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~~~♥Welcome 2 Payton's Purrrfect Pampered Paws Pretty Pet Palace!♥~~~

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Name:   â™¥adoption.centre<3
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We didn't close; we MOVED to OCPA. Thanks!

We are the #1 recommended Pet Shop on Glitter-Graphics!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Pretty Kitty Adoption Centre! I am the owner of this organization and I am very pleased of it. You can find the cutest pets here!
Would you like a pet? Don't just sit there. Get one! (But you have to fill out this form):

Your Name:____________
Name of Pet(s):_______
No. of pet(s):________
No. of house:_________
No. of item(s):_______
No. of food/drink(s)__
No. of room(s)________
Fav. Color:___________

1. You can chose up to 3, until you don't want them anymore,they will be readopted to the centre.
2. If you adopt a pet that has a twin, triplet, or more, you may only adopt one choice!
4. If I don't get a reply every week saying that your pet's good, I will tell you that your pet is going to get readopted to the centre.
5. I will give surprises to all of my customers if your pet is doing fine every week!:)
6. Please be nice to everyone who has a membership here.
7. You will be banned from your membership if 1. You are mean to me. 2. Your mean to anyone else. 3. If you say any cuss words here.
8. Please. Do not take anything from here. That will get you banned also.
9. Please be active and when your online, please say '"I'm here!" or "I'm online!"
10. Please choose only one house,one item,one room,and one food and drink.
11. Have fun
12. I expect everyone to follow these rules. If so, have fun adopting! (:

What animal would you like?




Whenever an animal has a baby, we put the baby(s) into a nursery home. Once they're old enough, they spend a couple of months with their mother. Afterwards,We will put them in the centre's Petting Zoo. It is where you can visit them and play with them too!Just say This in a comment:I would like to visit the Petting Zoo please. I will give you a tour guide or be a tour guide myself to help you look through the pets.Currently, There are no pets in the Petting Zoo. This is because this feature is new.:)

Here Are Cuddle's Newborn Baby Kittens:

Here is Cuddle Their Mommy:

We still haven't named the kittens, maybe you could give us some ideas:)

If your looking for Foods and or Drinks, click here!

If your looking for rooms and or houses, click here!


Please pick no more than 5

Hello and welcome to the Pet Resort. We will make sure your pet has a fabulous time!


At the Pet Resort, your pet can go to the water park,cherry tree park, hotel, beach, wherever! At the arcade, your pet can play tons of games. And if your pet has the highest score, that earns you Member of the Week and Bonus Pet Coinz!! Yes. You can send more than 1 pet. Don't send all of them because it will be kinda hard to keep track of them. Don't send your pets here for over a week. A week is as long as it goes. Your pet can buy things. Oh yes! I almost forgot. In the middle of the trip, you'll get a little picture of your pet(s) at their room and stuff. Just saying Hi and I miss you or something. You get to choose what the picture will say. And at the end of the trip, you'll get a souvenir just to remind you that you sent your pet to the Pet Resort. Now enough with the info, look for your hotel room! :D

This is an example of what your ticket will look like:

- - - - - - - - -
| Ticket |
| Pet Resort |
| June 11,2009 |
| Fluffy |
- - - - - - - - -


Hotel Room:______________________________
First place you want to send your pet:___
How long you want it to stay:____________
Gift basket you want:____________________
What pet you want to send:_______________

Welcome to the Water Park!

If you want your pet to go here, you have a good sense of fun! Your pet can swim all day or just for a few minutes. Your pet can also play with other pets! Your pet can eat kibble or drink water or something else. So drop your pet off at the Wonderous Water Park!

Welcome to the Tropical Beach!

If your pet is tired of the Water Park, drop it off here! At the beach, your pet can have a fabulous time. It can go Skiing, boat-riding, and much much more! It can rest,eat,drink,or just talk to other pets. This is the hottest place of it's kind ;D

Welcome to the Cherry Tree Park!

Here your pet can run around all of the time. If you want your pet to go swimming, the lake is clean. No humans are allowed in here, but you can watch your pet from the fence. This lovely park is so cool. So drop your pet off here!

Welcome to the Restaurant!

In the mood for some food? Stop by the old Resort Restaurant! Buy a burger or get some salad. You can either eat in, dine outdoors, or take it back to your hotel room!

Welcome To The Toy Shoppe!

You can just hang out at The Toy Shoppe,Or you may
choose a bunch of toys!!!

Welcome to the Towne Square!

Your pet will be fascinated by the stuff they get to do here. They can go to Starbucks, buy Flowers and plant them in the park, and plenty more. Starbucks has it's own little lounging area so your pet can talk with other pets! If your pet plants flowers, that will earn you 35 PC because your pet is helping out to make a difference

Welcome to the Carnival!

At the Carnival, stuff goes on here 24/7! your pet can win a stuffed animal or just hang out in the farris wheel. Maybe it can go into the haunted house! Well, whatever your pet does here, it's sure to have some major fun! :D

Hotel Rooms:

When you want a vacation, your pet should find a gift basket in their room. And more importantly, if this is your first time here, you get everything free! Plus, at the end of the vacation, you will get a picture of your pet in it's hotel room to remind you that you sent your pet to the Pet Resort (:

Here are the gift baskets you can choose from:

Your pet could win these things:

What you pet(s) can buy:

The House Maker
This is a place where you can build a house for your pets(s) ONLY from The Adoption Centre. Sorry, Im only doing a little bit of stuff at a time.And I'll add my own personal touch to it if you want.(No extra cost)

Gold Coinz
Here is an example of a gold coin:

Here is an example of when you receive many gold coinz:

Big: 1.

1. 2. 3.


1. 2. 3.
Heyyy! You can also look up in my items for the bed you want!
Or just give me the code of the bed you want!

1. 2.

1. 2. 3.

Outdoor Touches
1. 2. 3.

Fill Out Form
Door #:________
Bed #:________
Wall Stuff #:________
Rug #:________
Don't forget, each room costs 100 Pet Gold coins!
You can always get more than one thing. Such as:
Wall Stuff #: 3, 1.

Owners: Payton

*Rosie* (member)
Latina and Proud (member)


Staff Info
If you want to sign up for any of
our staff,please say it in a comment.
We will then reply to you ASAP!

Hey! Check out our new games and activities!
Only 5 gold coinz! How to earn gold coinz:
You can advertise us! Just tell us in a comment!

Guess what Pet is my favorite!!
Deadline is: July 20.

How many are in the jar?>>>
Deadline: August 15.

How many new pets should I add
10 (0 votes)
5 (0 votes)
I don't know (0 votes)


We will now have credit cards. We put all of your money onto the credit card and poof! Instead of just putting your money in the bank, put into a credit card! You also get a purse or wallet, if you like. It looks like this:

Heres The Purses:


Heres The Wallets:


Member of the Week! If you have been an exellent adopter (like making graphics, clickies, etc.) you have the chance to choose 5 pets or more. So hurry up and earn Member of the Week today! You also get a trophy!

Pick one please!!


T-Shirt Iron-on:

What you need:

*Adult Supervision(If your age is under 13)
*A cotton T-Shirt
*Iron-on Transfer Paper(Available at your local store)

1.On Image above, right click "View Image"
2.Save it to your computer (Right Click "Save Image As")
3.Print it on your Iron-on Transfer Paper
4.Put image down onto T-Shirt
5.Iron Carefully
6.When you are done Ironing, peel of Transfer Paper,Carefully
7.Wait for 30 minutes to dry/cool
8.Wear and show off to your friends and Family!

Wall or Locker Poster:

What you need:
Computer Paper
Clear wall or Locker Space

1.In The Image Above, right click "View Image"
2.Save it to your computer(Right Click "Save image as")
3.Pint it on your Computer Paper
4.Cut It out
5.Tape it to your wall/locker
6.Show off to your Friends and Family!

The Adoption Centre Ball!

You have a pet? Great! Heres steps to make a ball for your furry friend!

What you need:
*Tin Foil
*Long String

1.Right Click Image above and click "View Image"
2.Right Click the image and click "Save Image as" (That saves it to your computer)
3.Print it
4.Get some tin foil and make a ball out of it.
5.Wrap the photo you printed arount the tin foil ball you have just made.
6.Tape it together
7.Tape Long string to it
8.Show it off and play with your pet!

Adoption Centre Snack Recipe!

Sherbet the Frog

*Lime sherbet
*Green decorators' gel
*Junior Mints
*Green gummy ring candy


1. To make one, set a scoop of lime sherbet on a small green paper plate (trim the plate to resemble a lily pad first, if you like).
2. Cut one green gummy ring candy into quarters and place the four pieces under the sherbet scoop for feet.
3. Set a Junior Mint candy and half a gummy ring in place for each eye. Finally, add a green decorators' gel mouth and nostrils.


Hey guys!This is payton* heres my account link:
:) Oh and the thumbs up friends are members!
Just an FYI!

Please read the rules!
I'll appreciate this greatly!

Friends:Friends,Family,and Adopters
Lovers:Owners Personal Account
Idols:Other Excellent Adoption Centers

Make sure to adopt a pet by commenting below! (:

©Profile Copyrighted By Payton™
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Username: lydia<3music
Your Name: Lydia
Name of Pet: Kit
No. of pet: #52
No. of item: #22 and #7
No. of food/drink(s): Food#1 and Drink#8
No. of room: #8
Birthday: August 31st
Fav. Color: Pink!

Posted on: Feb 27th 2011, 9:07:24pm

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