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life isn't as easy as the river flows.Its as hard as the montain gose.Not our favorate but not our choice.

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Name:   Ï‰Ñ—Ï‚Ò£
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Okay I'll start with the name .. Well my name was choosen from my mother's mom.I've seen the wishing well and all that already .. most people think I was named wish because I was a poor freak.I don't see why a name made me the target for the bullys.I haven't cared much about any of that s**t.But mostly it is anoying to me.So now that I went to a diffrent place I think I'll be safe for now.It isn't bad but still I miss all the really friendly people who stuck up for me.But I have there emails so yeah .. I guess thats the history of the name I have.Now to go to the age I have .. Well I don't think it really matters .. just that you need to know I'm in high school.That may help you figure out my age.I like to leave people guessing in most of my profiles.I think I won't let it spoil in this profile so .. guess your head off all you want.I won't tell you guys no matter what.So go mad .. get pissed.But that isn't my problem .. so go solve it yourself.Thinking I'm being mean for my age?Or anything eles?Well I don't care.This isn't your body anyways.Now I guess thats all you'll learn for my ageOkay so I guess the things that you'd want to learn is done .. so here it is .. how I act/how I will act..Well I will tell you that you are a fake.If I find any proof you are I will tell you so.Or report you.It isn't my fault that you would want to steel someones picture.But for aviters .. of course I'd see that you aren't pretending to be her/him because it's just aviters.I mean myself .. I'm using an aviter.So well thats what I will do .. so don't be surprised when I do,do such a thing.Okay so that is the reporting thing .. now let me tell you this .. I am honest .. I am not lieing.I won't lie to you about anything.So that may be anoying.But that is me.I will stick up for friends if I've bonded to great to care if she/he is fake or hates my family or some sort of thing that I'd hate her/him if we didn't bond so greatly.So yup thats all about me.Now choose if you want to keep seeing my Profile or just stop already.I don't think you'll see this but most likely most people just check out the pictures I would have .. not that surpirsing but anoying.So go ahead if you want.If you don't see anything eles .. then well maybe because I'm busy and can't put it on or its because it wouldn't show on your computer/laptop.or it'd be something eles but I don't see why you'd care .. Well anywasy if you need anything more from me.. just tell me.But most likely you'd have no care about any of it .. so w.e yup that may be just it.Or not .. because I'll update more about me soon.So don't lose your hopes.Oh yeah I totally forgot to say this .. I'm single :]{I ment that for people who {I ment that for people who want to know more}
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