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Love? I experiance it when I don't want to.. I tell my friends I don't like him and I try to beleive it.. but I just can't help looking at him once in a while..

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Name:   Mia Catin
Birthday:   1996-12-11
Joined:   2008-09-18
Ugh I'm getting bored I wonder if I should make a digimon account *thinks* YUP!! I shall!

Name: Mia Catin
Age: 11
Crush: Koga

Birthday: December 11
Info: Well I'm an angel! I help many people in need but I have an attitude! That brings out the dark side and they have cookies! Ones that taste like DIRT!
Likes: Music and Singing
Dislikes: Being mad and having to help mean people
Angel form:

Power: Light and Healing
I'm level 2
Dark angel form:

Power: Shadow Control
I'm level 1
My Angel Buddy:

Name: Trin
Power: Ice and Fire
She is level 2 dragon angel
My Angel Story
~At my training~
Ms. Angela: Mia! You can do better!
Me: NO I CAN'T! *Using my light powers to light up the darkest places*
Ms. Angela: Good! Now try this cave! The darkest cave in Healing Angel Springs
Me: Fine.. *Goes in the cave* O_O WHERE DID EVERYTHING GO!!
Ms. Angela: FOCUS MIA!
Me: FINE! *Closes eyes and my eyes fulls with light and I open them* O! I see a switch! *Flips the switch and lights full the cave* WHAT IS THIS?!?!
Well, it wasn't a cave it was a graduation ceremony! I was really fulled with happiness! Well I thought outside the box, but still!!
Ms. Angela: Congrats, Mia!
Me: ^_^ Thanks Ma'am!
Ms. Angela: As your graduation gift, I got you.. *Shows a little teleporting thing* Touch the button.
Me: O_O? Ok? *Touches it and a little dragon shows up*
???: Hiya! ^_^ I'm your new angel pet!
Me: Awwwwww, you're so cute! *Grabs her and hugs her*
???: You're gonna kill me!
Me: Oops.. Sorry! *Lets go*
???: Thank you! ^_^ Well, what are you gonna name me?
Me: Trin?
Trin: I like it!
Me: WOO!!
Ms. Angela: lol Anyway! Here is your other gift *She gives me a angel lincense*
Me: What is this?
Ms. Angela: Oh, nothing! *Snaps her finger and all of this disappears I'm out of the cave that's no longer there*
Me: What? What happened?
Trin: I don't know but.. GIVE ME THE GREEN LIGHT!
Me: XD
Trin: Anyway no really what are we gonna do..
Me: I don't know but I'm hungry *Checks* I have no money..
Trin: Awwwwww!
Me: Wanna go to work?
Trin: Sure where?
Me: Angel Cafe?
Trin: Sure ^_^
CHA! I'm gonna train flying types for a while! So if we battle bring electric types I don't care if I lose
Oh and! If you want me in the tornament just to beat me
Me: CHA! but i doubt that
flames: awwww

Me: Omg! Prom night!
Trin: oh yea!!
me: who took this?
trin: i dont remember
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