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Name:   â€¢Â¢Î±li•
Birthday:   1992-02-03
Joined:   2009-08-09
Location:   In a house x3

I'm Not Going To Come Here EveryDay Because Of School But Probely Friday And The Weekends!

About Me
My name is Cali Ressie.My age has come to 17.My favorate colors are every color in the whole intire univierse.I am single :/..I will be accepting request sometimes and sometimes not.My style is kinda secneish.My daily chores are to feed the baby (I mean my Aunts baby),Clean up the whole house (just sometimes),Make my little sister and brother's bed,and way more then I can put on here.I would love to go out and eat at Jack In The Box,K.F.C,Rainbow's Buffet,Ronalds,Cold Stone,And more that I'd be glad to share if you ask.My favorate subjects are math,sience,arts and crafts,writing,and reading.I am now in the last year of high school.I just turned 17 in Feburay 3d.I am
pretty much almost to university/collage.
My family
My little sister:My little sister name is Zoey.She is only about 10 years old.Her favorate thing to do is to play and read comics plus some studying.She is like a fan for me,lately I discoverd we hang out with eatch other alot.I've discoverd she likes alot of things like what I like.She is very active and a joker.If you be mean to her I promise you I will get you banned or just hit you.I am protective of my sister and I won't let you hurt her.If you need more information of her .. well she is going to make an account on here soon and I'll give the link soon.
My little brotherMy little brothers name is Brandon.He is about 14.Not so little I guess.His favorate things are hanging with his friends and belive me he seriosuly doesn't like to study.I have to say we aren't the best friends or the best sibblings with eatch other.Most of the times we have to fight over salt!It isn't very pleasent to be with him.But still I'll ask him to make an account on here if you want more info.And I totally belive he can defend himself if someone is bein mean.
My mom:My mom's name is Carol.Her age?Well she would always joke with me on that.For my own sake she would never want me to go around posting her age!My parents are like that.I wouldn't think I could get my mom to make an account on here so that'd be a serious no if you want her to.Also if you really want more info on her just comment me.
My step motherI don't know much about her but her name is Alisa.I don't want to call her mom because of course you all should know she isn't my reall mother.Her age .. well I'm not sure.She just came into the family so I guess I'll have to update this later.And seriously she wouldn't make an account here.
My dadMy dad's name is Robert.His age .. again he lies about it and says he is 19.He loves sports thats why everytime when my brother comes down the stairs and is done eating they both go out to play some baseball or soccor.He would never make an account here.If you want more info on him,again ask me.
well ask me more if you want to know about the other people in my family.Or just more about these ones that I live with.
My schedule
Weekens:12:00/or before P.M-5:47 P.M Weekdays:(if school starts I will not use GG anymore or just not as much as I am now).If I don't get on when you want me to .. I am sorry but it'd be I'm studing or eating or just someting that keeps me away from my computer.But I will always comment back sooner or later.If you dicide that you'd take me out of your friend list because of this it'd be okay.But to tell you this .. I would NEVER EVER erase anyone from my friends list,un-less if they beg to much or totally changed and hates me ... but then again thats what friends do.I will upload and add to this schedule whenever I have to change something.
I support..
Twilght:People seem to love this movie like me also.If you never liked it I'm still okay with you to be my friend.I am I fan of twilght so I guess if you don't like me because of this .. that's not my busness.I think my favorate actors are .. wait I don't have a favorate!They are all very awesome to watch.But just the vampire James and Victoria are a little creepy.
JB:I totally know most of you aren't fans of them but I support them.I won't let you get in my way because you don't like them.I mean if I can't change you .. you can't change me eather.Again if you don't like them and still would want to be my friend I'd be glad to be your friend.So it wouldn't be sad if .. oh nvm.
Demi && Selena:I think they are wonderfull at singing.Even if Demi has strange cutts all of a sudden I do belive she is still a wonderful singer with Selena.I don't know if they are really friends or just disney fourced them to be friends.Well still I belive they are good,no matter what if one time they say they hate thir fans .. I wouldn't care if many people got offended and are pissed at them if they ever said it with they most likely won't,I'd still be their fan.
Miley Cyrus:I support her because most of you people can't appreachate peoples opinions.I am not a reall fan but I support her because of the haters to her.I hope you guys realize that.But if you still hate her .. it's okay with me for the time.Anyways her songs on the Hannah Montanna show weren't written by her , it was written by Disney.Most of you should know that Disney controls our favorate disney people.So I have to say I am not a fan but I still support this girl.

well those were the basic ones that I support.I support way more then that.And you can belive me on that because if you ask me I would tell you.But most likely if you want me to tell you who I support .. tell me one of your celeb or someone eles you support and that way you can check out if I like her/him also.So don't be shy!I'm a open book.
I support these clubs..

RandomLoversClub The girlz club Underground Music CaptainStarDust'sEvilMuffins LuvEmoClub DollsAddictsClub SpongebobLoversClub CelebertiyGossip
Adotion Centers that I've shop at/joined
Everything club adoption.centre

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