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Name:   anythingforyou
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oh aiden. it was exactly thirteen days ago today that you officially came into my life. but even before that, you were already making me smile until my face hurt. you've always been there for me in ways that i never thought possible. you've turned my whole life around, i really dont think you truly understand just how much you've saved me from myself. i wish that i could be there for you. to hold your hand and pat your head and tell you everything will be okay. i wish i could hug you and take away all the pain. but i can't, and it kills me. i'll do whatever i can to be here for you, aiden. because unlike a lot of people, when i say i love you, i mean it. when i say i'm here for you, i really am. i will do anything i possibly can to make sure you stay happy...even if i'm the one causing the problem. promise me one thing: dont you ever let me be the reason you're upset. ever. i wouldent be able to live with myself. you mean far too much to me, and if me leaving is the only thing that will ensure your happiness, then say the word and i promise i'll never come back. but for the moment, i just want to show you how much you mean to me. i dont think you really know. whenever i see that you talked to me while i was away, i'm like this. and you can't even imagine the joy i feel when you're actually online at the same time as me. you make even the simplest things seem so magical to me, and i don't fully know how to word how i feel. the phrase 'i love you''s just to cliche'. you're worth more than just those three little words. i love you. you are my everything. you make my heart tickle. you are just beyond what words can describe. i dont know how many times i can say it, aiden. you're my everything. you're perfect and dont you ever think otherwise. basically, this is you very own personal love page c': i'm going to come back and add things daily.

6.1O.11: i would like to say that we're one of those kinds of people who are able to fight with each other and at the end of the day still love one another anyways, but i can't. you and i never fight, and i'm not sure if thats a good thing yet. maybe i just jinxed us, but just know that if we ever do get into a fight, i will only say things that will help you. i wont call you a douche bag and say that i hate you. i care too much to ever want to put you down like that. you make every day worth living. i love you, my darling aiden & i miss you like crazy. so i just woke up from a cat nap and thought about you. i want to go camping, aiden. i want to meet you and go camping. i want to make you the best s'mores you ever had and star gaze. i want to go for walks by the water and skip rocks on the river. i want to get lost in the woods with you and laugh at each other when we finally find our way back to safety. i want to cuddle when it gets too cold outside. i want to cuddle period. i just really want to go camping with you. lets get wanderlust together. my life would be complete then.
6.11.11: for long distance lovers, were doing pretty well, no? i love you aiden. i stayed up until midnight just so i could say that (since its officially saturday). you're nicer to me than even my closest friends are, and i'm the luckiest girl because of it. everything you do is adorable. you're like puppies and frosting, babe. sickeningly sweet, but hard not to love <3 i hope you're sleeping well. no nightmares, just good dreams and warm blankies. i hope you know that i love you, and you're always on my mind. it's about time i went to bed. i'll tell you once again how much i love you later in the morning. goodnight sweetie. good morning, starshine c': for breakfast im having mambas and raspberry tea, but its nothing compared to 5 minutes talking to you in the morning. i miss you, doll face.
6.16.11: i'm sorry its been so long since i've wrote in here. i've been so busy. you were always on my mind though. you always are c: i miss you, dear. it seems like we never get to talk anymore. sure, it's depressing...but i waited so long for you that any time limit is worth it. i'm glad i can say that you're mine. you're so cute. i have a lot to write, but for now, i need to get off. i love you <3

no matter what, i still love you c:

6.26.10: aiden, you never cease to amaze me. even through all my didn't leave my side, and that was one of the most amazing thing i think anyone could have done for me. you're too wonderful. you're like my sunshine on a cloudy day. this is the only thing i could find that explains how i feel c':

6.29.11: can you believe it's the twenty ninth? a month has already passed. it's crazy, but

i don't regret one second of the time i have spent with you. we had one little rough patch, but i think were a lot better off now c': if anything, it's made me realize how much i love and need you that much more. thank you for putting up with my bullshit. i can be pretty.... ridiculous. and obnoxious. and annoying. but you still stick around for some reason. i don't know why, but you do, and it makes me feel something so nice i could cry. i love you aiden. i always will. unlike most of these preteen little snobs, when i say i love you, i mean it. it's not a phrase i'm just going to throw around at any guy who comes into my life. you make me feel a way that nobody else has ever made me feel. you're special, aiden. i don't know how i was living before you came along.
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aiden. writes:
this is the most amazingest thing anyone has ever
done for me. this page means a lot to me (;

Posted on: Jul 4th 2011, 10:10:53am

anythingforyou writes:
i dont think i'll ever delete these ♥

Posted on: Jun 16th 2011, 10:26:35am

suckit. writes:
vv, LOL that just made my day XD

Posted on: Jun 13th 2011, 7:27:52pm

â–² writes:

Posted on: Jun 12th 2011, 10:43:36pm

fapitalism writes:

Posted on: Jun 12th 2011, 8:20:40pm

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