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Grant, got a beautiful little girl named Kendall.

With a heavy heart I have come here to state that Grant passed away.
Due to a tumor within his brain.
Please don't ask any further questions, just leave your comments below.
He would love to see you all happy, but I'm sure finding this out will be hard.
I miss you grant, always.
I miss you so much. I never thought I would lose you.
I always figured you'd always be around, yah know? Because you always came back.
You can't come back now & i can't comprehend that. I can't & I don't want too...
Not too sure if it is right to do, but I added myself to your "idols" down there.
I miss you. Always.
I miss you so much. My heart will never heal from this. -Nickie

you were one of my good friends, grant. you've helped me out when i had no idea what to do. i hope they're treating you well up there. just know that you were a very good dad to kendall. rest in peace grant. - michaela.
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bmth writes:
Just dropping in to say I miss you.
Wish you could be here.
And how I wish you could see me walk
the stage next semester for my degree.
I know wherever you are, you’re proud of me.

Posted on: Oct 16th 2019, 12:14:54pm

bmth writes:
Forever wishing you were here.
What I would give just to have one more conversation with you.

Posted on: May 2nd 2019, 5:01:21am

bmth writes:
Can’t believe you’ve been gone for over 5 years.
Missing you like crazy. I love you, Grantycakes. ♥️

Posted on: Apr 17th 2019, 9:03:05am

dementia writes:
thinking about you. i hope it's wonderful wherever you are.

Posted on: Mar 27th 2019, 3:19:13pm

bmth writes:
I'm supposed to be doing schoolwork
for college but I found myself here.
Call it procrastination or sick since it's
near the anniversary of your death. I was
just reading old comments on your page from
Sara and from me. I can't believe I actually
got high the day after you died. I did smoke a
lot back then. I dunno. So much has changed.
You wouldn't recognize me anymore.
I still remember so much between us. I miss it all.
When we dated, argued over silly things, broke up,
dated again. Your sick humor. You always making me
laugh. When I saw a photo of you for the first time.
When we were planning on me moving in with you in
Texas. I miss it all. But what I miss the most is just
talking to you. Just to log on and see a message from
you... I'd give anything to see that again. I used to
log on several times during the day just to see if you
messaged me. You were one of my bestest friends. And I
loved you so much. I was in love with you for such a long
time. Well, I guess I better go. No matter how many times
I try to stay away from this site, I think of you and I just
have to tell you the things on my mind or about my life.
I don't think I could ever stop coming on here. I guess it
feels like some type of closure. I just wish we could have
left things better between us before you passed. I was just
going through so much and that made me push everyone away.
I just wish you had told me what all was happening with you.
I guess you didn't want me to worry, like I always do.
I miss you.

Posted on: Mar 8th 2019, 7:18:37am

bmth writes:
I wish you could be here.
I hope your baby girl is doing great.

Posted on: Mar 6th 2019, 4:31:01am

bmth writes:
Missing you. A lot.
And thinking about how much life has changed,
and how many years have gone by since we last spoke.
I'm married now. Who knew, right?
I love you.

Posted on: Feb 1st 2019, 3:53:13am

cursedmind writes:
I miss you grants. :(

Life is good. Living with my boyfriend of almost four years! He’s a sweetheart. He takes good care of me.

Thinking of going to college in the spring, or tech school. I wanna try to be a vet tech. You know, me and animals.

You’d be surprised at how far I’ve grown since we were just stupid teenagers. I know you would have gone far... <3

Posted on: Oct 28th 2018, 2:56:04am

bmth writes:
One last thing before I log off for another few months,
the only reason I come onto GG anymore is for you.
Hoping, praying, begging to see an update on your page or
to see a response from you after all this time, even reading
others comments on your page. It's mostly just me and Vanna
now who come on here to say how much we love you and miss you.
And every time I come on here, it's always so hard to finally
hit that logout button. I just want to keep this message to
you going on and on...
And I've thought about it.. Everyone we once knew here has
moved on with their lives. Maybe they have forgotten about
this site by now. I would have stopped coming on here if
you were still around, or at least if I knew you were alive
and moved on with your life. But it just hurts. So much.
I keep thinking maybe I'm crazy and I'm too old for this shit.
I mean, I'm 23 now. Why the hell am I still checking up on
this website? I haven't been active on here since middle school.
I keep thinking to myself every time that I log on here that
this is the last time I'm logging on. I'll log on for a few
moments, say a few words to you, and then tell you that this
is the last time I'm writing to you. But I can never bring
myself to do that. Because I need you. I love you.
I'm sorry for the rant. I wish you could be here.
I wish our plans to see each other in Texas would have come true.
Anyways, I'm logging off now for real this time. It's almost 3am here.
Goodnight, Grantycakes.

Posted on: Oct 7th 2018, 8:45:41am

bmth writes:
Oh and I actually logged onto GG tonight on my laptop.
Everything looks EXACTLY the same.
It made memories of everyone on here and Myspace days come flooding back.
And how I wish your "offline" icon would turn back on.
I miss you so damn much.

Posted on: Oct 7th 2018, 8:37:23am

bmth writes:
Soooo. I'm married now.
I'm not sure how you would respond to that.
Next comes children, right? I hope so.
You weren't around to hear my diagnosis about children.
To sum it up, there's a chance I may be able to have children. Or not.
I really don't know anymore. But if you remember anything about me,
you know that I have always wanted to be a mother.
I guess we'll see, right?.. :/
I miss you and I love you. <3

Posted on: Oct 7th 2018, 8:35:38am

bmth writes:
I wish I could ask for your advice and you actually respond. I wish I could just talk to you one last time. I really need you...
Sometimes I just wish I could skip all of this and join you wherever you are.
I really need your crying shoulder. I just don’t know what to do.

Posted on: Jun 15th 2018, 11:24:59am

bmth writes:
Thinking of you a little extra today.
Only 3 more months until my wedding...
I wish you could be here.

Posted on: Apr 25th 2018, 11:06:24am

bmth writes:
I'm engaged! I wish you could be here for this moment. I finally have someone who loves me and takes care of me. ❤

Posted on: Dec 12th 2017, 9:56:06pm

skitzo writes:
I miss you beyond words. :(

Posted on: Nov 18th 2017, 4:44:57pm
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