-

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