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Name:   anna85Ranking:   --
Birthday:   1985-02-13Country:   Poland
Joined:   2009-05-16Location:   Wielkopolska
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Name:   anna85
Birthday:   1985-02-13
Joined:   2009-05-16
Location:   Wielkopolska
Uploads:   485 graphics 

- baby (dziecko)
- garden (ogród)
- animals (zwierzęta)
- names: Anna... (imiona)
- Glitter Text (świecące, błyszczące teksty)
- heart (serce)
- dividers (oddzielniki?)
- easter (wielkanoc)

My wedding! - 12.09.2009r.

My baby born... 07.09.2010 8:35 am This is girl - Julita (Julietta, Juliette).

Colours codes: #00FFFF; #00FFBF; #00FF00; #00BFFF; #00BFBF; #00BF00; #BFBFFF; #FFBFFF; #FFBFBF; #FF80FF; #FF80BF; #FF8080; #FF8000; #BF80FF; #0080FF; #008080; #008000; #0040FF; #BF40FF; #BF40BF; #FF40FF; #FF4080; #BF4080; #FF4000; #BF4000; #FF00FF; #FF00BF; #FF0080; #FF0000; #BF0000; #BF0080; #BF00FF; #800080; #0000FF; #000000; silver ; gold; aqua; aquamarine; blueviolet; burlywood ; cadetblue;chartreuse ; chocolate; coral; crimson; cyan; darkblue; darkcyan; hotpink; lawngreen; lightblue; lightgreen ; seagreen; lime; mediumpurple; orangered; orchid; peachpuff ; plum; powderblue; royalblue ;salmon; slateblue; thistle; tomato; turquoise; violet...

I am looking for work

kieszonkowy słownik - a pocket dictionary
Ja nie wiem. - I don't know.
Tego nie wiem. - I don't/do not know that.
Jeszcze nie wiem. - I don't know yet.
Spójrz na to! - Look at this!/Take a look at this!

1. to see
2. (ujrzeć) see*, catch* sight of
3. (przekonać się) see*

Zobaczymy. - We'll see./That remains to be seen.
zobaczyć się

1. (ujrzeć siebie samego) see* oneself
2. (spotkać się) meet*, see*

do zobaczenia - goodbye
Poczekamy, zobaczymy. - Wait and see.
zobaczyć świat - to see the world
do zobaczenia wkrótce - see you soon
Do prędkiego zobaczenia! - See you soon!
Kiedy się zobaczymy? - When shall we meet?/When shall we see each other?
Kiedy znowu cię zobaczę? - When will I see you again?
Napiszę do ciebie. - I'll write to you.
napisać coś na brudno - to make a rough copy of sth, to sketch sth
napisać coś od nowa - to rewrite sth, to write sth anew, {am.} to write sth over
Ten wyraz jest błędnie napisany. - This word is misspelled.

1. (spoglądać) look (into), peep (into), peek
2. (wstępować do kogoś na krótko) call on (sb), look in (on sb)
Zajrzałem do programu, żeby zobaczyć, jaki będzie następny utwór. - I looked in the programme to see what they were going to play next.

posługiwać się słownikiem - to use a dictionary
szukać wyrazu w słowniku - to look up a word in a dictionary
Nie rozumiem, jak to działa. - I don't understand how it works.
Nie rozumiałem ani słowa. - I didn't understand a word.
Tak,rozumiem. - Yes, I see.
Całkowicie cię rozumiem. - I quite understand (you).
Zaczynam rozumieć. - I'm beginning to understand.
rozumienie ze słuchu - listening comprehension
Napiszę do ciebie. - I'll write to you.
na przykład - for example
Nigdzie nie mogę tego znaleźć. - I can't find it anywhere.
yourself -

* (ty, wy, pan, pani) sam, sama, sami, same (osobiście)
* (ty, wy, pan, pani) się, siebie, sobą, sobie
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Posted on: Jul 10th 2012, 2:28:00pm

livai73 writes:

Posted on: Jan 3rd 2012, 7:28:40am

blackbeautychibiusa writes:
please vote my friend!! xoxo

Posted on: Sep 12th 2011, 9:59:38am

delites writes:
Congrats For your Baby!
Can You Tell Me How To Put a Video here?

Posted on: Aug 26th 2011, 5:07:57am

nelly2000 (official artist) writes:
Please Clicky

Thank you

Posted on: Aug 3rd 2011, 7:06:16am

sleekgraphics writes:

I finished my exams not long ago.
I am now away on holiday then I am away during my birthday.
At the moment I am sorting out college. :)
Things have been great for me.

How are you been doing hun? :)

Lots of love.

Posted on: Jul 17th 2011, 6:19:31am

livai73 writes:

Posted on: Jun 12th 2011, 3:11:39am

livai73 writes:
Cześć Aniu,miłego Dnia Matki
Pozdrawiam Beata

Posted on: May 26th 2011, 4:53:48am

xlizzyx writes:

^^A Addie one plz!ty!^^

Posted on: May 25th 2011, 8:24:01pm

minge writes:
Hi Anna :)
Would you put this message on my friend Marta's page (blackbeautychibiusa) in Polish.
Hi Marta :)
I found your Facebook page :)
My Facebook account is deactivated, therefore I can't join you in Facebook.

We can still email each other and talk here in Glitter Graphics :)))

Kisses for you*
your friend,

Thank you Anna...I sure do appreciate it :)
You can find Marta on my page in the heart/love section.

Przyjemnego dnia!

Posted on: May 18th 2011, 9:13:26pm

everlasted writes:
How do u make animated gifs? I tried using unfeeze but it doesn't work! Help please? Formatting error: expected [/size], but got: [/color]

Posted on: May 4th 2011, 9:33:22am

livai73 writes:
Witaj Aniu,miłego wieczoru Ci życzę!

Posted on: Apr 19th 2011, 1:14:06pm

rita joyce (moderator) (contest winner) writes:


“It is by chance that we met, and by choice that we became friends.”
~ Anon

Wishing you a wonderful new week
and a sensational spring!
Hugs, Rita

Posted on: Mar 20th 2011, 4:06:50pm

1glittergal101 writes:
I'm polish too!! ja też jestem z Polska ;P

Posted on: Mar 18th 2011, 11:00:47am

anna85 writes:

Posted on: Mar 15th 2011, 3:40:25am

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